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An Augment as it appears before it is acquired by the player.

The Augment Ability system (デカントアビリティシステム, Dekanto Abiriti Shisutemu) is a support ability system from Final Fantasy IV on the Nintendo DS. It allows each character to equip abilities that have several different effects, such as Counter, although some do add new commands, such as the Sing or Twincast command.

A character can have as many Augments as they want, but they can only equip four augment abilities at once, as the Items ability cannot be removed.

An Augment Ability is received as a Key Item. For a character to learn the ability, the item must simply be used on them. However, once the item is used, it can't be used again. As well, as noted before there are situations below where multiple augments can be received from the same person. If the player fulfills the requirements to receive multiple augments, they will receive all of them. For example, if the player gives Edward one augment, he will give them Bardsong and Salve, rather than just Bardsong.

It should also be noted it is impossible to receive all augments in a single playthrough. The simple reason for this is that there are not enough to go around early in the game. In order to receive all of his augments, Edward must be given two augments, and the only augments accessible while he is in the party are Auto-Potion and Item Lore. However, this means that, when Palom and Porom leave the party, the player will only have the Curse and Counter augments, and getting all of their augments requires the player to give Palom and Porom three augments total.

Simply put, the player cannot give Edward two augments and have enough left over to give three to Palom and Porom. Thus, the player must ultimately give up either the Hide or Dualcast augment, as both cannot be acquired due to the above information.

Ability List

Name Description Obtained
????'s Love Damage based on using Whyt in Wi-fi battles Namingway becomes "Weddingway"
Adrenaline Double attack when critical Cid; after modifying Falcon; must have given him 2 or more Augments
Auto-Potion Automatically use a potion when damaged Talk to Rosa in Kaipo before going to Antlion Cave.
Analyze Study all enemies to see their HP and stats. From Cid after he modifies the Falcon.
Bardsong Allows the user to sing certain songs. Talk to Edward after defeating the Dark Elf.
Bless All characters start to slowly recover MP. Found in the Crystal Palace after the Giant of Babil.
Bluff Doubles the character's Intelligence. Talk to the Elder of Mysidia after defeating Cagnazzo. The player must have given either one Augment Ability to Palom or two to Porom.
Brace Reduces damage taken by 75%. From Yang after hitting him with the frying pan if he was given him two Augment Abilities.
Counter Automatically counter attacks with the first-ability on the character's list From Yang's wife when boarding the ship to Baron.
Curse Inflicts Curse on enemies Mt. Ordeals after defeating Scarmiglione.
Cry Lowers enemies' defenses by 50%. Talk to the Elder of Mysidia after defeating Cagnazzo. Must have given either one Augment Ability to Porom or two to Palom.
Darkness Character enters Darkness state, doubling their attack power. Stolen off Odin
Draw Attacks Enemies will primarily target character Automatically given by King Giott
Dualcast Allows the user to cast two spells in succession. Mysidian Elder; must have given 3 total Augments to Palom and Porom.
Eye Gouge Blinds enemies Defeat Namingway when he becomes Mopingway
Focus Doubles the power of the next attack command used. Can be stored up to three times. From Yang after hitting him with the frying pan.
Fast Talker Halves casting time of spells Tower of Zot, must have given Tellah 2 or more Augments.
Gil Farmer Gain more Gil from enemies Troia; dressing room of member's only area
Hide Hide from the enemies to take no damage. Talk to Edward after defeating the Dark Elf. Only obtained if he is given two Augment Abilities.
HP+50% Raise HP by 50% Soldier in Baron Castle after completing Tower of Babil
Inferno Fire damage; targets allies and enemies Eblan Cave after defeating Rubicante
Item Lore Increases healing power of items North of the Inn in Kaipo after healing Rosa
Kick Attacks all enemies. From Yang after hitting him with the frying pan if he was given one Augment Ability.
Last Stand Double defense when critical Tower of Zot, must have given Tellah 1 or more Augments.
Level Lust Gain 1.5x EXP from battles Hummingway's Abode
Limit Break Break the 9999 damage limit. Received after the game's credit.
MP+50% Raises MP by 50% House in Mist after Rydia is an adult
Omnicasting Spell targets all enemies or allies Crystal Palace, must have given Fusoya 1 or more Augments.
Piercing Magic Spells ignore Reflect status Whyt's house in the Feymarch after defeating Bahamut
Phoenix User sacrifices self to revive all party members Crystal Palace, must have given Fusoya 2 or more Augments.
Reach Attacks do full damage from back row Complete all events in Developer's Office
Safe Travel No random encounters Find Hummingway during Namingway sidequest
Salve Allows the character to use healing items on every member instead of just one. Talk to Edward after defeating the Dark Elf. Only received if he was given one Augment Ability.
Recall Remember a random spell. Consumes MP. Received from Tellah after his fight with Golbez.
Tsunami For 50 MP,deals Water damage to all enemies; may inflict Instant Death Received in Baron Waterway after defeating Cagnazzo.
Twincast Allows characters to use Twincast magic. The Magic used depends on the two casters. Talk to the Elder of Mysidia after defeating Cagnazzo.
Treasure Hunter Doubles item drop rate. 100% map completion
Upgrade Use elemental attack item to gain its power in the weapon. From Cid after he modifies the Falcon. Only received if he was given 1 or more Augment Ability.
Whirlwind For 60 MP, inflict Wind damage and make target weak to Fire Defeat Barbariccia and return to Dark Elf Crystal Room


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