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Ships of Arrow Group swarm over Magrex.

Arrow Group, formerly Arrow Squadron, was a division of the 3rd Strike Wing. It was originally a squadron of X-wings. It was later enlarged to a group of three squadrons: the original group of X-wings, an A-wing squadron, and a Y-wing squadron.

The unit was formed in 2 ABY by Lieutenant Lorz Seppri. Lorz did not much enjoy piloting starfighters, however. In 4 ABY, he was promoted to Captain, and resigned himself to command aboard the MC80 Star Cruiser Praetor, home ship to the 3rd Strike Wing, rather than in a fighter. After surviving the destruction of the Praetor during the Battle of Endor, Captain Seppri and the 3rd moved to the Consul.

In 5 ABY, Aiddat was promoted to lead the squadron. Under his leadership, it became a full group of 3 squadrons. The X-wings became Arrowshaft Squadron. Arrowhead Squadron consisted of A-wings, and a Y-wings made up Arrowflight Squadron.

During the Grekins campaign, the Gran was promoted to lead the entire 3rd Strike Wing as Major. The 3rd suffered heavy losses during the Battle of Magrex, but was led to victory.

Upon joining the Jedi Praxeum, Aiddat resigned his position. However when the navy and Jedi fought together, he was often assigned to be with his old command on his request.

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