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Ray Palmer
New Earth
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The Atom, the Mighty Mite, is a superhero famous for being able to shrink to incredible sizes. Scientist Ray Palmer created a shrinking belt that allows him to drop to a subatomic level, while still retaining the full force, mass and density of his full size. He was a member of the original Justice League of America, where he gained a lot of respect in the superhero community. Despite his heroic responsibilities, he still manages to teach courses and make breakthroughs in the name of science in his civilian identity.


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Force Multiple Orbit in action.

Force Multiple Orbit was an Imperial Navy flight maneuver that was used to trap and engage vessels who could not produce valid identification and was nicknamed the "Atom".



The basics of the tactic utilized a unit of Imperial fighters flying around the target vessel in crisscrossing orbits at staggered distances. The maneuver was compared to the theory of how electrons orbited the nucleus of an atom, hence its nickname.


Force Multiple Orbit was employed by Biggs Darklighter and his fellow TIE fighter pilots during the initial interrogation of the Lark.


  • Star Wars Empire: Darklighter


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