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Armored Vault Suit
DR: 12
item HP: 100
weight: 15
value: 180
effects: Energy Weapons +5, Small Guns +5
repair: Armored Vault Suit
base id: 6C587

The Armored Vault Suit (also referred to as Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit) is, as the name suggests, a version of the regular Vault-Tec Vault Suit modified to better protect its owner in combat. It cannot be repaired with any other armor, and thus must be repaired by NPCs.



Its performance is similar to that of Vault 101 Security Armor, the only differences being that the Armored Vault Suit has effects while the Vault 101 Security Armor can be repaired using Combat Armor.


  • The suit can be found in Craterside Supply, Moira's store in Megaton. Moira bestows this gift on the player after complying with a request to recall how life in Vault 101 was. While it has the name Armored Vault Suit, it appears to be a normal Vault Jumpsuit with several metal plates attached to provide additional protection. This suggests that Vault 101's Vault Experiment that "no one ever enters and no one ever leaves" was not quite true. Moira explains that she made this suit for a girl from the Vault around "10 or 12 years ago," but the girl never returned to pick it up, leading Moira to speculate that she may have died. The way the suit is displayed in Moira's store is somewhat similar to the way you find the Vault 13 Dweller's suit enshrined during Fallout 2.
  • It can be stolen or bought for around 180 caps at Moira's shop if you chose to not help her with the Wasteland Survival Guide.
  • If stolen you will receive no karma penalty or hostility from the mercenary in craterside supply.
  • The suit can be obtained for free without any negative Karma penalty the first time the PC talks with Moira. Simply give her a foreword for her book, and you'll get the suit for free!


The armored version of the Vault Suit first appeared in the Fallout end movie, but wasn't made wearable until Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

  • It is likely that the single shoulder pad on the left shoulder of the suit is a reference to The Road Warrior's Mad Max, who wears an outfit with a similar shoulder pad.
  • In the Fallout 3 ending cutscenes, the Lone Wanderer is seen wearing the Armored Vault suit in all the parts he/she appears in.


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