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Layte Aubury
Layte Aubury
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? Yes - Rune Mysteries
Location Varrock
Sells items? Yes - Runes and Runecrafting cape
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine Runes are his passion.
Notable features Sells the Runecrafting Cape of Achievement.

Layte Aubury is the owner of the Aubury's Rune Shop in Varrock. He features heavily in the Rune Mysteries quest. He stocks many free-to-play runes, including Chaos runes and Death runes. Players who have completed Rune Mysteries can also ask him to be teleported to the Rune Essence mines. When he teleports players, he utters "Senventior Disthine Molenko!" A friend of the Magic Tutor and a close associate with the Head Wizard Sedridor, it was Aubury who researched the secrets of Runecrafting so extensively he discovered the teleportation spell to the mine, and is capable of wielding magic for certain spells, such as Tele-othering players to magically closed mines in the northern Ice fields.

Because of his proximity to the east Varrock bank, Aubury is the favourite location for players to mine rune essence short of the Magic Guild. He also sells the Runecrafting Cape of Achievement for 99,000 coins to players who have gained level 99 Runecrafting.

Aubury teleporting a player to the Rune Essence Mines

During the Rogue Trader minigame, players will ask Aubury to supply Ali Morrisane with runes, and Aubury will agree. After the completion of Rogue Trader, players might get cheaper runes from Ali Morrisane, provided they are able to solve a puzzle.

As of 2 September 2009, with the personal shop update, Aubury now offers 30 free air and mind runes if the player trades him, much like his friend Mikasi of Lumbridge, though the player can claim the runes from both without waiting for many minutes. The runes restock when bought, but rather slowly, at least half an hour's time to fully restock. The runes will not be restocked until the period of time has passed, even if you should change into another world, though your log-out time does count for this restocking period. After the September 2009 update, Mikasi no longer gives out any jobs or runes, but she has heard of Aubury's free samples and suggests that the player go there to seek such supplies.


  • Logically, Aubury should be in the Runecrafting Guild. He is the only Skillcape owner (with a respective guild) to not be in the guild (other than the Quest point cape, which could arguably be in the Champions' Guild).
  • He has a Runecrafting cape even before you start Rune Mysteries, and thus knows how to Runecraft, even though he seems to learn during the quest.
  • It was once thought by a few players that this NPC was based off "Bertam Aubrey" from one of the Harry Potter books. But, as confirmed by Mod Srowley, this is not true. [1]



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