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Assassin's Dagger in Final Fantasy XII.

The Assassin's Dagger (アサシンダガー Asashin Dagaa) is a recurring Dagger in the Final Fantasy series. It often among the stronger weapons for Thieves and Ninja and inflicts Instant Death on its targets. Take care when using this weapon on undead in games where the Instant Death effect is present, due to Instant Death attacks having the effect of healing undead creatures.




Final Fantasy

The Assassin Dagger casts Kill when the user attacks.

Final Fantasy IV

The Assassin's Dagger can be dropped by the Chaotic Knight or bought in the Lunar Ruins. It is the strongest dagger in the game.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Assassin's Dagger returns as a high-ranked dagger that provides 85 Attack and 40% Accuracy. It is found in the Depths after defeating Lich. A similar weapon, named the Assassin Knife, exists in the game's code, but was dummied out. It would have been equipped by Cecil, Ceodore, Kain, Rosa, Golbez, Rydia, Porom, Edward, and Leonora.

Assassin's Dagger in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy V

The Assassin's Dagger is one of the twelve Sealed Weapons that can be obtained in the game. It has a chance to cause Instant Death on a hit.

Final Fantasy VI

The Assassin's Dagger, or Assassin, can be found in the Cave to the Sealed Gate.

Final Fantasy X

Auron's katana becomes the Assassin Blade when equipped with the Deathstrike ability.

Final Fantasy XII

The Assassin's Dagger can be used with the Daggers 2 license for 20 LP.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Assassin's Dagger costs 5,000 gil and instead of causing Instant Death, like its former appearances, it causes the Doom status.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Assassin Dagger is a level 45 Dagger that provides +38 Attack and is bought for 680 Gil.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Assassin's Dagger is a level 64 dagger that adds 43 to Attack and increases the EX Gauge by 20% at the start of the battle.

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