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Old Republic era

"You know, kid, I think I hired the wrong Carrick. I never had an inside man at a bank before."
Marn Hierogryph to Zayne Carrick

Arvan Carrick was a banker. His wife, Reiva, was a gardener and he had four daughters and a son, Zayne.


Arvan kidnapped by the Moomo Brothers.

Arvan and his wife Reiva had five children, mostly girls but his one son, Zayne, was admitted to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

The bank he worked for, the Telerath Interstellar Banking Initiative, was owned by Adascorp and Czerka Corporation, described by his son as "nowhere". A few weeks after the Padawan Massacre of Taris, when the Draay Trust acquired a share of the bank, Arvan was transferred to Telerath. He saw the move as a career opportunity, unaware that it was actually a plot by the Jedi Covenant to get closer to his son Zayne, now a fugitive Padawan. Arvan and his family didn't believe that Zayne would commit murder unless he had a reason to.

Shortly after that, in 3,963 BBY, he met Taris fugitives Jarael and Camper, disguised as "Chantique" and "Baron Hyro Margryph" in an attempt to unfreeze the account of their companion, Marn Hierogryph. When the transaction was completed, the three were intercepted by the Moomo Brothers. "Chantique" managed to hold them off for some time until they captured Arvan. While being taken back to their ship, Arvan accidentally ran into his lost son, Zayne. Arvan was taken back to the Moomo Brothers ship, where they were scolded by Jedi Master Raana Tey, a member of the Covenant, for Arvan's capture.

With the help of his companions, Zayne managed to sneak to the Moomo Brothers' ship, the Moomo Williwaw, set his father free, and find out that Raana Tey was behind his capture. Arvan got Marn Hierogryph's account unfrozen, and, at his son's request, transferred the money Gryph paid Zayne as his henchman to Taris. Done with his business on Telerath, he set off to Dantooine following Zayne's advice, and was hired by Master Vandar Tokare of the Jedi Enclave—one of the few Jedi, if not the only one, that the rogue Padawan still trusted. His testimony was helpful in the exposing the Covenant hunting Zayne.


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