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Armory Master
race: Human, Asian
affiliation: Enclave
role: Armory master
location: Adams Air Force Base
appearances: Fallout 3 (add-on Broken Steel)
quests: Who Dares Wins
karma: Neutral
SPECIAL: Leveled to player level
base id: xx008893
ref id: xx008894

Armory Master is a member of the Enclave stationed in the Mobile Base Crawler at Adams Air Force Base in 2277.



Usually encountered in the room that bears his name, the most adept Enclave Soldier tends to the remaining stockpile of weaponry and technology, deep in the bowels of the Mobile Base Crawler. Skilled in many forms of combat the Armory Master has even created a custom helmet and weapon for his personal use. [1]

Daily schedule

The Armory master spends his day in the armory of the Mobile Base Crawler

Interactions with the player character

The Armory master attacks on sight, therefore, there is no other way besides to kill him, or avoid his location. An easy way to kill or weaken the Armory Master is to take advantage of the crawler's security system and robot control terminal. Reconfiguring the Sentry Bots targeting parameters will make them attack anyone on site, including the Armory Master. If the Armory Master was near the armory at the time, then you will possibly find him dead with a weakened Sentry Bot in the same room. It is also possible that the Armory Master will defeat the Sentry Bot, but he should be weakened at the very least.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Tesla Power Armor
Composite Recon Helmet
Precision Gatling Laser - -


  • He may sometimes pick up the Alien Blaster in the Armory.
  • He can be mezzed.


Armory Master appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


  • Sometimes his Tesla Power Armor cannot be looted.
  • Sometimes the Armory Master will not spawn inside the Mobile Base Crawler. Instead, a sixth member of Squad Sigma will spawn in his place. It is unknown what causes this to occur.
  • Sometimes he won't even show up. (PS3)
Enclave of the United States of America


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