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Ashura as seen in Final Fantasy XII.

The Ashura (阿修羅 Ashura), also known as Asura, is a recurring Katana featured several times in the Final Fantasy series. It is often the weakest of its kind.




Final Fantasy III

The Ashura is the weakest Katana in the game and it can be equipped by the Ninja, Dark Knight, and Onion Knight.

Final Fantasy IV

Edge wielding the Ashura in the DS remake.

The Ashura or the Ahura is a Katana equippable by Edge. It is the second weapon available to him, and provides an Attack and Accuracy of 40. One is found in the Tower of Babil, while additional others can be bought at Tomra for 7000 Gil.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Ashura returns as a weapon used by the ninjas, and provides 32 Attack and 40% Accuracy. It can be bought for 7,000 gil in Eblan or found in Edge's Challenge Dungeon.

Final Fantasy V

The Ashura is a Katana equippable by Samurai. It can be found in Castle Tycoon or bought in Jachol.

Final Fantasy VI

The Ashura is Cyan's initial equipment.

Final Fantasy X

Any of Auron's Katanas can be customized into the Asura when it features any two of the Counter abilities.

Final Fantasy XI

The Ashura is a mid-level Great Katana, crafted by goldsmiths.

Final Fantasy XII

The Ashura is the weakest ninja sword, and does Dark-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Ashura is a katana available to the Ninja and Assassin classes. It teaches the Fire Veil ability to the Ninja.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The new Parivir Job can equip the Ashura and learn the new Blade Bash skill, which damages and Immobilizes the target. The recurring Ninja and Assassin can also equip this katana.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Ashura is an artifact found early in the game which increases the Strength of the character by one.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Asura is a level 75 Dagger that provides +62 Attack and is bought for 4500 Gil.


An Asura is a demon-like deity in Hindu mythology while being a low-ranking celestial being in Buddhist mythology.

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