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The Ascetics are a group within the Elites' culture. [1]

When the Elites first joined with the Prophets to form the Covenant, it is possible that they were no longer allowed to maintain individual groups. However, with the return of the Elites' sovereignty in the Great Schism, came the revival of the Ascetics.

It is said that all Elite culture depends upon the Ascetics' resolve. They act as the physical and mental embodiment of ideological purity. The Ascetics' presence is meant to promote feelings of stability and order. An Ascetic is to instill confidence in those loyal to the Elites State and fear in those who would undermine it. To that end, their actions are swift and their decisions final. By example they are to show each Elite the true path.


  • An Ascetic is someone who is devoted to the removal of corporeal pleasures from life, in order to attain purity.
  • Their name is spelled the same as the body type, but it is unknown if it is the armor they wear (if armor is worn at all).
  • The Ascetics wanted Usze ‘Taham to be their emissary to the Covenant Navy at the time of the Great Schism.[citation needed]


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