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The search for Captain Kael


Liberation of Camp 4

Attack on Porso Hill

Invasion of Naboo


32 BBY


Porso Hill and surrounding islands


Borvo the Hutt defeated and Naboo slaves freed.


Nal Raka Criminal Empire


Lt. Gavyn Sykes

Borvo the Hutt


Damage to Kol Kotha’s starfighter

  • Many starfighters
  • All mines
  • Many turrets

After the Trade Federation invaded Naboo, the Naboo Royal Security Force was in desperate need of allies. Captain Kael and Gavyn Sykes joined together with Borvo the Hutt, but the Hutt betrayed them and killed the Captain. The Hutt planned to sell the Naboo civilians they rescued from the Federation as slaves. Sykes hunted the Hutt down, beginning the Attack on Porso Hill.


As Sykes approached Borvo’s location, he was hailed by one of the Hutt’s starfighters, warning him to stay away. Sykes replied he wouldn’t stop. The fighters attacked him, and he shot them down, one after another, flying through their fire and the fire from laser cannons. After Sykes took care of that threat, he had to destroy a wall of mines blocking his path. Kol Kotha, one of the Hutt’s pilots, approached from the front, telling Sykes to check his fire. Sykes told him to stay out of his way. Kotha replied he wanted to help take down the Hutt. Sykes was confused as to why he would turn away from his former employer. Kotha told him he was not a slaver, and wanted to defeat the Federation. Sykes cautiously accepted his help, telling him to lead him to the Hutt. The two flew onward, taking fire from more turrets. Kotha led him to the Hutt, then had to retreat, having suffered damage and weapons malfunction.

Porso Hill

As Sykes flew in, Borvo launched his freighter. Adela Tyché, the ship’s pilot, contacted Sykes and told him Borvo was pleased by his survival. Sykes told her to cut the chatter and set down; the Hutt was going to pay for his crimes. Borvo laughed and offered Sykes a place at his side. Sykes replied he didn’t take bribes. Adela taunted him, saying goodbye. The rest of the Hutt fighters launched to defend the ship. That’s when Vedd Deviss and Lutin Hollis arrived. Sykes ordered them to attack the ship while Sykes provided cover, but they were out of torpedoes. Sykes started attacking the ship while the other fighters fought. Despite fire from turrets, Sykes delivered heavy damage to Borvo’s ship; as it exploded, the cockpit separated, taking Borvo and Adela away. The remaining Hutt fighters ran with it as the Naboo pilots cut off the chase. Kotha congratulated Sykes on sending Borvo back to Nal Hutta. When Deviss asked what the next step was, Sykes replied they were going to continue the fight against the Trade Federation. The problem is, they had few pilots. Kotha told them he had scouted Federation camps for the Hutt, and if they liberated those camps, the Naboo resistance would have more pilots. Sykes agreed.



Star Wars: Battle for Naboo


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