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Auras are a costume option that can be unlocked at level 30. Heroes can unlock them through a mission given by the City Representative. Villains can unlock them through a mission given by Kalinda or Matthew Burke. Completing this mission unlocks Auras for the single character owning the mission. Once unlocked, the character must visit a Tailor to add, change, or remove an Aura from his or her costume slots. This costs influence/infamy.

Available Auras and Body Locations

Aura Hair Eyes Head Torso Fists Feet Body
Electricity X X X
Fiery X X X X X
Gaseous X X X X
Glow X X X X
Glowing Aura X X X
Rocky Crumble1 X X X
Sparkles1 X X X X
Smoky X X X X
Smoldering X X X X
Starburst Glow X X X X
Tendrils X X X X X X X
Vaporous2 X X X
Flies3 X

1 This Aura is available in both a light and a heavy version.

2 This Aura's effects drift behind the character when he or she moves.

3 This Aura is new as of Issue 12, and is currently only available as a torso aura.

Combat Auras

Combat Auras were first introduced with Super Booster 1: Cyborg. These auras will only appear when a character enters the combat stance, such as when the character draws a weapon or launches an attack.

Combat Auras and standards Auras cannot currently be used in combination.

Aura Hair Eyes Head Torso Fists Feet Body
Targeting Optics1 X
Targeting Optics: Left1 X
Targeting Optics: Right1 X
A.C.C.A.H.U.D.1 X

1 This Aura is unlocked through Super Booster 1: Cyborg

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