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DC Comics

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From DC Database

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Aurora (Team Titans)
Real Name





First appearance
Last appearance

Team Titans #1: Killowat
Team Titans #1: Killowat



Aurora was a young super-hero who hailed from an alternate future timeline. Along with her partner Anvil, she was one of many such heroes who fought against the forces of Lord Chaos and was a member of the "Team Titans". On February 18th, 1998, Aurora and Anvil staged an attack against Lord Chaos himself at a recruitment center in Gibbstown, Louisiana. Aurora managed to fire a shot at the self-appointed deity, but Lord Chaos grabbed her by the throat and broke her neck. He then turned his attack against Anvil, killing him as well.

Powers and Abilities


See Also

Links and References

  • Team Titans #1: Killowat


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From Muppet Wiki

(1965-1966) Frank Oz puppeteers a glove hand ballerina in this ad, gliding across unrolling toilet paper, while a female voice-over discusses the disadvantages of different brands, as opposed to light Aurora.

The glove puppet was demonstrated in The Muppets on Puppets special in 1968. The commercial in its entirety also aired within The Mike Douglas Show in 1966, not as an interruption, but as an example of Jim Henson's commercial creativity.

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

other resources
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Class Wizard Wizard Spell Icon HO Wheel Icon
Level 25
Category (Target) Mesmerize (Enemy)
Mastery Subjugation
 Casting Time  1.5 seconds
 Recast time  9.0 seconds
 Cost  74 power 
 Duration  12.5 seconds
 Range  25.0 meters
Wizard: Mesmerize Spell Line
Level Spell Name
25 Boreal
39 Aurora
53 Nimbus Aurora
67 Corona
78 Peak Shift
An emergency spell that mesmerizes the target and removes them from being affected by area of effect spells for a short duration. Mesmerization breaks if the target recieves any damage.

What does this information mean?
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Mesmerizes target
Prevents AOE (except when direct)
Mesmerizes caster
Dispelled when target takes damage
Does not affect Epic targets
Resistibility increases against targets higher than level 45.

Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster
This spell is using an old template and may not have been updated for GU52. If you have updated this spell for GU52, please use the SpellEffectsLine2 template in place of SpellEffectsLine (ie add a "2").
Resistability 12% Harder 21% Harder N/A

Cells for spell ranks that are not available for this spell are displayed as black.

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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki


Species: Human
Profession: Ranger Image:Ranger-icon.png
Level(s): 20, 24


Aurora, NPC

Aurora is the Champion of the Serpent clan. She appears as a boss in the Boreas Seabed mission during the Convocation.

Quests Involved In


Skills Used


In Boreas Seabed:

"I fight for the Serpent and will honor the Luxon Armada with your defeat. But I suppose you'll find out in the arena, won't you? Between us, Argo is mighty, but I know I can beat him."

When spoken to in the Divine Path:

"I am looking forward to a respite from all of this conflict. I know it's not a popular sentiment among my people, but we could all use a rest."


During the Boreas Seabed mission:

  • "Come, face your end like a true hero."
  • "I welcome this death." (when defeated)

Aurora, Longbow Henchman

Profession: Ranger
Armament: Longbow
Armor: Unique variant of Ranger Luxon armor

After the Convocation, Aurora is a henchman available in Luxon territories. She specializes in Beast Mastery.


Skills Used


  • Through her pet, she is able to harass foes with knockdowns and daze them.
  • Her pet serves as a fine meat shield.


"You may have been victorious in the Convocation, (character name), but that does not make you a Luxon. I suppose I should keep an eye on you, though~ just to make sure you don't do anything foolish.
What do you want?"


Idle quotes:

  • "I don't think Hector likes you."
  • "My pet looks hungry, would you like to feed him?"
  • "Who's a good boy, Hector? That's right. You are a good boy."

Battle quotes:

  • "Aim for the eyes!"
  • "Don't worry, that bite won't leave a scar. You'll be dead before it heals."
  • "Don't eat that, Hector! It'll upset your stomach!"
  • "For the honor of Serpent!"
  • "Get them, Hector!"
  • "Go for the belly, Hector! That's where the juicy bits are!"
  • "Good work, Hector! Show them no mercy!"
  • "Hector! To me!"
  • "Hit them in the squishy parts!"


  • Aurora's armor bears a strong resemblance to Ranger Luxon armor, however it is green where the regular armor is blue and cannot be dyed. The left and right sleeves are also reversed.
  • Aurora is accompanied by Hector, a level 20 elder blue Crab.


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Ice Hockey

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An Ice Hockey Wiki article.

Aurora is a town of about 50,000 just to the north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is also the home of St Andrews College.



School team


Royal Bank Cup


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From Lostpedia

This information was revealed in part through the alternate reality game
The LOST Experience

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Clues · Revelations · Sponsorship · Websites
Characters:   Rachel Blake · Alvar Hanso · Thomas Mittelwerk · DJ Dan · William Kilpatrick · Malick · Other...
Themes: Hanso Foundation · DHARMA · Valenzetti Equation · Sri Lanka Video · Apollo Candy · Other...

Electromagnetic Research Initiative
Department Head Unknown
Status Active
Known Facilities Bad Salzdetfurth, Lower Saxony
"To understand where our world is going, we must first seek to understand how the world was made."

Alvar Hanso

Related Articles
Website Links

The Electromagnetic Research Initiative is one of the projects undertaken by The Hanso Foundation.



According to the foundation's website,, the Electromagnetic Research Initiative investigates the various effects of electromagnetism, from radio waves to compasses. Through myriad experiments worldwide, the Electromagnetic Research Initiative aims to bring the human race a step closer into realizing the potential of this crucial force.

Also on the website, there was a picture of what appears to be an aurora borealis or aurora australis (or something similar) that is dated October 28, 2001. Various scientific reports (accessed via Google) reveal that solar storm activity was particularly strong in October 2001, and that subsequent geomagnetic aberrations were substantial.

There is also a scientific graph of a 'Hystersis Loop', which has connotations to magnetics, electromagnetics, and materials science.

As of May 18, 2006, the date on the picture changed to "October 62, 9291"; clicking on those coordinates on the graph would change the graph to put a compass rose at its origin. Clicking on the rose would lead to

Find 815

The lights that Sam saw
Sam's research

In Find 815, the issue of the aurora australis came up as well. One night, when Sam Thomas was walking along the deck of the Christiane I, he noticed what appeared to be aurora lights out at sea. With the help of his friend Tracey R, he later researched them on the web.


  • The Hanso Foundation electromagnetics section shows an Anechoic Chamber labeled as 'Undergoing Electromagnetic Compatibility Test' in Bad Salzdetfurth, Lower Saxony. This is a real town in Germany. It is twinned to Benicasim in Spain, Bochiva in Poland, Yate in England, and Kelba in Germany.
  • The co-ordinates x=108 y=108 on the photo occur when your mouse is on the link back to the Hanso Foundation home page
  • On the Hanso Foundation Website under the biography of Alvar Hanso, the date under the photo is October 28, 2003.
  • October 28, 2003 was the date of an extremely massive solar flare (third largest on record) that was expected to cause "a major geomagnetic storm", as it was aimed directly at the Earth. [1] The relation with the October 28, 2001 date on the Electromagnetic Research Initiative image of the aurora borealis is unknown, although solar flares can affect the aurora.
    • October 28 also appears on the blast door. It says on the blast door "Suspected Shutdown Date: 10.28.84" near the top-right.
      • October 28 is the birth date of Javier Grillo-Marxuach
      • Also, October 28, 2003 is the real-life date that a huge solar flare bombarded our planet.

External links

  • The Hanso Foundation

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ST Expanded

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could refer to:
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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Physical description




Chronological and political information

Old Republic era[1]


Jedi Order[2]

Aurora was the niece of Lord Arkoh Adasca.[1] According to Arkoh, she had done well for herself in the years since Jedi Master Lucien Draay "spirited her away" from her family.[1] She became part of the Jedi Order[2] and eventually lost contact with Lucien as well, to his account.[1]

She was Arkoh's only heir at the time of his death, and had been missing since the Mandalorian attack on Serroco.[3] Due to her absence, the Draay Trust filed to take over Adascorp.[3]


  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 19: Daze of Hate, Part 1 (First mentioned)
  • The Admiral's List: Karath Home Safely (Mentioned only)


Notes and references

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 19: Daze of Hate, Part 1
  2. 2.0 2.1 Comments by John Jackson Miller on the Dark Horse message boards.[1]
  3. 3.0 3.1 The Admiral's List: Karath Home Safely

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Star Wars Fanon

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The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

The Aurora
Production information

Rendili StarDrive

Product line

Star Destroyers


Victory II-class Star Destroyer


Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

900 meters


578 meters


248 meters

Engine unit(s)

LF9 ion engines (3)

Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 15
Power output

3.6 × 1024 W

Power plant

Hypermatter reactor

Docking bays


Escape craft





1,600 troops if needed

Cargo capacity

8,100 metric tons


4 years

Year introduced

19 BBY


The Aurora was an Imperial Star Destroyer.



Designed for deep space-combat, these vessels traded firepower, shields, hull strength and carrying capability for speed and maneuverability. With this in mind, the designers fitted the ships with powerful Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. engines, as well as adding ion cannons and enhanced tractor beam projectors for interdiction duty.

The most notable difference between the classes was that the banks of concussion missile tubes found on the Victory I were removed in favor of the unlimited number of shots provided by turbolasers. Other than that, there were little other major changes.


Christened in 19 BBY at the unveiling ceremony for the Victory II-Class Star Destroyers that were newly put into service. The Star destroyer was given command to the Captain Zekk Nalet who endowed her with the name Aurora after his late wife Aurora Nalet to whom which he was deeply dedicated to until her very end. The captain swore the same allegiance to the ship and promised that he would never leave the bridge in the time of battle, no matter the odds or outcome. Through the year of launch in 19 BBY until the year 4 BBY, the Aurora served obediently within the Corellian sector as a peacekeeper between the various trade lanes and the constant raids from the local Piracy ring. Without fail, it defended the lanes and served the Emperor without question. Earning it nicknames other than "The Aurora" within small piracy groups familiar to the area such as The Krayt, The General, and The Immortal. Its captain earned several medals and commendations on the services of the Aurora and its ability to leave most every battle unscaved or minor scratches and dents that required less than a day in Dry-dock to repair.

Mortality of the Immortal

In the mid of 3 BBY the ship and her crew were assigned to a primarily undisturbed trade-lane in the system which headed off towards the Coruscant system. Alerted by three individual emergency beacons in the area the ship dispatched from its normal patrol route and entered the sector to find a small band of pirates mercilessly marauding a small group of trade vessels who were scrambling left and right to try to get away. Zekk ordered the launch of its entire Tie fighter load of four squadrons to quickly dispatch the raiders so that they could return to their patrol as soon as possible. With little more than a few minutes of combat, the pirates were eliminated and the Ties coming back for dock. However, a stray feeling disturbed over the Captain, pushing him to order quick sweep of the area by two of the Tie Squadrons while the vessel reported to the Imperial space forces and began heading back to its assigned sector.

Unknowingly to the crew of the Aurora, the two tie squadrons disappeared into the nearby asteroid field in search of pirate remnants, unintentionally walking into a jamming field setup by these "pirates" only to find a small armada of various sized ships hiding on the other side of the dense field waiting in ambush. Helpless and unable to warn the main ship, the squadrons were quickly destroyed allowing the armada to move in on its primary target.

Meanwhile the Aurora began prepping for a micro-jump to its assigned sector. Powering down weapons and shields to a quarter just in case any rogue pirates attempt a pirate or two, its back against the asteroid field. Refusing to make the jump until the two fighter squadrons that were on patrol, which would ultimately never come back to the doomed ship, to return. By the time the crew realized something was up and that the squadrons had been lost, it was too late. Ion blasts slammed into the side of the ship, obliterating the weak shield coverage and inflicting damage to the major systems, followed by a bombardment of torpedoes and laser blasts that would render the ship nearly dead in the water. As the crews brought shields up to full and brought weapon systems back online from the stunning blow, they found already one of the main engines had been obliterated, leaving one running and one damaged. A vast majority of the weapon systems had been rendered useless. Never the less the ship and its crew fired back mercilessly back into the buzz of rebel fighters that had begun swarming over the ruptured destroyer.

Zekk ordered the evacuation of the vessel when the shields began reaching their critical threshold, but despite this call, a majority of the crew would never make it to their escape pods. Another moment passed and the shields were gone leaving nothing to stop the heavy bombardments of the enemy fleet. Zekk switched on the Imperial distress beacon and stood poised on the burning, tipped bridge as it slowly began to break apart more and more. The bridge crew having been the only entire deck crew that made it out entirely.

Aftermath of the Immortal

When the defense station received the distress beacon, a large fleet was launched from the docks, awoken by the siren of the Aurora and sent to deal with the Rebel fleet, which was ultimately destroyed. Bringing back quiet to the Corellian sector under the Empire's control. When the surviving escape pods were recovered from their crash spots on Tralus, Talus, and Corellia, the Empire held a formal ceremony to honor the loss of the decorated captain and his honorable devotion to his duty and ship, as well as the crew lost in the battle.


  • Casualties

Crew: 4,376/6,107 (1736 survivors) Troop compliment: 1,156/1,500 (344 survivors)

Confirmed Surviving Officers:

Behind the scenes

  • The Aurora was a Star Wars ship that was originally an Acclamator II-class starship in the Homeworld 2 modification "Warlords", so named by the author during a skirmish battle.
  • Aurora is actually the name of the home town in which the author resides.

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Aurora is a Mini-Con from the video game version of the Unicron Trilogy.
Shinin' down on Dallas.

Aurora is one of many power-enhancing Mini-Cons scattered across Earth. A member of the Blue Mini-Con Team, when he is Powerlinxed to a larger Transformer, Aurora transforms into a "Heavy Ribbon Blaster" that fires a constant, wave-like beam of energon that locks onto its target.



Transformers Playstation 2 game

Aurora's Mini-Con storage panel was discovered on a tiny island off the coast of Alaska near the Autobots' drop zone. Following the defeat of Megatron, he and the other Mini-Cons returned to Cybertron and helped form the Matrix Cannon, Nemesis Shield and Vanguard Booster, giving the Autobots the power needed to destroy Unicron.


External Links

  • Transformers (PS2) walkthrough at

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