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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - Devious Minds, The Temple at Senntisten
Location Entrana church (only during Devious Minds), Digsite (only during The Temple at Senntisten
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender male
Examine During Devious Minds: A stealthy assassin.

During The Temple at Senntisten: Even with the mask he looks familiar.

Notable features Mysterious assassin, possibly from eastern lands.
Assassin's chathead.

The Assassin is an NPC encountered during the Devious Minds and The Temple at Senntisten quests.


Quest appearences

The following takes place during the Devious Minds quest.

During Devious Minds, players are enlisted by a man dressed as a monk near the Paterdomus, a Saradominist temple on the holy River Salve. Here, somehow avoiding the aggressive Monks of Zamorak that had taken the temple, the monk was searching for some one that could help him craft a mysterious weapon known as a "bow-sword".

After crafting the bowsword, the monk instructed the adventurer to take a sphere to the holy isle of Saradomin, Entrana. Claiming to be one of their order, the monk said the sphere was a gift for a religious festival soon to be held on the island. Wanting it to remain a secret, the monk believed taking a ferry to the island from Port Sarim would potentially risk revealing the sphere to the ships' crewmen. To circumvent this possibility, the adventurer took the sphere through Abyssal Space and arrived on the island via the Law altar.

Once on Entrana, the adventurer brought the sphere to the island's central church, where the monks were preparing for the ceremony. Placing the sphere on an altar without being noticed by the island's High Priest, the adventurer awaited the purpose of the sphere to be revealed.

As the monks readied themselves, the assassin infiltrated the church. Using the bow-sword, he attacked its congregation, slaying several members of the order. Stealing a "relic" from the altar, he teleported from the island. The sphere, discovered to be a teleportation beacon, had been designed solely to give the assassin immediate access to the island. Furthermore, the body of what appeared to be the monk encountered near Paterdomus was discovered. As the monk that had given the assignment never revealed their face, however, the body could not be positively identified.

The adventurer, realising what they had done, informed Sir Tiffy Cashien of the Temple Knights of the event. Sir Tiffy, claiming to already be aware of the situation, is currently involved in a Temple Knight investigation regarding the attack.

The following takes place during The Temple at Senntisten quest.

During the course of the quest, the player is given a Relic by the Assassin. It is revealed that the Assassin is a master thief and assassin, who was hired by a follower of Zaros to steal the Relic - which was originally in the Senntisten Temple - and hold onto the Relic until it was needed again.

The Assassin states that he originally wanted the bow-sword to be more flexible in combat while on a job, and expresses an interest in the morphing capabilities of Sacred Clay weapons from the Stealing Creation Minigame.


Although the assassin's origins, intentions, and identity have yet to be discovered, he does bear a striking resemblance to a ninja. The Eastern Lands, said to exist across the Eastern Sea near Morytania, are said to be similar to real-world medieval Asia. The quest's close proximity to Morytania further support this. Although, the fact that he did not design the weapon himself and only prefers it due to its flexibility (even saying that he would prefer a morphing clay weapon) suggests that he is not as strongly connected to the Eastern Lands as previously thought.

Possible Connection

The Assassin attacks the church's congregation.

Ima, a spectator at the Al-Kharid Duel Arena, claims to have once fought a man from Entrana who wielded a katana. Ima claims he won because the katana was actually made from a banana rather than steel. Whether or not Ima's story has any truth or reason to it are unknown.


  • He seems to be wearing a black version of a female audience top from the Circus.

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