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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel character
race: Super Mutant / FEV mutant
affiliation: Mutant Army
role: Super Mutant leader
location: Secret Vault
appearances: Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
quests: Defeat Mutant General
actor: Tony Jay
The following is based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Attis is a super mutant general of a faction that remained after the destruction of the Master and the vats. He is a great enemy of the Texas Brotherhood of Steel. Attis is the main antagonist and the final boss of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.




Attis was a West Coast-type Super Mutant, one of the Master's soldiers, and after the death of the Master he became the general of the faction which tried to continue the Master's work, rebuild the army, and dominate Southern California once again. Attis is one of few super mutants with such a great strength, both intellectual and physical. He is tall, strong, and quite athletic for super mutant. He is also very fast and knows how to use all kinds of weapons. Highly intelligent and vindictive towards the Brotherhood of Steel, Attis took his group into hiding, searching for clues regarding the history of the FEV virus. Throughout years, he and his army led a guerilla war against the Brotherhood, eventually forcing them to start a crusade in order to annihilate the remaining super mutant threat.

Attis learns about a secret Vault-Tec installation with new and possibly improved versions of the FEV virus. While it is unknown where he discovered such an information, a possibility is that he found another Vault-Tec facility with the information available to extract. He led his group to the ruined city of Los, where the Secret Vault was located. His ultimate goal was the continuation of The Master's plan - to rebuild the mutant army and develop a cure to the mutant sterility. The Secret Vault gives him hope, as the Vault scientists' researches was dedicated to improving the original FEV in order to maintain reproductive functions. However, when Attis found this FEV and tested it on himself, it was revealed that this FEV is unable to make mutants fertile. However, an unforseen consequences followed, revealing another potential of the modified FEV.

Confrontation with the Initiate

Attis experiencing new mutations

During their first encounter with the Brotherhood of Steel Initiate, who comes to the Vault to destroy the super mutants, Attis uses his blade to fight. Though he loses, the nightkin appear and quickly capture the Initiate. Attis cut off his arm and commanded the nightkin to throw him into the pit. However, thanks to Mary, the Initiate managed to survive and later even recieved a new arm through regeneration experiment.

Much later, in the end of game, the Initiate encounters Attis again, this time in the Vault laboratory core. Now, Attis is equipped with a Gatling Laser, a big laser gun, and a stealth device. He tested the new FEV on himself, but it only led to a strange side effect and no fertility. Attis now has a strange organic biomass growing out of his back and head. The fight begins, but due to exposure to Vault-Tec's modified FEV, he increases in size significantly mid-way through the battle, reaching the size that of a Super Mutant Behemoth. Though initially he believed his discovery leads to nothing, now he begins to realize the new potential of the virus.

The New Master

Attis emerges from the floor as giant blob

The modified FEV proves highly unstable, causing Attis to regenerate uncontrollably due to the amount of damage he receives. He explodes into a living gooey biomass that quickly multiplies and covers the entire lower floors of the Vault. This new creature begins to grow with each second, and it's various organs, like eyes, mouth, and tentacles begin to appear out of the floor. This organic nightmare retains some consciousness of Attis, now starting to dream of a new world, similar to the Master's Unity. In this gigantic form, Attis tried to make the remaining super mutants found in the Vault "join" him, but they were scared of him and began to fight back.


The Initiate ran from him, fighting his tentacles, his giant "heads" with one eye, and several fleshy walls with big mouths in the center of them. Eventually, he found Patty, the Vault security officer, who now was enveloped in a cocoon-like state by Attis and is being slowly digested. She reveals that there is a way to start a self-destruct sequence, and asks the Initiate to kill her. In the next room, the needed terminal is found, and the Initiate escaps using the Vault's monorail, while the Vault's nuclear warhead, specially designed for this purpose, detonates, killing Attis forever.


  • While his FEV-mutated state is somewhat similar to the Master, they are still very different creatures.
  • The Master's biomass was the result of him repeatedly injecting himself with FEV and assimilating other creatures (or even technologies).
  • Attis mutated form seemingly uses the modified FEV ability to regenerate existing cells, quickly creating new ones. This lead Attis to grow fast, but his new form was somewhat simplier than a human body. It could be even considered to be some sort of a giant cell.
  • As can be seen in the remnants of the Master's army encounters in Fallout 2, such faction did indeed exist.

Appearances in games

Attis appears only in Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Attis was voiced by Tony Jay, who previously voiced the Lieutenant in Fallout.


  • Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel background
Major characters of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel
Antagonists in the Fallout games

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Guild Wars

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Species: Human
Level(s): 20



Attis guards the entrance into the Unwaking Waters mission location.

Quests Involved In



Before Gyala Hatchery:

... to be added ...

Before Journey to the Whirlpool:

"<character name> might want to journey to the Leviathan Pits and speak with Petras. Perhaps he know where Master Togo went. I can't let you in here unless he is with you, you know."
"Did you wish to discuss something else?"

During Journey to the Whirlpool, while not accompanied by Master Togo:

"Petras sent you with Master Togo? Well, where is he, then? I don't see him. <character name> should bring him here, then I can let you in."
"Is thre something else you need to discuss?"

During Journey to the Whirlpool, while accompanied by Master Togo:

"The Luxon Champions await you at the whirlpool. Be wary: there is great evil in this place."

After the aforementioned quest:

"Please continue on through."

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