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Current Alias



Justice League of America, formerly Outsiders, Teen Titans, Checkmate, Central Bureau of Investigations

Roy William Harper, Sr. (father, deceased); Brave Bow AKA Raymond Begay (adoptive father, deceased); Oliver "Ollie" Queen (Green Arrow- adoptive father); Jim Harper (Guardian- great-uncle); Jamie Harper (2nd or 3rd cousin); Lian Harper (daughter), Vandal Savage (ancestor)


Base Of Operations
The Hall & JLA Watchtower; New York City; formerly Titans Tower, Station Markovia, and Gabriel's Horn


5' 11"

185 lbs (84 kg)



Unusual Features
Harper has a Navajo tattoo band around his right bicep, as well as six bullet wound scars on his chest and a surgical scar running the length of his sternum.


Marital Status

Adventurer; intelligence agent; former musician

Traditional Native American education, survival skills

An orphan with exceptional archery skills, Roy Harper became the sidekick of Oliver Queen and then a hero in his own right.

Place of Birth

First appearance

(as Speedy) More Fun Comics # 73 (Nov. 1941); (as Arsenal) The New Titans # 99 (July 1993); (as Red Arrow) Justice League of America Vol. 2 # 7 (May 2007)



Roy Harper as Speedy

Red Arrow is the current superhero identity of Roy Harper, Green Arrow's ward and former sidekick. He has also been known as Speedy and Arsenal during his long career. Though Red Arrow has no superpowers, his accuracy with projectiles is equaled only by his mentor.

The boy who would become Red Arrow was born Roy Harper, Jr.- the son of a forest ranger. Roy states that he "never knew his mother" and in fact does not even know her name. Roy Harper Sr. raised the child on his own for some time. Unfortunately, Roy, Sr. died while saving members of a Navajo reservation during a major fire when his son was barely two years old. The shaman of the reservation, Brave Bow, raised young Harper in gratitude for Roy, Sr.'s sacrifice. Under Brave Bow's care Roy Harper was raised as a traditional Navajo and treated as a member of the 'Tachini' tribe.


Brave Bow recognized in Harper an early talent for archery, and he was trained in that skill throughout his time on the reservation. With few friends and a lot of time on his hands, Harper practiced extensively, eventually developing the skill of someone twice his age.

After Green Arrow's public debut, Harper developed an immediate hero worship and followed the hero's exploits avidly. When Green Arrow visited the reservation in order to judge an archery contest Harper was participating in, eager Roy did his best to impress his hero, and succeeded in doing so. However, in the final elimination of the tournament Harper was given a magnetized arrow and missed his last shot. When he helped to stop a robber by quickly drawing and firing an arrow, Green Arrow noted that Harper had been "speedier" than he, and offered to take Roy in as his ward. Though publicly the two were known as Oliver Queen and Roy Harper, benefactor and foster child, in private Queen trained Harper to be his partner in crimefighting. Roy Harper was extensively drilled in the use of both standard arrows and the trick arrows that Green Arrow had created for use in crimefighting, and when Green Arrow judged him to be sufficiently skilled, he was presented with his own costume and the super-heroic identity of "Speedy." Shortly afterward, Brave Bow died, and Oliver Queen/Green Arrow became the only father figure in Roy Harper's life.

As Speedy, Harper assisted his mentor during many of his cases. Just as Green Arrow had become a member of the Justice League of America, so did Speedy find his own colleagues when he joined Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, and Wonder Girl to become the Teen Titans. While serving with the Titans, he and Wonder Girl (aka Donna Troy) began a semi-serious teenage relationship that later developed into a close friendship.

After his stint with the Titans, several events occurred that made Speedy feel increasingly rootless and abandoned. His relationship with Donna Troy failed to progress past the "teenage sweetheart" stage, the Teen Titans disbanded, and Ollie Queen, the closest thing Harper had to a father, lost much of his fortune and abandoned him to travel America with Hal Jordan (the Green Lantern of Earth) and Queen's girlfriend, the Black Canary. Increasingly alone and extremely depressed, Harper developed a heroin addiction. When Green Arrow discovered his addiction, rather than give Harper support or comfort, Ollie punched him and kicked him out, leaving him homeless. He was later found by Jordan, and with the help of Black Canary and others, Harper quit cold turkey.

Though Harper quit drugs entirely, partly in order to prove his strength to Ollie Queen, the latter's actions had already driven a rift between the two that would take years to heal.

Harper worked as a counselor for teens with drug problems following his recovery, while continuing to pursue a solo career as Speedy. He also joined a re-formed Teen Titans for a time, but the team once again disbanded and Speedy was left on his own.

Government Agent

While counseling teenagers and working as a superhero, Harper's obvious skills as well as his personal connection to the drug underground attracted the attention of the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI), a clandestine government agency largely concerned with drug trafficking and terrorism. The CBI, led by Sarge Steel, trained Harper in undercover work, as well as the use of firearms (Harper learned he was as accurate with a gun as he was with a bow and arrow.) Harper became an official CBI drug enforcement agent.

On one undercover assignment, Harper was tasked with the job of gaining the trust of the sociopathic mercenary Cheshire. Though Harper was meant to eventually turn Cheshire over to the authorities, the two fell in love and had an affair. Harper could not bring himself to Cheshire in, but he was concerned that his continued presence would endanger her. That worry combined with his growing misgivings over Cheshire's disregard for life caused Harper to abandon her, unaware that she was pregnant with his child.

When Harper eventually learned that he was the father of Cheshire's daughter, Lian, he teamed up with his old friend Nightwing (formerly known as Robin) to track down Cheshire and prevent her from assassinating a group of diplomats. Speedy was captured by Cheshire and poisoned but rescued by Nightwing. Cheshire escaped leaving little Lian behind, and Nightwing later brought the baby with him when he visited Roy, who was recovering in hospital, and Roy assumed the duties of a single father.


No longer a member of the CBI or the Titans, and still estranged from Oliver Queen, Harper struggled for some time to find his place in the world. For a time, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he attempted a career as a private investigator. Though he assisted the latest incarnation of the Titans on several occasions, he declined to rejoin as a full member. Eventually, he resumed his working relationship with the CBI and then its successor organization Checkmate.

During this time, Speedy's old friends in the Titans were going through a crisis of their own. After being hunted by the Wildebeest Society, led by Jericho, the team had been shattered and reformed. The Titans Tower, their headquarters, was destroyed, and the Titans were rootless and mistrusted by the American government. After making a deal with harper's employer, Sarge Steel, to become officially supervised and sanctioned by the US Government, Nightwing voluntarily stepped down as leader. The obvious choice to fill the vacuum was Roy Harper, who had connections to both the Titans and the Federal government. Availing himself of Steve Dayton's technology, Harper decided at this point to abandon his identity as Speedy and become Arsenal. Now no longer simply using a bow and arrows, Arsenal's high-tech costume gave him several devices to use for crimefighting. He would soon abandon his original Arsenal costume in favor of a more streamlined one, but retained his new codename and leadership of the Titans. Unfortunately, the team suffered from a lack of commitment from its various members, and was dissolved yet again.

Arsenal took this opportunity to re-open a dialog with his mentor, Green Arrow. The two managed to forgive one another and bury their past differences, but the reconciliation was short-lived, as Oliver Queen died in an airplane explosion shortly afterward.

Soon, yet another team of Teen Titans emerged. This group consisted of a teen-aged Atom (de-aged by events in Zero Hour) and new heroes Argent, Risk, Joto, and Prysm. The team was funded by Loren Jupiter, once the benefactor of the original Teen Titans that Harper has been a member of.

Jupiter gathered together the original Titans (now going by the aliases of Nightwing, Tempest, Flash, and Arsenal) to combat the threat of his bitter, super-powered son Jarrod Jupiter (Haze). New and old Titans joined forces to defeat Haze, but at a price; Joto apparently lost his life, and Arsenal felt responsible for his death. Arsenal remained with this new group of Titans for a time, but eventually left the group before it, too, disbanded.

Arsenal later came into conflict with Vandal Savage. Savage had discovered that both Roy Harper and his daughter Lian were his descendants, and thus, their organs were suitable for him to harvest to prolong his life.

Arsenal was able to save his daughter from Savage. After this ordeal, he adopted a new look to reflect his Navajo heritage. Shortly after, the original five Titans decided to form yet another incarnation of the team. Arsenal served as a full-time member on the team, and chose to reside at the new Titans Tower with his daughter, Lian. He hired Rose Wilson to be Lian's nanny, and also attempted an adult relationship with Donna Troy, but broke it off when it became clear that Troy was dealing with an identity crisis of her own. Arsenal, who by that point had established a reputation as something of a "ladies' man," went back to his philandering ways.

At roughly the same time, Oliver Queen reappeared, having been resurrected earlier by Hal Jordan (in his identity of Parallax). After Queen sorted out his own issues, he and Harper's relationship resumed.

Leader of the Outsiders

When a mysterious conglomerate known as Optitron offered to sponsor the Titans and Young Justice, members of both teams encountered a cybernetic girl from the future (known as Indigo) at their complex. The android attacked both teams and disabled nearly half of the group. Those members who could teamed up to track down Indigo, but instead encountered a rogue Superman robot that Indigo had somehow reactivated. The Superman robot made quick work of Lilith, killing her by snapping her neck, and then killed Donna Troy with a heat vision blast to her chest. Though Indigo returned to shut down the Superman Android, the rest of the Titans and Young Justice were left to mourn their fallen friends. Once again, the Titans were parted ways.

Arsenal took this opportunity to accept Optitron's offer and formed a new team: the Outsiders. Harper conceived the team as professional and proactive, with none of the "family" connections that seemed to doom various incarnations of the Titans. He began by buying a massive secret underground headquarters beneath New York City. Roy outfitted the shelter with state-of-the-art equipment and began recruiting members for the new team. He successfully coaxed the veteran Metamorpho, as well as Grace (a superhuman bouncer whom Harper had a physical relationship with) and Thunder (daughter of Black Lightning) into joining the team. He also decided to accept Indigo as a member. Even though she had been responsible for activating the Superman android, and ultimately for Lilith's and Donna Troy's deaths, her memory had been wiped clean, and she convinced Arsenal that she wanted to atone for what she had done.

Indigo's presence would prove to be a major sticking point for Arsenal's last recruit: Nightwing. The Titans' former leader was completely unwilling to renew his involvement in a team after such a devastating loss. Arsenal argued that the Outsiders were the next logical step for them beyond the Titans, and that perhaps a team of strangers would operate more efficiently than a team with so many emotional attachments. Nightwing, while still reluctant, agreed to join and became field leader of the Outsiders shortly after the team defeated Gorilla Grodd.

On a later mission, Arsenal was shot in the chest while attempting to stop Brother Blood from activating a global network of sleeper agents. He survived, but was sidelined for months. In the interim, he assigned the Huntress to be his replacement. He was hesitant to resume active duty, feeling afraid of his own limitations, but returned with encouragement from Nightwing.

Not long after his recovery, the Outsiders took on a case which involved a child-slaver and molester named Tanner. One of Tanner's informants recognized Harper from years prior, and led Tanner to Lian Harper. Lian's nanny was killed and the girl was branded with Tanner's mark. The Outsiders arrived just in time to save Lian and other children from being flown out of New York.

Oddly, Arsenal's near-death from gunshot wounds later saved his life when he met Deathstroke. The villain, Arsenal discovered, had been posing as Batman and feeding him information since the Outsiders began. Deathstroke and Arsenal fought, with Deathstroke intending to kill him, but when the mercenary discovered the bullet scars on Arsenal's chest, he figured Arsenal had suffered enough and gave him a "pass." About the same time, Arsenal was also kidnapped by Green Arrow's nemesis Constantine Drakon. Drakon was working with the Riddler, and slit Arsenal's throat so that he would have to apply constant pressure to the wound or die. The Outsiders helped search for Arsenal and rescued him.

During the period of turmoil known as the Infinite Crisis, Indigo was revealed to be a plant of Brainiac's, and almost succeeded in destroying the team. Later, Arsenal and the Outsiders were among the heroes gathered to defend Metropolis from an invasion by The Society. After the disappearance of Batman, Robin, Superman, and Wonder Woman, the Outsiders continued to operate, but found themselves handling low-level criminals and making little difference in the world. When Nightwing and Red Hood discovered that Black Lightning, former Outsider and father of Thunder, had been arrested for a crime he didn't commit, the Outsiders attempted a rescue. Ultimately, they failed in their attempt, and ended up believed dead by the outside world. Though the team saw this as an opportunity to operate covertly, Arsenal soon realized he was not made for the life of a cloak and dagger hero and left the team, returning full command to Nightwing.

Red Arrow

Red Arrow first continues the Arrow legacy.

Nearly a year later, after their return to active duty, the heroes Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, decided to reform the Justice League of America, which had been disbanded during the Crisis. In a sign that he had finally "made it," Arsenal was asked by the three to join the latest incarnation of the team. In their first mission as teammates, Hal Jordan referred to Harper as "Red Arrow" (attempting to cover for the fact that he almost called him by his real name). Though Harper was surprised by this new nickname, he soon embraced the identity with the help of a new costume, given to him by his former mentor, Green Arrow. His new name and costume became symbolic of his "coming of age" and the end of his troubled relationship with Oliver Queen. Red Arrow continues to serve with the Justice League.Red Arrow later began an intimate relationship with Hawkgirl. The relationship later ended and Roy haad left the Justice League.

Following Bruce Wayne's death in Final Crisis, Roy returns to the team after discovering that Ollie and his splinter Justice League have been hunting down and torturing criminals. After Ollie and Hal Jordan inform the JLA that the murderous supervillain Prometheus is planning a massive attack on the world's superheroes, the two Leagues agree put aside their differences and join forces. Roy vouches for Batwoman's qualifications when she contacts the team, telling them that Dick has informed him of her skills. Roy briefly leaves to call Lian and Mia to wish them goodnight, only to return to the meeting room a few minutes later, savagely beaten and missing an arm. He collapses and goes into shock as the Leaguers desperately try to keep him alive.[1] The person responsible is revealed to be Prometheus who then destroys Star City using a massive teleporter, presumably killing Lian and Speedy.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Master Archer: Red Arrow possesses no superhuman attributes, but he is a marksman of incredible accuracy. He is extremely adept at the use of the bow and arrow. Vixen onced "absorbed" Roy's archery ability during training practice and was able to hit the bullseye of a standard target from 200 meters away. Its because of this that its assumed that Red Arrow can also hit his targets from 200 meters away. Vixen didn't specify that this was a maximum range so its possible that Red Arrow can hit the bullseye target that surpasses 200 meters away.

Weapons Proficiency: Master of Moo Gi Gong. Red Arrow is extremely proficient with a wide array of weaponry. He has the ability to take virtually any object and use it in combat as an effective weapon.

Martial Arts Master: Red Arrow has been trained by Black Canary and Oliver Queen, both masters of a variety of martial arts, the former being one of the most skilled martial artist on the planet. Red Arrow has also been tutored throughout his life by Hal Jordan, a skilled boxer and regularly sparred with Nightwing. Therefore, it stands to reason that Red Arrow is a master of hand-to-hand combat.

Master Detective: Though not in the same league as Batman and Elongated Man, Red Arrow possesses keen analytical skills and deductive ability.

Strength level

Roy has the strength and physique of a human being who has rigorously trained his body into a weapon.



  • Electronic Pulse: Much like Nightwing and other members of the Bat-Family, Red Arrow's suit is capable of emitting an electronic pulse. It is unknown, however, whether or not his suit is capable of emitting only one pulse, like Batman's and Nightwing's, or several.


  • Custom Bow
  • Pistols.

Roy also has been known to use an M40A3 US sniper rifle with a kryptonite bullet on at least one occasion. His original Arsenal costumes were equipped with other exotic weaponry including a boomerang and electrified bolo.


Other Versions of Roy Harper

  • The character of Roy Harper (in the identity of Speedy) was first introduced in the early 1940's alongside that era's Green Arrow. Years later, any adventures shared by the duo that took place before 1960 were attributed to the "Earth-Two" versions of their characters. Speedy's origin, costume, and abilities are virtually unchanged from his 1940's incarnation; however, the "Earth-Two" version differed significantly in that he never aged significantly and was a member of both the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the All-Star Squadron. Following the Crisis in 1985, Earth-Two was destroyed, and the Earth-Two versions of Green Arrow and Speedy were wiped from history- their roles on the Seven Soliders of Victory were retroactively filled by Alias, The Spider and Stuff, The Chinatown Kid. Since the Infinite Crisis it is clear that many people remember the former existence of Earth-Two: it has yet to be determined whether the Earth-Two Speedy and Green Arrow have resumed their places in history.
  • From 1967 to 1969, a version of Speedy appeared in a "Teen Titans" segment on the animated television series "The Superman/Aquaman Hour." The version of Speedy presented did not differ at all from the characterization concurrently presented in DC Comics.
  • In 1996, the name "Red Arrow" was first coined in the mini-series Kingdom Come. This alternate-future version of Roy Harper sports the same costume he has recently been given in Justice League of America, with the addition of a goatee similar to Oliver Queen's. This future version of Roy Harper becomes a member of the Superman/Wonder Woman aligned "Justice League of the World," and is the father of that universe's Red Hood- his daughter, Lian. Red Arrow is killed in the cataclysm that occurs in issue #4 of the series.


  • Roy played in the band "Great Frog."
  • In 2007, DC Direct released a Red Arrow action figure as part of their Justice League of America line.

Appearances in Other Media

See Also

Links and References

  • None.


  1. Justice League: Cry For Justice #5
  2. Justice League: Cry For Justice #6
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Next: Sierra 117
Game: Halo 3
Player: SPARTAN-117
Date: November 17, 2552
Place: Republic of Kenya, Africa


Halopedia doesn't currently have a walkthrough for this level, could you write it?
Brace for impact.

Arrival [1] is the first level of Halo 3. It does not contain actual gameplay, consisting instead of a look inversion test on lower difficulties, and the game's opening cutscenes.



The Master Chief crashes in the jungle and is eventually recovered by Thel 'Vadam (the Arbiter), Sergeant Avery Johnson, and several Marines. This level consists of no game-play, save on Easy and Normal (in which you review the controls), only a cinematic cut scene.

In Heroic and Legendary, the only point in doing this level is because you cannot get the Campaign Complete for the Heroic and Legendary Achievements without doing so.


First Cut Scene

{It is a night sky: several bright pinpoints of white light, stars, hang in the center. It's a tranquil forest, with lush forestry and a winding river. Then, Cortana's voice begins whispering in voice-overs.}

Cortana {V.O.}: "They let me pick, did I ever tell you that? ...choose whichever Spartan I wanted."


Cortana {V.O.}: "You know me. I did my research. Watched as you became the soldier we needed you to be."

{As the camera pans down, something comes into view entering the atmosphere, trailing flames splitting the night sky. Although it is not recognisable at this time, it is the Prophet of Truth's Dreadnought.}

Cortana {V.O.}: "Like the others, you were strong and swift and brave. A natural leader."

{The fireball comes nearer, at an oblique angle to the camera.}

Cortana {V.O.}: "But you had something they didn't. Something no one saw, but me."

{A second, lesser fireball breaks off from the main one. It moves at an oblique angle to the first, which is to say, towards the camera. It moves closer while the first vanishes behind a spray of trees.}

Cortana {V.O.}: "Can you guess?"

{The object moves even nearer, and its trajectory begins to curve until it is heading directly for the camera.}

Cortana {V.O.}: "Luck."

{The fireball roars past the camera and smashes into the ground with an earth-shattering impact. For a moment, we can see that the area is a jungle, quiet and peaceful, and now, full of light and sound. Cortana's last words are tinged with humor.}

Cortana {V.O.}: "Was I wrong?"

{Fade to black}

{Pan down on the same forest, but now, it's early morning, with the sun streaming through the trees onto the smoking ruin where the object hit ground. In the foreground, an armored gauntlet is visible. In the background, several Marines move around; First Squad. The one in the back wears a Sergeant's cap. The Marines of First Squad anxiously observe an object just below the camera position. A dread permeates the jungle.}

Marine #1: "This ain't good."

Marine #2: "Damn. How far did he fall?"

{The Sergeant in the hat turns around and takes a long drag on his cigar.}

Marine #3: "Two kilometers, easy."

{The Sergeant blows out smoke. It is none other than Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson.}

Sergeant Johnson: "Stay sharp."

{The Marines move closer to the object while one aims his gun to the left then the right of the camera looking for any sign of the enemy. For the first time, we can see that it is the Master Chief. He lies at one end of his own personal crater, the result of falling about two kilometers. Despite the motionlessness of the man inside, the armor is neither scratched nor singed, apart from a large scrape across the upper right of the chestplate. The Chief lies in an odd position, like a dropped statue; the figure is still; hands raised awkwardly. The Spartan is still and silent. The Marines move closer to the Chief, taking up combat positions. One sits down beside him and takes out a small computer.}

Sergeant Johnson: "Corpsman?"

Marine Corpsman: "(doubtfully)His armor's locked up. Gel layer could have taken most of the impact..."

{He taps something in on the computer. With a hiss, the Chief's outstretched arms collapse onto his chest. The Marine checks for vital signs. No readings.}

Marine Corporal: "I don't know, Sergeant Major."

{Johnson kneels by the side of his fallen friend and places a hand on his chest, feeling for breath, or any sign that the man is alive. He inadvertently breathes smoke into the Chief's face. After a few seconds, he sighs sadly, reaches behind the Chief's head and pulls Cortana's empty chip out of his helmet.}

Sergeant Johnson: "Radio for VTOL, heavy lift gear. We're not leaving him here."

{An armored hand reaches up and grabs his wrist. It is the Master Chief's.}

Master Chief: "Yeah. You're not."

{He pushes himself slowly to his feet.}

Sergeant Johnson: {Gives off a small sigh of relief} "Crazy fool! Why do you always jump? One of these days, you're gonna land on somethin' as stubborn as you are! And I don't do bits and pieces!"

{The Chief says nothing. Instead, he reaches down and takes Cortana's chip from the Sergeant's hand and lets go of his arm.}

Sergeant Johnson: "Where is she, Chief? Where's Cortana?"

{The Chief stares at the data crystal, and for a second, Cortana's face flashes across the screen, along with an echo from the previous game.}

  • Cortana {V.O.}: "Don't make a girl a promise... if you know you can't keep it."

{Johnson gives him a confused look.}

Master Chief: "She stayed behind."

{The Chief inserts the chip into the port at the back of his helmet.}

Sergeant Johnson: "Corporal, make it quick."

Marine Corporal: "Sorry, sir. {to Master Chief} Your armor's still in partial lockdown."


{NOTE: This sequence only appears if playing on Normal or Easy}

{The Corporal gives him a screen with a red light.}

Marine Corporal: "Look up here, sir."

{It goes green when the Master Chief looks at it.}

Marine Corporal: "Okay. Now down here."

{When you repeat the process.}

"Good." {To Johnson} Everything checks out, Sergeant Major."

Sergeant Johnson: "Take off the training wheels, Corporal. He's good to go."

{If the calibration doesn't work}

Marine Corporal: "Tracking looks off Sergeant Major."

Sergeant Johnson: "Make it quick, we've got to move."

Marine Corporal: "Up here sir."

{Player looks up}

Marine Corporal: "Again, down here."

{Player looks down}'

Marine Corporal: "Good." {Turns to Johnson} Everything checks out, Sergeant Major."

Sergeant Johnson: "Kick off the training wheels, Corporal. He's good to go."

Second Cut Scene

{The Chief looks around, taking in his surroundings. Somewhere near him is a familiar sight ... the heat-wave effect of a Covenant Active Camouflage. Johnson gives it a nod. An Elite de-cloaks, revealing itself to be the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam. The Master Chief moves with fluid grace, brushing aside Johnson and another Marine next to 'Vadam, drawing Johnson's Pistol from its holster.}

Sergeant Johnson: "Chief, wait!"

{The Master Chief jams the sidearm between 'Vadam's mandibles.}

Sergeant Johnson: "The Arbiter's with us!"

{'Vadam glares at the Master Chief, showing no sign of discomfort or making any move to point the gun away from himself. The Chief hesitates to lower his gun.}

Sergeant Johnson: "Come on now."

{Johnson grabs the Chief's shoulder.}

Sergeant Johnson: "We got enough to worry about without you two tryin' to kill each other!"

{The Spartan lowers his gun. 'Vadam clacks his mandibles together: a shrug.}

Thel 'Vadam: "Were it so easy."

{Thel Vadam makes to move past the Master Chief, but the Spartan pushes him back, and 'Vadam turns and walks away.}

Thel 'Vadam: "We must go. The Brutes have our scent."

Sergeant Johnson: {On Easy/Normal} Then they must love the smell of green.

Sergeant Johnson: {On Heroic} Then they must love the smell of hero.

Sergeant Johnson: {On Legendary, variant 1}: Then they must love the smell of bad ass.

Sergeant Johnson: {On Legendary, variant 2} Then they must love the smell of bad ass. And I left a little present for you, Arbiter. And I'm walking away. Ha-ha-ha!

Sergeant Johnson: {On Legendary, variant 3} Then they must love the scent of testosterone.

Sergeant Johnson: {On Legendary, variant 4} Then they must love the scent of a real man.

Sergeant Johnson: {On Legendary, variant 5} They must love the smell of Bulgari. Yeah, I'm doing a little product placement! I gotta get paid, too.

{He grabs an Assault Rifle from a nearby Marine and holds it out to the Chief. Swiftly, the Spartan snatches it, as if annoyed by 'Vadam.}



  • As soon as you can move, go forward and press the Y button about one second before the border fades out. Your Pistol will just randomly appear on the screen.
  • Sometimes on Heroic or Legendary, the words, "Your armor is still in partial lockdown," appear during the loading screen of Sierra 117.


  • The name may be a reference to Halo's predecessor, Marathon, an earlier Bungie game, in which "Arrival" is also the name of the first level.


  • Arrival is the first tutorial level in the Halo series not to take place on a Human space vessel orbiting a celestial body. Halo: Combat Evolved's very first level was on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn orbiting the Halo mega-structure and Halo 2's first level was set on the UNSC MAC defense platform Cairo in a geosynchronous orbit around Earth.
  • If you look closely at the data pad the Marine carries, you can see an x-ray of Master Chief's helmet revealing his skull. To the left of the Master Chief's skull, there is a photo of what could be the Master Chief's face.
  • However, the picture could be the Corpsman's for object identification purposes.
  • Contrary to what players might think, the Master Chief did not land on Earth using just his MJOLNIR armor as protection. At the other end of the crater is a metallic object, suggesting the Chief ripped it out of the Forerunner Dreadnought and rode it down to Earth. A page in The Art of Halo 3 supports this theory. Also, the metallic object appears to be a Forerunner door of some sort due to the support bracing on one side, as any player that remembers certain levels of Halo 2 will tell you.
  • The Master Chief appears for the first time in Halo 3 at precisely 1 minute and 17 seconds (1:17) into the cutscene, when the camera descends to reveal his outstretched arm.
  • It should be noted that in Arrival, re-entry occurs before sunrise, and in the Landfall miniseries, re-entry occurs after sunrise (though they are in different places). The Landfall miniseries takes place many miles east of the re-entry point in Arrival, accounting for the time difference.


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From Lostpedia

Weapons surrendered to the Others in "The Hunting Party".
The knives in Locke's suitcase.

A large number and variety of weapons have been used on the Island. This article serves as a catalog of significant weapons, types, and amounts on the Island.


Season One

An M1911 was one of the guns that was found in the Halliburton case.
A Beretta M92F like the one found in the Halliburton case.
The Sig P220 is the standard sidearm for the Swiss army.
A Walther PPK is another semi-automatic pistol from the Halliburton case.
A Glock 19 like the one found on Goldie

The Survivors

All the guns on the plane belonged to Marshal Edward Mars. By near the end of Season One, all the guns discovered by the Survivors were put in the Haliburton Case which originally belonged to Edward Mars. The key to the case was tied to a string and kept around Jack's neck.

  • SIG-Sauer P228, Edward Mars' sidearm ("Pilot, Part 2")
    • On the day of the crash Sawyer took the weapon off Edward Mars' ankle holster and later used to kill the first polar bear ("Pilot, Part 2")
    • Sawyer later used it to unsuccessfully euthanize the marshal ("Tabula Rasa")
    • Kate used it during the ambush of Ethan ("Homecoming")
    • Was later placed in the Haliburton Case with the rest of the guns ("Outlaws")
  • SIG-Sauer P226
  • Beretta M92F
  • Beretta M92F (Originally in Season One it was a Colt M1911 .45, but later replaced by a second Beretta M92F)
  • Walther PPK (commonly known as "James Bond's gun")
  • Glock 19
    • Found by Locke and Boone on the dead Nigerian drug smuggler ("Deus Ex Machina")
    • Locke gave Sayid the gun to earn his trust ("The Greater Good")
    • Was later placed in the Haliburton Case by the end of Season One
  • A flare gun was found by Sayid on the Drug Smuggler's Plane and later used by the second raft's crew used to unsuccessfully call for help ("Exodus, Part 2")

Danielle Rousseau

  • Winchester 70 .308 ("Solitary")
  • Mauser K98 rifle (missing its firing pin) ("Solitary")

The Others

Season Two

A TT-33 similar to the ones in the Armory
Bulgarian-made handgun Desmond was holding in "Live Together, Die Alone"
The Makarov PM was the USSR's standard military side-arm.

The Survivors

In Season Two the Survivors discovered and took possession of the Swan Station's Gun Vault. By the middle of the season Sawyer stole all the guns and hid them under his shelter. This only last until the end of the season where half of the guns were taken by The Others. Also note that Desmond joins the Survivors by the end of the season and whatever weapons he has belongs to the Survivors.


  • SIG-Sauer, originally belonged to Edward Mars
    • After Ana-Lucia accidentally kills Shannon, she takes a SIG off Sayid and takes him hostage ("Collision")
  • SIG-Sauer P226, originally belonged to Edward Mars
  • Beretta M92F, originally belonged to Edward Mars and is in Sawyer's possesion in the beggining of the season
    • Ana Lucia takes the gun off Sawyer when he is held captive by the Tailies ("Orientation")
    • Ana Lucia accidentally shoots and kills Shannon with it ("Abandoned")
    • After Sawyer takes possession of the guns, Charlie ends it up with. Sawyer either gave it to him for helping him in his con or Charlie took the gun himself before showing Sawyer where they are. Charlie takes it on the trek to search for Henry Gales balloon and gives it to Sayid ("The Whole Truth")
    • Sayid almost kills Ben with it until Ana Lucia takes it off him ("Dave") She later gives it to Jack
    • Jack takes it on the mission to rescue Walt. Taken off him by the Others ("Live Together, Die Alone")
  • Beretta M92F, originally belonged to Edward Mars
  • Walther PPK (commonly known as "James Bond's gun")
  • Glock 19, originally in the Drug Smuggler's Plane
  • Glock 17
  • Three Colt M1911 pistols
    • One taken by Sawyer when going after Michael and forced to surrender to the Others ("The Hunting Party")
  • Three SIG-Sauer P226's
    • Two taken by Locke when going after Michael and forced to surrender to the Others ("Orientation")
    • One taken by Michael on mission to rescue Walt and taken off him by the Others ("Live Together, Die Alone")
  • Two Tokarev TT-33 pistols, WWII-era (USSR, 1933-51)
  • One Berreta M92F
  • At least two Makarov PM pistols (USSR, 1947-49)
  • One Bulgarian-made Arsenal Makarov PM handgun carried by Desmond ("Live Together, Die Alone")


  • Four AKM assault rifles (USSR, 1947-)
    • One standard AKM (fixed stock)
    • Two AKMS variants (folding stocks)
    • At least one civilian, semi-auto only version with five-round magazine
    • Jack took one when going after Michael and was forced to surrender to the Others ("The Hunting Party")
  • A Ruger M77 bolt-action rifle used by Michael
  • At least one Dragunov sniper rifle
  • One Soviet SKS
    • Taken by Sayid on the sailboat mission ("Live Together, Die Alone")
    • One SKS rifle is visible in the armory during Season 2, but in that season's special features DVD, two of them are in the armory during Swan tour (Secrets from the Hatch)
  • A Heckler & Koch G3SG/1
  • A Remington 700 hunting rifle
  • One Mauser K98
  • A Heckler & Koch PSG1 sniper rifle, found by Sayid when he is in the armory for the first time upon learning about "the Hatch".
  • Desmond has a rifle on the sailboat ("Live Together, Die Alone")


  • A Winchester model 1912
  • A Remington model 1100 that Desmond had on the sailboat.
  • One 12-gauge pump-action shotgun
    • Used by Kate to injure Desmond in the Swan following his capture of Locke and Jack ("Orientation")
  • Note one of these shotguns was used by Radzinsky to commit suicide ("Live Together, Die Alone")
  • Note that no shot guns are seen by the end of the season

Danielle Rousseau

  • Winchester 70 .308
    • Rousseau is seen several times with this weapon
  • Handmade Crossbow
    • Uses it to shoot Ben through the shoulder ("One of Them")

The Others

The German P38 pistol was used by the soldiers of Nazi Germany.
Luger Pistol like the one Tom and Richard Alpert have carried.



  • Two M14 rifles carried by guards at The Door at the Decoy Village ("Three Minutes")

Surrendered by the Survivors

Season Three

The Survivors

Most of the guns the Survivors had in Season Two were either taken by the Others or just missing. Note that Danielle Rousseau joins the Survivors and her weapons belong to them too.


  • SIG-Sauer, originally belonged to Edward Mars
    • Sayid gives to Jin who shoots at the Others as they steal the sailboat ("The Glass Ballerina")
    • Locke is later in possession of the gun
    • At the Flame Station Locke is taken hostage by Mikhail ("Enter 77")
    • Ms. Klugh orders Mikhail to kill her with it. Locke then takes it back ("Enter 77")
    • Locke takes Ben and Alex hostage in the Barracks and later surrenders it to the Others ("The Man from Tallahassee")
  • Glock 19, originally in the Drug Smuggler's Plane
    • Sun shot Colleen on the sailboat and lost it while escaping from the Others ("The Glass Ballerina")
  • SIG-Sauer P228, originally belonging to The Others
    • Taken off Danny by Sawyer as him and Kate escape from the Others on the Hydra Island ("Not in Portland")
    • Sawyer has it for the remainder of the season even though the gun is empty
  • Beretta M92F, originally belonging to The Others
  • Multiple pistols are surrendered by The Others ("Through the Looking Glass")
    • German Luger P08, Juliet takes it off Tom ("Through the Looking Glass")
    • Beretta M92F, Sawyer takes it from a dead Ryan and shoots and kills Tom

("Through the Looking Glass")


The Others


  • Multiple Beretta M92F's carried by the Others immediately after the gas attack on the Barracks in the early 1990's ("The Man Behind the Curtain")
  • Glock 17
  • Multiple SIG's and Beretta M92F's seen throughout the season at the Hydra Station and Barracks
    • Two Beretta's used Danny and Jason as they chase Sawyer and Kate on the Hydra Island ("Not in Portland")
  • Several Walther P38/P1 pistols
    • Discovered by Jack in the Hydra Stations Gun Vault ("I Do")
  • SIG-Sauer P228
  • Unknown Pistol
    • Either a Beretta or a SIG used by Juliet to shoot Danny ("Not in Portland")
  • Beretta M92F
    • Alex gives Locke one which is taken by Ben who shoots Locke and leaves him for dead ("The Man Behind the Curtain") Ben then returns to Alex who gives it to Karl who gives it to the Survivors ("Greatest Hits")
  • Tom had a German Luger P08 which was taken off him by Juliet ("Through the Looking Glass")
  • Walther P38/P1
  • SIG-Sauer
    • Mikhail uses it to shoot Bonnie and Greta

("Through the Looking Glass")


Season Four

The Survivors

Locke's gun from the Mass Grave

At the end of Season Three multiple weapons were taken off the dead Others by the Survivors.



Kahana Crew

Omar holding an M4A1 carbine with red dot sight barrel suppressor attachments.

The Others



Season Five

The Survivors

Time Shifts

  • M1 Garand, originally belonged to the U.S. Army
    • The Survivors take it off Charles Widmore in 1954 ("The Lie")
    • Sawyer has it for most of the first half of the season and shoots an Other in 1974, later surrendered to the DHARMA Initiative ("LaFleur")
  • M1 Carbine, originally belonged to the U.S. Army
    • The Survivors take it off Eloise Hawking in 1954 ("Jughead")
    • Juliet has it for most of the first half of the season and shoots an Other in 1974, later surrendered to the DHARMA Initiative ("LaFleur")
    • The Survivors take a pistole and rifle off two dead Others in 1974, later surrendered to the DHARMA Initiative ("LaFleur")

Ajira Flight 316 Survivors

The French Science Team

The Others


  • M1 Garand, originally belonged to the U.S. Army
    • Charles Widmore uses it until the Survivors take it off him ("The Lie")
    • Charles Widmore is later seen with another rifle ("Jughead")
  • M1 Carbine, originally belonged to the U.S. Army
    • Eloise Hawking uses it until the Survivors take it off her ("Jughead")


M1 Garand

Beretta 92FS

  • Seen with the two others who attacked a DHARMA worker named Paul and his wife Amy

Walther P38

  • Richard is seen with one when he goes to get "Jug head"

Colt M1911

  • Eloise has one but surrenders it to Jack who keep's it from then on.

Early 2000's

DHARMA Initiative

  • Ruger mini 14
    • Seen many times being used by DHARMA.
  • Walther P38
    • Kate hands one to Daniel when them and Jack go to the motor pool to get guns.
  • Beretta92FS
    • Jack takes one from the gun cabinet at the motorpool but later surrenders to the others.
  • SIG-Sauer P226
    • Radzinsky is seen with one at the motorpool.
    • Kate grabs one from the gun cabinet,surrenders to others.


Main article: Knives

Other Weapons

Mikhail's Mk 2 fragmentation hand grenade. ("Through the Looking Glass")
  • A machete carried by Sawyer while hunting a boar ("Outlaws")
  • An axe, presumably on the plane for emergency purposes ("House of the Rising Sun")
  • Molotov cocktail-type weapon used to destroy the raft ("Exodus, Part 2")
  • A Mk 2 fragmentation hand grenade used by Mikhail Bakunin to blow out a porthole in The Looking Glass ("Through the Looking Glass")

Natural or constructed weapons

Ana Lucia reaching for a rock.
  • Rousseau's traps
  • Mr. Eko's stick (2x03)
  • A machete constructed by Mr. Eko out of a part of the plane (2x07)
  • Ana Lucia's boomerang-tipped stick-spear (2x07)
    • Probably made by Eko, as he gave another one to Jin (2x06)
    • These were constructed using boomerangs that washed ashore in a deleted scene (2x07)
  • Cindy's pickaxe-like weapon (2x07)
    • Also constructed using boomerangs that washed up on the shore in a deleted scene (2x07)
  • Ana Lucia's spear-like walking stick she used to kill Goodwin (2x07)
  • Locke's improvised flamethrower, constructed from a torch and hairspray, that he used to fend-off the polar bear while rescuing Eko (3x03)
  • Rocks
    • Kate threw rocks at Sawyer when he was following her. (1x12)
    • Mr. Eko and Ana Lucia both used rocks when attacked by the Others (2x07)
  • Ethan's sling, used against Jin (1x15)
  • Tom's bolas (2x11)  (2x22)
  • Nikki used a Medusa spider against Paolo in order to obtain the diamonds (3x14)



  • Lost: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD) has a bonus feature entitled "The Right To Bear Arms" whose synopsis is listed as, "Lost features a formidable array of firearms Get real life gun profiles and find out what it's like working with so much firepower."
  • The Taser's name is taken from the acronym of the Thomas A Swift Electronic Rifle. For full background, see [1].

Production notes

  • Most of the guns in the Swan station are of Eastern/Soviet bloc make

Bloopers and continuity errors

  • Due to production mistakes, the specific makes, models, and amounts of weapons featured on the show have accidentally changed multiple times. This makes full accounting of the weapons very difficult to manage.

See also

External links

  • Firearms of LOST - List of weapons and speculations with clear screencaps. (Norwegian language)
  • Music videos featuring montages of the numerous guns used on Lost
    • LOST Music Video - The Gun Show - Set to "Paper Planes" by M.I.A.
    • LOST Music Video - Guns! - Set to "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison" by My Chemical Romance

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