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Minwu wanders through Arubboth.

Arubboth, known initially as the Unknown Palace, is the Light Emperor's castle in the the Soul of Rebirth sidequest in Final Fantasy II. Its floors are mirrored images of Pandaemonium's floors.



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When Minwu's party first enter the Unknown Palace, they think it is Pandaemonium. However, exploring the castle proves otherwise. The party eventually reaches the top of the palace and find the Light Emperor, Mateus. Here, the Light Emperor reveals they are really in Arubboth, the palace of Heaven, and asks for the party's forgiveness, offering them eternal life. However, loved ones of the party appear in spirit to explain that even the Light Emperor is still evil, that Firion's party are fighting hard to stop the Dark Emperor in Hell, and they should too. As such, they attack the Light Emperor and manage to defeat him. With both halves of the Emperor's soul destroyed, he finally dies a true death. What happens to the four heroes that braved the Soul of Rebirth remains unknown.


Item Location
Ether Second Floor
Genji Gloves Third Floor
Wyvern's Lance Fifth Floor
Wild Rose Fifth Floor
Stardust Rod Fifth Floor
Ribbon Sixth Floor
Bracers Sixth Floor
Genji Helm Seventh Floor
Genji Armor Eight Floor
Aegis Shield Eight Floor


Arubboth's upper floors' battle background.
Emperor battle's battle background.


The Background Music that plays in Arubboth is "Castle Pandaemonium".


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