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The study of astronomy in Gielinor started in the Fourth Age when Scorpius started to study the stars. He built himself a telescope and started to use the stars for divination, naming the constellations as he researched. He had an apprentice named Phyrrys. After he fell in with some Zamorakian worshippers, his work was destroyed by the kings of Ardougne. A grave was constructed in his memory just north of the Observatory, and it is here that you can speak to the Spirit of Scorpius. More history of Scorpius can be found in the Astronomy book.


The biggest telescope is on the top floor of the Observatory, which must be repaired during the Observatory Quest before being used. Its design is based on that of Scorpius, and it currently run by the Observatory professor and Observatory assistant. Through it you can view some of the constellations in the sky. On the walls on the lower floor of the observatory are some charts which show the 12 constellations, which are the standard astrological constellations. i.e. Capricorn, Aquarius etc. There is also an Orrery in the Observatory reception, which is where you can find the Astronomy book.

Player-owned house Study

Several pieces of astronomical equipment can be built in the study of a player owned house, including telescopes, globes, orreries and an astronomical chart. You can use the telescope in your house to look for Shooting Stars during the Distractions and Diversions Minigame.


Players can navigate by the sun using a Sextant, Chart and Watch. Coordinates are given in degrees and minutes, with the Observatory being the centre at 0 degrees north (equator) and zero degrees east (meridian). This is used in level 2 and 3 Clue scrolls in Treasure Trails.

Celestial alignments

The Mahjarrat, gathering in the north, are apparently awaiting a particular celestial alignment, as General Khazard will say "The planets are nearing alignment; we will meet in the place of half light and ice soon". The villagers at Witchaven also seem to be waiting for a particular celestial alignment as they will tell you "Soon now... So soon. The stars are almost right".

Solar system of Gielinor

In the solar system of Gielinor appears to be at least two planets orbiting a star which of both have moon(s).


Inner planet

Calculated from the Large orrery's movements. The inner planets year is about 1.75 seconds at the large orrery. The planet has two moons which of one circles the planet in 0.5 seconds and other in 0.75 seconds. So the first moons month is 3.5 times a year(1.75:0.5=3.5) and is about 104 days long if inner planet is Gielinor which has our 365 day year. The second moons month would be (1.75:0.75=2.333...) 2.3 times a year and would be 156 days long. Again if this planet is Gielinor.

In the oorery inner planet is light blue and its moons are greyish.

Outer planet

Calculated from the Large orrery's movements. Outer planet is around twice as big as inner planet. It orbits the sun in 4.8 seconds and its moon orbits the planet in 0.9 seconds. And so the outer planet has five months 68.5 days each (4.8:0.9=5.333...)(365:5.3333=68.43792774~68.5). Again if planet the planet in mean is Gielinor. And again this all is only in orrery.

In the orrery the planet is light blue and the moon is grey.


There are some contriversial theories based around known facts and this model.

ScapeRune Controversy

Some people believe these one of the two planets is the area known as ScapeRune. Little is known about this area, so it is no surprise some people consider it to be a totally different planet. ScapeRune is considered the opposite of Runescape or Gielinor, so perhaps a different planetary area is considerably possible. There's also the parallel universe consideration. In a "parallel world" theoretically one's person is depicted as an opposite in some cases. It is known an opposite "you" is located in ScapeRune. This also suggests ScapeRune is much larger than it is known to be, perhaps planet size?

It is not known which of the two planets is possibly ScapeRune, but many suggest the small planet, the one with two moons,to be ScapeRune, considering the fact that Runescape is only known to have one moon. Also, the smaller planet is much smaller than the large planet. This could also theoretically describe that ScapeRune is smaller than Runescape. The location of the large orrery is also closer to the location from Earth to the Sun, suggesting Runescape's Earth-like climate is due to this distance from the Sun. This ScapeRune theory is not confirmed by any sources outside of theory to this day however.

Also, it can be noted the planet's orbits are opposite. No matter which planet is Runescape, the opposing planet's orbit is opposite. Perhaps this can also explain why ScapeRune is opposite of Runescape in most aspects and confirm one of the planets is in fact ScapeRune?

Globe Controversy

The spherical shape of the orreries suggests that Gielnor is definitely a sphere, no matter which of the two planets it may be. The map of Runescape may at first suggest Runescape is flat, this is apparently confirmed by the Unknown areas of Runescape, depicted as blue square patterns on the map. When approached, the Unknown is a large black abyss, this may suggest Runescape is flat. However, these are only areas ships haven't traveled yet, and remember the Earth map is flat, but the Earth itself is spherical. This results in two theories.

First Globe Theory

The simple theory is that Runescape itself is not flat but a sphere, "The Unknown" on the East and West sides of Gielnor connect to make something similar to the Pacific Ocean in Earth standards. There are may animated and still-life Runescape globes that show this theory in effect. It is currently the most accepted theory.

Second Globe Theory

Although after the release of multiple pictures, animations, etc. proving how the First Globe Theory would actually work, the Second Globe theory became increasingly flawed. However, some still cling to the idealology that beyond "The Unknown" lies another area. This area is said to be the area where the Gods, the Desert Pantheon, and other mystical beings entered Runescape. Others say this theory is true, but it is the second planet in the large orrery where these beings came from.

Earth Controversy

King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table came from a place known as "Britain" in the year 132 of the Fifth Age. Perhaps this suggests Earth is actually a part of the Runescape Universe or the Runescape Solar System. Some say one of the two planets is actually Earth itself. This theory is higly regarded as fake due to an extreme lack of evidence other than brief mentioning in a quest and a Legend.

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An astronomer studied the science of celestial objects and phenomena called astronomy. They discovered new stars, planets, supernovas, and mapped constellations. It was usually regarded as a lifelong occupation for people who spent their entire lives on only one planet.

The bright skies of Coruscant prevented amateur astronomers from studying space from that planet.

Astronomy was a subject taught at many schools across the galaxy, including the Jedi Temple where Anakin Skywalker learned it. Astronomy was among one of many subjects that DJ-88 taught Ken.

An astronomer on Tamban first "discovered" the Koornacht Cluster, and named it after Aitro Koornacht.


This article uses material from the "Astronomer" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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