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Asura (アスラ Asura), is a summon in the Final Fantasy series. She has only appeared in one main game, but has appeared in some spin-offs.



Artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.

Final Fantasy IV

"Asura, queen of the Eidolons...Lady Wife of the Eidolon King, and gatekeeper to all who would address him. Only those possessed of wit enough to turn her strength against her, and so overcome her challenge, may address the king himself."
—Eidolon Library
For the battle information, see: Asura (Final Fantasy IV)

Asura is a summon in Final Fantasy IV. She is the queen of the Eidolons, and lives with Leviathan in the Feymarch. In order to obtain her, Cecil Harvey must go to the Feymarch with Rydia and speak to her. After battling her, she is obtained, and the party can speak to Leviathan.

Asura as she appeared in the remake of Final Fantasy IV.

She is a healing summon, and will randomly cast one of three spells depending on which face is showing when summoned. If she shows her serene (Pale) face, she casts Curaga on the party. If she shows her happy (Gray) face, she will cast Life on the party. If she shows her angry (Orange) face, she will cast Protect on the party. These effects only apply in the Advance release however - in the original SNES release, it is the angry face that casts Curaga, and the serene face casts Cura, due to the Protect spell being removed from the game.

Lunar Asura can also be fought in the Advance release and acts similar to her counterpart in battle. Her summon Grimore however, does 9,999 points of damage to all enemies and has no healing effects.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Asura in The After Years.
For the battle information, see: Asura (The After Years)

Asura keeps being the Queen of all the summons. The Mysterious Girl attack the Feymarch to obtain her power and the King's. After the player defeats her, she will become a summon for the party.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Asura being summoned.

Asura appears as a summon in Dissidia and can be obtained as a stage bonus in "Distant Glory - Villains". When summoned manually her Final Fantasy IV artwork appears, and she activates one of three random effects - she will seal the opponent's ability to summon, destroy their summon entirely, or cause the summon to activate instantly.

Other Appearances

Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2

Asura also appears in Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon 2.

Vagrant Story

Asura is a boss in Vagrant Story.

Lord of Vermilion II

Asura's card and stats.

Asura is a rare card in Lord of Vermilion II. She has an Attack of 65 and a Defense of 55.

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