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Also called Asgaria
Capital Falador
Cities and
Falador, Port Sarim, Burthorpe, Taverley, Rimmington
Members Only No, besides Taverley and Burthorpe
No. of Banks 5
No. of Altars 6
Teleportation Falador Teleport, House Teleport (if house is in Rimmington or Taverley), Lassar Teleport (Ice Mountain), Games Necklace (Burthorpe Games Room), Combat Bracelet (Warriors' Guild and Monastery), Skills Necklace (Crafting Guild and Mining Guild), Explorer's ring 3 cabbage field south of Falador
Guilds Warriors' Guild, Heroes' Guild, Crafting Guild, Mining Guild, Prayer Guild (Monastery)
Peaks White Wolf Mountain (bordering Kandarin), Ice Mountain
Inhabitants/Race Human, Dwarf, Goblin
Location on World map
Kandarin Asgarnia Misthalin
Symbol of Asgarnia.

The Kingdom of Asgarnia is one of the main kingdoms of the RuneScape world. Asgarnia's primary economic activities are crafting, mining, and fishing. It also has a notable navy based in Port Sarim. It is ruled over supposedly by the King Vallance and Prince Anlaf; however, they have recently vanished from public life and Sir Amik Varze and Denulth have taken their place. Some players believe the White Knights are not telling the full truth about themselves. Asgarnia is also the possible home of the Temple Knight's Headquarters and recruitment centre. Opposed to popular belief, Draynor Village and Edgeville are NOT located in Asgarnia, but are towns of Misthalin. Many are surprised by this due to the fact that the border between the two regions is so close to these towns.

Most of Asgarnia has a temperate climate. There are exceptions to it. Ice Mountain, for an example, is cold enough to be permanently covered with snow. Also, the southernmost end of Asgarnia with Mudskipper Point has tropical climate.



Main article: History of Asgarnia
The God Wars Dungeon, where one of the God War's battles still rages on today.

Asgarnia has always been a nation that encourages chivalry and duty, as it was a stronghold of Saradomin during the God Wars. Therefore it seems fitting that the White Knights and Temple Knights have made Falador (the capital city of Asgarnia) their home. They however are not the only group of people who have settled in Asgarnia. The druids have been worshipping in Taverley as long as anyone can remember and they have made summoning and herblore popular activities throughout Asgarnia.

The dwarves have built a large network of underground tunnels and are tolerated by the people of Asgarnia. However not everyone has been known to get on. The Imperial Guard of Burthorpe have always fancied running Asgarnia themselves, supported by The Crown Prince. The Black Knights have a heavily protected fortress to the north and it is only because of the endless endeavours of adventurers to foil their plans that they have not wrought havoc and destruction.

Although a normally quiet nation, Asgarnia has its fair share of problems to deal with. Growing numbers of those who worship Zamorak gather nearby and the strong ancient fortifications of Falador may be needed in the future to keep Zamorak's power from within its walls.


Falador, capital of Asgarnia



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