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Aubury's Rune Shop is located in south-eastern Varrock. It is a small building just south of Varrock East Bank.

Despite the shop's small size, it is often quite crowded, especially on non-members worlds. This is due to the fact that apart from being a popular rune shop, it is the only convenient way for non-members to teleport to the rune essence mine except with Wizard Sedridor, which is far from a bank. To teleport there, speak to Aubury after completing the Rune Mysteries quest. It also seems that Aubury buys runes higher than the Grand Exchange

Aubury offers "free samples" of 30 air runes and 30 mind runes, primarily for new players trying to experiment with magic.



Many macroers used to auto-buy runes from the shop in free worlds. In addition, other macros used Aubury to teleport to the rune essence mine, mainly on members worlds to mine Pure essence. They then sell the runes or collected essence from whatever they did on crowded worlds. However, there is a mugger in close proximity to the area. For this reason, players often see macroers dying in the shop. This lead to some of the macroers training to level 13 combat so the mugger wouldn't attack them. However, the shop update in October 2007 has given an infinite stock of runes in the shop, no longer making autobuying bots a problem. In addition, a game update in December 2007 removed unbalanced trading from the game, which made gold farming virtually useless. Because of this, nearly every macro has disappeared from the game, including essence-mining and rune-buying bots.



Aubury's Rune Shop stocks all elemental runes as well as body, mind, chaos, and death runes.

Item Number in stock Stock Price Purchase Price GE Price
Air rune Air rune 30 0 N/A 12
Mind rune Mind rune 30 0 N/A 5
Fire rune Fire rune 300 17 10 5
Water rune Water rune 300 17 10 38
Air rune Air rune 330 17 10 12
Earth rune Earth rune 300 17 10 30
Mind rune Mind rune 130 17 10 5
Body rune Body rune 100 16 9 14
Chaos rune Chaos rune 30 140 84 85
Death rune Death rune 10 310 186 374



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