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Final Fantasy Enemy
Japanese アストス
Romaji Asutosu
NES Name Astos
PS Name Astos
GBA Name Astos
PSP Name Astos
"The curse of Astos will follow you to your dying day!"
The party faces Astos

Astos (アストス Asutosu) was the evil king of the Dark Elves in the original Final Fantasy. He and his cronies attacked Elfheim just before the Warriors of Light arrived, placing a curse on the Prince of Elfheim and sacking the treasury.

Afterwards, he stole Matoya's Crystal Eye to prevent her from making a potion to revive the Prince, and then posed as a weak old king in the Western Keep and tricked the Warriors of Light into recovering the Crown from the dangerous depths of the Marsh Cave. When the Warriors returned, Astos showed his true form. His likeness was most likely re-used for the Dark Elf boss in Final Fantasy IV.

The Warriors of Light prevailed in battle and defeated Astos.



Players will have no problem defeating Astos if they considered leveling up a bit in the areas around Elfheim or the Marsh Cave. Physical attackers should do their thing, while Red and White mages should use Heal. Black Mages should use Tier-2 magic such as Fira, etc., and be sure to have some Phoenix Downs or the spell Life, as Astos has the magic Death, which can instantly KO any character. Be sure to heal constantly, and the victory fanfare should be playing soon enough.

If you're really having trouble with him, another strategy is to cast Silence at the beginning of the battle to prevent his Death spell.


Other Appearances

In the Dawn of Souls remake, Astos appears in the Whisperwind Cove. There is a room with flame-like spirits which must be calmed so they can go rest in peace. One of those souls is Astos, seeking revenge. Another boss battle ensues, but Astos has the same level as before, and as the Light Warriors have grown stronger, Astos can easily be defeated with only one hit. After saying his last words, Astos finally rests in peace. The vampire boss from the earth cave is also in the Whisperwind Cove.

He (or his name) was also in the episode "The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N" of Captain N: The Game Master, under the disguise as a Friar who had the Light Crystal.


While decidedly different in appearance, Astos and the other dark elves are based on the drow elves from Dungeons and Dragons.


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