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Unknown (see talk page)
Astoria, with her husband Waldorf

Astoria is the wife of Waldorf. She looks like Statler in drag. She appeared just once on The Muppet Show, in episode 413.

When Statler was sick (of the Show), Astoria used his ticket to watch it with Waldorf. She once asked Waldorf how much the Muppets pays him, because who could imagine a "poor stupid turkey" going there for nothing. To this, Waldorf sheepishly replies "gobble gobble." Later on, Astoria finishes the jokes for Fozzie Bear, hoping he would leave.

Astoria often wonders why her husband keeps coming to this "irritating, mindless, incessant nonsense" while he could stay home with her. The only answer from Waldorf was "No comment."

In the Ask web column, writer Jim Lewis was asked to provide information on Astoria.

Astoria was married to Waldorf some time ago. We were unable to reach Astoria for more details, and Waldorf cannot remember anything past last Tuesday, for which he is eternally grateful.

Although Astoria looks like Statler, there is no indication in the episode that the two are related. The possibility that Astoria is Statler's twin sister (and therefore Statler and Waldorf are brothers-in-law) has been cited in a number of places on the internet.[1] For more Internet urban myths, see the Rumors section.

According to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Waldorf and Astoria are divorced.


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Astoria Carlton-Ritz is a human from the Generation One continuity family.
"Didn't I say I never hang out with the Hilton sisters?"

After the death of her father, Astoria Carlton-Ritz inherited his vast fortune as well as his company, Hybrid Technologies. Spoiled rotten, Astoria is mostly a figurehead with little control over the company's goings-on. Instead, she spends most of her time throwing herself lavish parties and wondering why nobody wants to be her friend. She has the bizarre ability to jinx any mechanical device just by coming into contact with it, which is just one more reason why she keeps away from her father's company. Astoria also has a thing for Powerglide.

She probably spends her time with the Hilton sisters.



The Transformers cartoon

Voice actress: Linda Gary (US), ? (Japan)
The original Kiss Player.

While Astoria was throwing herself a birthday party (being attended by the board of her late father's company), the Coneheads came trying to kidnap her, as Megatron believed that she had her father's energy formula. Powerglide, who was passing by, rescued her and took her to the Autobots' New York base. Optimus Prime, believing that the Decepticons wanted access to the company's industrial capabilities, ordered Powerglide to escort her back home. However, the Coneheads again attacked, this time succeeding in capturing Astoria and leaving Powerglide damaged.

Astoria was taken to the Sky Platform, the Decepticons' new power-gathering facility, where Soundwave and Rumble attempted to interrogate her about her father's formula with the psycho-probe, but got nowhere. Megatron then tried his own hand at interrogating her. What he experienced was frustration beyond anything Starscream could hope to cause. Finally, Powerglide arrived and managed to rescue her. While no one was looking, Astoria destroyed the gem in her necklace, which contained the formula Megatron sought. She was then sent home, while Powerglide seemed to experience some sort of strange reaction in his circuits. The Girl Who Loved Powerglide


She is probably stronger than Chip Chase.
  • When her mind was being probed, the psycho-probe said that Astoria's mind was "completely empty". Let's not speculate what this means.
  • She was slammed by Powerglide a few times without getting hurt. (Not that way.) Not to mention, practically thrown out of the room for "jynxing" the controls and pushed off when the Sky Platform was falling.
  • It is unknown how her presence "jinxed" the Sky Platform's controls. It seems she has a magical ability to cause machines to malfunction.
  • She can tear a metal cover with her bare hands.
  • Now that you've read this, Powerglide has to kill you. It's nothing personal. He just doesn't want to risk Moonracer finding out, which explains his reluctance in the whole matter.

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City of Heroes

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Dark Astoria

Hero Hazard Zone (21-29)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: Adamastor
Exploration Badges: Cairn Warder, Dark Mystic, Seeker of the Unknown
Plaques: Authority IV, Historian III, Researcher IVV
Enemies: Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, Tsoo
Connecting Zones: Talos Island
Transits: none
Dark Astoria at



Dark Astoria is a Hazard zone in CoH. A hero needs to be at least level 21 to enter. It was originally known as Astoria.

Zone Events

Adamastor sometimes spawns in the Moth Cemetary


  • Barca Plaza
  • Didos View
  • Moth Cemetary
  • Raimi Arcade
  • Romero Heights
  • St. Elegius
  • Toffet Terrace

Famous filmmakers George Romero and Sam Raimi are presumed to be the inspirations for some of these neighborhoods.

Exploration Badges

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Dark Mystic

Some claim the reason the spirits walk the streets of Dark Astoria is the fact that there is a powerful Ley Line nexus in the middle of Moth Cemetery.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Seeker of the Unknown

This tomb is used to represent the thousands of heroes who gave their lives in the Rikti War.

Location: due west of the Moth Cemetery marker by about 166 yards there is a tall mountain. At the base of the mountain is a small tunnel leading into the catacombs.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Cairn Warder

This cairn was once the location of a rift to the Netherworld, but has since been closed.

Location: very near the NE corner, there's a rock formation which is cave-like in shape. The badge itself does not appear but is granted right at the foot of the formation's sloping ground.

Historical Plaques

Transfer Points

  • There is a gate along the west wall of the zone that leads to Talos Island
  • The Dark Astoria Beacon location is (3580, 0, 631.5), northeast of the Barca Plaza marker.

Villain Groups

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