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Core Worlds


Ator system

Grid coordinates


Primary terrain


Native species


Primary language(s)

Galactic Basic Standard


Galactic Republic

Ator was a Core World and an ecumenopolis.


An urbanized Core World, Ator dispatched several colonial expeditions to the Outer Rim in 4,200 BBY, although many failed after communication was lost. A number of colonies that survived in the rimward section of the Corellian Run formed the Arkanis Regency, which later became host to the more recent colony of New Ator in 80 BBY.

Ator is the birthplace of Owen Lars. Ator was where Cliegg Lars went after leaving Tatooine, and the original homeworld of both himself and his future wife, Aika. The planet was known for its puzzles.


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Core Worlds


Ator sector


Ator system


1: Ator Prime

  • Six natural satillites:
  • Korinth
  • Athena
  • Xulon
  • Thalese
  • Nomen
  • Silron
  • Numerous artificial satellites
Distance from Core

17,000 Light Years

Rotation period

25 standard hours

Orbital period

360 standard days

  • Terrestrial

12,187 km

  • Nitrogen, Oxygen mixture (breathable)

Temperate (controlled)


Standard (near 9.81 m/s2)

Primary terrain
  • Ecumenopolis
Surface water

Below 5%

Points of interest
  • Kavaan Enterprises
  • Kavaan Orbital Shipyards
  • Bellcross Plaza
  • House of the Atorian Council
  • Ellion Academy of Ator
Native species


Immigrated species

(Numerous Near-Human and alien species)

Official language

Sovereign state (corporate capitalism)


700 billion permanent ground residents (70%-75% Human, 25%-30% alien/other)

Major cities
  • Caldari (capital)
  • Irrakis
  • Urital
"Ator offers its citizens the best and the worst in living conditions. As long as you keep in line, do your job, uphold the laws and so forth, life can be fairly pleasant and productive. But for those who are rebellious or disobey the laws of the Atorian State, life quickly becomes intolerable."
—Orlan Nexim[src]

The planet of Ator (pronounced: ă'tôr) was an urban ecumenopolis planet located in the regions of the Core Worlds. A state built on corporate capitalism, the Atorian State was governed by a ruling body known as the Atorian Council. The most important priority in Atorian culture is its economy, which was ran by a few mega-corporations. These corporations also ruled beneath the Atorian Council, and divided the states between them, controlling and ruling every aspect of society. Each corporation was made up of thousands of smaller companies, ranging from industrial companies to law firms. All land and real estate was owned by a company which leased it to the citizens, and government and policing were also handled by independent companies.

Although this gave the corporations dictatorial powers, they were just as bound by Atorian customs and laws as the individual, and the fierce, continual competition between the corporations ensured a healthy, consumer-based social environment, which benefited everyone. While the Atorian State was divided into three massive, planet-wide cities, they were still viewed universally, as one city. Their economy was strong, and their military might, especially their naval power, parallel to that of the larger empires. Coupled to the fact that Atorians were more unscrupulous than the most worlds, as well as more combative, they were often seen by other worlds as either valuable or meddlesome.

As most interstellar trade was conducted by individual companies, such as Kavaan Enterprises, rather than the State itself, it was somewhat difficult for the other worlds to deal with them at a political level. If a non-Atorian company was found guilty of unethical business dealings, it simply disappeared into its Atorian parent corporation, and before long another one appeared to take its place. But if an Atorian company was threatened, the parent corporation and, often the whole State backed it up with full force.

Due to past civil wars, Atorian society was steeped in military tradition. As a people, its members had to fight in three long and bloody civil wars to gain their latest government. It was at this time that the corporations established themselves as the driving force behind creating and maintaining the new distinguished Atorian State. Even though the Atorians had not engaged in war for many centuries, and were once known for being behind in the technological race, they still strived to be at the cutting edge of military technology for their vessels, weapons and fighting methods.

To curb their aggressive tendencies, the Atorians actively pursued and sponsored a range of sporting activities. Many of these attractions were casinos, while others were racing competitions, such as Podracing. But whatever the sport, the Atorians loved betting on the outcome, making gambling a massive industry in the Atorian State. Although not xenophobic, the Atorians were very protective of their way of life and tolerated only those foreigners that stuck to their laws and rules.


This article uses material from the "Ator" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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