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Arrav of Avarrocka is a famous hero in RuneScape, found as a boy near what is now Varrock. Arrav lived during the Fourth Age. The Heroes' Guild has a statue of him next to Camorra, another historical figure from the Fourth Age. His axe is on display at the Outpost.



Arrav is famous for using the Shield of Arrav - a very powerful shield which he once carried, and which must be remade for the Shield of Arrav quest - to repel the Mahjarrat Zemouregal's first zombie invasion of Varrock. However, it was not Arrav himself who drove back the zombies; he actually threw his shield to the grandson of one of the founders of Varrock - the grandson unlocked the shield's true power and destroyed the zombie army with it. Arrav was then slain by Zemouregal, who promised that he would once again attack Varrock, this time with the assistance of Arrav being reanimated as an undead.

Defender of Varrock

Undead Arrav
A detailed image of Arrav.
Release date 21 July 2009 (Update)
Race Undead
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Defender of Varrock, The Curse Of Arrav
Location Seen during the quest in the Chaos Temple Dungeon and Varrock Palace
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? None
Quest requirement? None
Gender Male (deceased)
Examine He has seen better, happier days.
Notable features An undead version of Arrav, forced to serve Zemouregal. Legendary hero of Varrock, owned the Shield of Arrav.

During the Defender of Varrock quest, the player finds out that Zemouregal is planning another zombie attack on Varrock. The player also meets Arrav in the Chaos Temple Dungeon, and learns that while his body is under Zemouregal's control, his mind is still intact. He cannot disobey Zemouregal's orders, and can only speak when Zemouregal's attention is diverted away from him.

The player meets Arrav once again in Varrock Palace, during the zombie invasion. However, Zemouregal's influence is too strong, and Arrav is unable to speak.

Once the player discovers that Dimintheis is the direct descendant of the grandson of the founder of Varrock, he will use the Shield of Arrav to rid the city of zombies for the second time. After that happens, Zemouregal departs for "The North", presumably taking Arrav and Sharathteerk with him.

Each time the player meets him, he is level 180.

The Shield of Arrav unleashing its power.

The Curse of Arrav

The player is required to fight Arrav during the "The Curse of Arrav" quest. He is level 180, and teleports at about half health, preventing the player from killing him. Later in the quest, the player learns that Arrav's heart is in Zemouregal's possession, at Zemouregal's Base. After passing many traps in the base, the player carefully saves and preserves Arrav's heart in a canopic jar. The heart is taken back to Ali the Wise.

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  • Arrav's helmet looks similar to Guthan's helm.
  • In the wallpaper, Attack on Varrock, you can see Zemouregal sitting on a throne with Arrav to his left.
  • Based on The Legend of Arrav series, Arrav is a curse word in the goblin tongue, and his full name is: "Arrav of Avarrocka, Curse of Goblins, Hunter of the White Stag, Child of Sun and Moon."

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