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Aslan timekeeping is based upon the rotational period of their homeworld. This period, the eakhau (day) is equivalent to just over 36 standard hours.

Each eakhau is divided into 16 tekhaao (hours), each just over two standard hours. Each tekhaao is further divided into 8 khtauaao (periods), each about 17 minutes long. The khtauaao is divided into 64 areiaao (sprint), each about 16 second long. The areiaao are divided into 8 uealaao (second) the smallest time unit in general use by Aslan. Each uealaao is about 2 seconds long.

The Aslan calendar is based upon the revolution of Kusyu around Tyeyo, its star. The Aslan year (ftahea) is about 320 standard days, or about 212.2 eakhau long.

There are no subdivisions in the Aslan calendar: each day has a unique name. For simplicity each eakhau is consecutively numbered from 1 to 212, much like the Imperial calendar. Every five years, a 213th day is added to keep the calendar in sync.

The Aslan calendar takes as its starting point the first selection of the Tlaukhu as supreme council of Kusyu about 3,200 years ago (-2083 Imperial).

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