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The title of this article is conjectural.

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Disruption of Comm 4


Liberation of slave camps

Attack on disabled base

Invasion of Naboo


32 BBY




Naboo victory; Trade Federation Gunboat stolen for resistance.


Trade Federation



  • Trade Federation Base destroyed
  • Many Droid Starfighters
  • Trade Federation Gunboats

After the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, her security forces were scattered and her citizens placed in internment camps. For one group of soldiers, however, the battle is just beginning. Members of Bravo Squadron, led by Captain Kael allied themselves with a Hutt smuggler. Together, they planned an offensive against the Federation. Their first victory was to destroy Comm 4, an orbiting installation providing a control signal to a base down on the planet. With the control signal lost, the base shut down and was vulnerable to attack.

The Infiltration

After the disruption of Comm 4, the resistance fighters flew back down to the planet and into the canyon which housed the base, which was completely off-line. They were blocked, however, by a wall of mines. As they were attempting to disable it, the base re-activated much sooner than expected, and the turrets on a nearby platform opened fire. The pilots had to fly through the mines and the turrets. They successfully managed to survive.

The Attack

Moving down the canyon, the pilots had to fight through many more platforms and droid starfighters to reach the central base, where they planned to steal a Trade Federation Gunboat. Sykes found technology useful to the resistance in a burned-out building. The central base was protected by an energy field, which Lt. Gavyn Sykes had to disable to steal the gunboat. Adela Tyché provided supporting fire. Once the defenses were cleared, Sykes landed and absconded with a gunboat, shooting through a wall which blocked his path to the Andrevea River. The other fighters were unable to escort him, as Federation reinforcements were inbound. Kael ordered Sykes to continue; the Federation would think he would be an escaping Nemoidian.


  • Star Wars: Battle for Naboo

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