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This article is about the item using in Fletching to make arrows. For the item found as part of the Varrock Museum minigame, see Arrowheads.

Arrowtips are a members-only item, and are used to make arrows. They are made via the Smithing skill; one Bar makes 15 arrowtips. To make Arrows, use a Knife with Logs to make Arrow shafts. Then use the Arrowtips with the Arrow Shafts to create unfinished arrows. Use Feathers with the Arrows (u) to create arrows. The Smithing level needed to smith them, the Fletching level needed to make them into arrows, and the experience earned are shown on the chart below:

Image Metal Smithing Level Experience Fletching level Experience (per 15 arrows made)
File:Bronze_arrowheads.PNG Bronze 5 12.5 1 19.5
File:Iron_arrowheads.PNG Iron 20 25 15 37.5
File:Steel_arrowheads.PNG Steel 35 37.5 30 75
File:Mithril_arrowheads.PNG Mithril 55 50 45 112.5
File:Adamant_arrowheads.PNG Adamant 75 62.5 60 150
File:Rune_arrowheads.PNG Rune 90 75 75 187.5
File:ItemDragonArrowtips.PNG Dragon N/A N/A 90


  • All types of Arrowtips are still called "Arrowheads" in the ingame guide, but are "Arrowtips" in the game itself.

This article uses material from the "Arrowtips" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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