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Around the World in Eggty Days
File:Around the World in Eggty Days icon.png
Members No
Sound Yes
Requirements Completion of 2009 Easter event
A player doing the emote.

Around the World in Eggty Days is an emote released with the 2009 Easter event. It features the player running forward, leaving dust in the air, and then returning from the opposite direction with an Easter egg. He or she has apparently run all the way around the world, and then eats the chocolate egg.


A floating chocolate egg!
  • The sound effect is slightly faster than the emote itself.
  • If you select the whack option on a player while wielding the Easter carrot then do this emote, you will stand still and make a "floating egg". This will also happen if you are use the turkey emote and immediately select this one after and also when you do the emote fast while lighting logs, in the log case the egg will land on your head!
  • If the player wields something immediately after activating this emote, the character will be wearing the item when he or she comes back with the Easter egg.
  • If the player picks up an item while doing this emote and the egg comes, they will pick the item up using their hands, not just standing above it. This glitch has been fixed.
  • With the 2009 Candy Cane item if you do the Around the World in Eggty Days emote, then quickly use the Candy Cane's "Spin" emote you will see a floating egg get thrown up and get smaller as if it is being eaten.


  • The name of this emote is a play on the name of the book Around the World in Eighty Days, by the French writer Jules Verne.
  • On a French server, the name will not have 'Eggty' as its name, instead, it will have 'Quatrevingt-noeuf' days. This is a pun on the French number quatre vingt-neuf, translating into eighty nine. Nine in French, being neuf, and oeuf in French, meaning egg, pronounced the same way as the "euf" in neuf makes the pun.

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