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Memory Beta, the wiki for licensed Star Trek content.

Assassination is the act of murdering an important individual or individuals - such as political figures. In many cases ideological or politics provides the primary motivation for assassination. Other motivations include financial gain, revenge, or for military reasons. Assassination has played a major role in many different cultures throughout galactic history.

On Earth, assassination has played a major role in human history. The early Roman leader Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BCE, and this act was later the subject of a play by William Shakespeare. Later, several Presidents of the United States of America were assassinated while in office. The most notable of these were Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. (TOS episodes: "The Cage", "The Savage Curtain")

In the mirror universe, assassination was a common method of advancement in the Imperial Starfleet. Captain Christopher Pike assassinated Karl Franz to become the commanding officer of the ISS Enterprise, and was in turn later assassinated himself by James T. Kirk. When James T. Kirk visited the mirror universe in 2267, he was very nearly assassinated by Pavel Chekov. (TOS episode: "Mirror, Mirror")

In the Star Trek: Mirror Universe continuity, the mirror Kirk was in turn assassinated by the mirror Spock shortly after his return from the primary universe. (TOS novel: The Sorrows of Empire) However, in the Shatnerverse continuity Spock, aware that assassinating Kirk would lead to his own death a short time later, did not kill the mirror Kirk. (ST novel: Spectre)

Only one Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance was assassinated while in office, that being Smeet the Oblivious. (DS9 episode: "Ferengi Love Songs")

In 2293, Chancellor Gorkon was assassinated by a conspiracy led by the Klingon General Chang, the Romulan Nanclus, and Federation officials Admiral Lance Cartwright and Colonel Patrick West. Captain James T. Kirk and Doctor Leonard McCoy were initially accused of and found guilty of this assassination before the true assassins were exposed. The crew of the USS Enterprise-A played a key role in exposing this conspiracy, and preventing the assassination of the Federation President Ra-ghoratreii. (TOS movie: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

During the Occupation of Bajor, the Bajoran Resistance targeted high ranking Cardassians for assassination. Gul Skrain Dukat was a particularly high priority target, being the subject of a number of assassination attempts during his time as Prefect. Following the ending of the Occupation of Bajor, some of the groups that fought the Cardassians continued to commit violent acts against the Cardassians, as well as against Bajorans who did not agree with their ideals. One of these groups was the Kohn-Ma, which in 2369 assassinated the First Minister of Bajor. (DS9 episodes: "Things Past", "Past Prologue")

While serving in the Vulcan Guard T'Andoria helped defend members of the Vulcan government from several Romulan assassination plots. (TNG video game: Away Team)

In 2374, Romulan Emperor Shiarkiek was assassinated by the Archpriest N'Gathan. He was avenged by Ruanek and Spock. (ST short story: "Blood Sacrifice")

The members of the Romulan Senate were assassinated by Senator Tal'Aura on the behalf of Shinzon of Remus in 2379. As a result, Shinzon briefly took over the Romulan government until he was killed in battle with the USS Enterprise-E. This assassination had profound consequences for the Romulan Star Empire. (TNG movie: Star Trek Nemesis)

2387 saw the assassination of Orion Syndicate leader Raimus on Farius Prime by the hand of Hassan the Undying, apparently on the orders of Melani D'ian. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

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Class Assassin Assassin Spell Icon HO Wheel Icon
Level 50
Category (Target) DD (Enemy)
 Casting Time  0.5 seconds
 Recast time  15 min
 Cost  207 power 
 Duration  Instant
 Range  Up to 5.0 meters
Assassin: Assassinate Spell Line
Level Spell Name
50 Assassinate
70 Decapitate
80 Execute
The most lethal stealthed attack in the assassin's arsenal.
  • Inflicts melee damage on target
  • You must be stealthed to use this ability

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Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster
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Melee damage: 2995-4928 3843-6405 4192-6987 4891-8151

Cells for spell ranks that are not available for this spell are displayed as black.

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Final Fantasy

Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From Final Fantasy Wiki

Assassinate is a high level latent effect available to thieves in Final Fantasy XI. It only becomes active at level 60. It serves to enhance Trick Attack so that whenever used the attack always lands and always scores a critical hit.

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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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The Assassin Medal is awarded and achieved for meleeing an opponent from behind. It is available in all Multiplayer gametypes and has a Bungie difficulty rating of 2 out of 10. It is represented by a ninja face on a shrunken star after you kill an opponent by meleeing the player in the back, a message appears on your screen that states: "You assassinated (player's name)". The Assassin Medal is also a medal in the Halo 3 campaign when Campaign Scoring is turned on and activated in the Meta Game. It is a very common occurrence in multiplayer.

The victim can sometimes avoid this by turning around before the attacker has a chance to get a hit in, as it will count as a normal beatdown, though there are rare occurrences where this will still result in an assassination. There are also occurrences where direct frontal punches results in an assassination, while assassinations sometimes result in beatdowns due to the attacker meleeing to the side. An assassination can be gained by hitting the right shoulder whilst hitting the left will be a beatdown and not an insta-kill.

If you assassinate three players on a Legendary Map Pack map, either Avalanche, Ghost Town, or Blackout, the achievement "Came...From...Behind" will be unlocked for 50 Gamerscore. Also, the achievement can be earned on a Mythic Map Pack map, Assembly, Orbital, or any Sandbox variant.


  • In Halo 3, even an invulnerable player can be assassinated.
  • It is possible for two players to assassinate each other. This happens mostly when one player jumps over the other, the other one below looks up and melees whilst the one flying over looks down and melees. If timed well, they will assassinate each other.
  • One way to assassinate someone is to jump right before they try to assassinate you. Once you jump, melee and you will assassinate them. This is sometimes difficult to perform, but your radar can be a useful tool when attempting this.
  • If you hit the right shoulder of a player it will count as an assassination, but if you hit the left it will act as a regular hit.
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Consecutive Kills Double KillTriple KillOverkillKilltacularKilltrocityKillimanjaroKilltastropheKillpocalypseKillionaire
Style Medals Beat DownAssassinHeadshotGrenade StickLaser KillIncinerationDeath from the GraveSplatterHighjackerNeedler KillEMP KillHero!Assist!Vehicle Jack!

This article uses material from the "Assassin Medal" article on the Halo wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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