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Army of Light
General information

Jedi Lord Hoth


Lord Hoth

Notable members




Formed from

1,002 BBY


1,000 BBY

Other information

Old Republic era

"An Army of Light to face the Brotherhood of Darkness."

During the New Sith Wars, the Army of Light was the name given to the military force that Lord Hoth led against the Sith Lord Kaan and his Brotherhood of Darkness. The army consisted of both Jedi and regular Republic troops. It appeared to be predominantly Human males, although small numbers of alien species and of women were also enlisted.

The Army of Light was an ad-hoc military forced hastily assembled and provisioned to combat the sudden change of fortunes of the Brotherhood at a time the Republic had thought the Sith defeated. As the war ground on, Hoth's forces grew even thinner, and he was forced to recruit Force-sensitive children to bolster his forces. He was reluctant to do so but his aide, Pernicar, advised him that if he didn't send the children against Kaan, Kaan would send them against the Jedi.

The youth Tomcat, upon seeing the bedraggled remnants of the army before the seventh Battle of Ruusan, labeled them the "Army of Mud", unimpressed by their appearance.

One unit of the Army of Light was the Third Legion of Light, commanded by Jedi General New'arforrth. The army was severely weakened by a thought bomb used by Kaan during the seventh battle of Ruusan.



Army of Light flag.

Behind the scenes

Symbols worn on the armor of members of the Army of light and present on flags resemble the Fleur-de-lis. They also carried large Mandalorian beskar shields.


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