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Augments, known more commonly as Support Abilities, are a part of the License Board in Final Fantasy XII. Augments provide several benefits for a character, including boosted HP, decreased charge times, or just boosting a character's attack power. They are located on the lower-left segment of the upper license board.

Augment list

Name Number on board LP cost(s) Description
Swiftness 3 30/50/50 Action time is reduced by 10%
Adrenaline 1 65 Strength increases when HP critical
Last Stand 1 70 Defense increases when HP critical
Spellbreaker 1 65 Magick power increases when HP critical
Focus 1 70 Attack is 20% stronger while at Full HP
Serenity 1 70 Magick is 20% stronger while at Full HP
Gambit Slot 10 15/20/25/30/35/40/45/50/70/100 Adds an additional Gambit slot to the character
+X HP 5 30/50/70/100/155 Increases HP by numbered amount
Ether Lore 1-3 3 20/35/70 Ethers restore 10% more MP per augment
Potion Lore 1-3 3 20/35/70 Potions restore 10% more HP per augment
Remedy Lore 1-3 3 20/30/70 Increases Remedy potency to include curing more status effects
Warmage 1 30 Gain MP after dealing magick damage
Magick Lore 5 25/40/55/80/120 Increases Magick Power, making spells stronger
Channeling 3 30/50/80 Reduces Magick MP cost by 10% of default cost
Phoenix Lore 3 30/50/90 Greater amount of HP restored with use
Battle Lore 5 25/40/55/80/120 Increases Strength, making physical damage stronger
Spellbound 1 30 Positive buffs last 50% longer
Martyr 1 30 Recover MP after taking damage
Shield Block 3 25/45/75 Increases chance to block using shield
Headsman 1 30 Recover MP when you kill an enemy
Brawler 1 90 Increases attack power when fighting empty-handed
Inquisitor 1 30 Recover MP after dealing damage

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