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The Godsword, a weapon Armadyl followers fought to protect, donning the Armadyl hilt crafted by the Aviantese.
For the God Wars Dungeon boss, see Kree'arra.
The Armadyl Symbol

Armadyl is the God of Peace and Purity. Armadyl and Saradomin, his theorised successor, are allies unlike Zaros and Zamorak, who are enemies, as Zamorak banished Zaros. Worship of Armadyl is largely limited to the Guardians of the Staff of Armadyl. It is not known why his following diminished so largely. It is possible that his followers switched to Saradominism, as the religions are alike, or that they all went extinct like the Aviantese, a race once-thought dead; Saradomin himself speaks highly of Armadyl and has admitted their faiths differ in only minor ways. The Aviantese were Armadyl's favourite creations, though it is not known if there were others. Some were frozen in the God Wars Dungeon, now awakened to continue fighting. In fact, he loved his Aviantese so much that he entrusted them with guarding his staff, the hilt he crafted for the mighty Godsword, along with other relics. Their supposed extinction, and Zaros' banishment, are the major factors of his departure from Gielinor. Armadyl (or at least the Guardians) seem to hold the Mahjarrat in low esteem, especially Lucien, who has stolen the staff to further his designs.



The Armadyl hilt, incorporating Armadyl's symbol.
The Armadyl gravestone, incorporating Armadyl's symbol.
  • Side: Purity
  • Gender: Male
  • Symbol:File:Armadyl Symbol.PNG File:Armadyl Symbol2.png
  • Colour(s): Silver, Light Blue, Pale Yellow
  • Animal: Various birds of prey
  • Race: God
  • Pronunciation: Ar-Ma-Dill


The Armadyl Symbol is "a pair of wings conjoined"[1]. This is a standard Heralidic Charge[2]. The exact phrasing of the charge differs depending on the language of the Heralidic Blazon[3]. Wing conjoined are found in many coats of arms and badges[4], including fictitious entities and the armed services of various countries.


Currently little is known of Armadyl, however most point to him arriving on Gielinor in the First Age, roughly around the time Zaros arrived. The Aviantese, a race of bird-creatures, worshipped Armadyl and protected his relics, namely the Staff of Armadyl, from falling into the wrong hands. However during the Second Age his Staff was stolen, leading to Zaros's banishment from Gielinor and Zamorak's ascension to godhood. Armadyl was still active through the God Wars, however the supposed extinction of the Aviantese, and the banishment of Zaros led him into inactivity. But before he left Armadyl charged a group of humans, and their descendants, to guard the Staff, and protect it from evil. This group became the Guardians of Armadyl. Most information about him is discovered during the Temple of Ikov quest. The Guardians also carry the Armadyl pendant.

Armadyl armour crafted by the Aviansie.


Armadyl has similar philosophies as Saradomin and pivots with his view on minuscule points. However, as indicated above, he takes a more peaceful approach to law, order and virtue than Saradomin. While Saradomin may willingly start war as a means of peace, Armadyl is more peaceful, though he still fought during the God Wars, though possibly only to defend himself and his followers. Despite these differences, Saradomin himself appears to regard themselves as strong allies and has spoken highly of him. He was also revered by the Aviantese, a race that he shared a deep bond with. It is also rumoured that Armadyl is the god of the sky mainly due to the Aviantese being his followers. However with their supposed extinction a small cult of human followers emerged, the Guardians, possibly the only remaining worshippers of Armadyl. They are split into two factions:


The Corporealists believe that Armadyl still exists on RuneScape, his tears for the losing of his Aviantese being the morning dew and the sun being his rage for their demise.


The Incorporealists believe he left RuneScape at the closing of the God Wars, deciding to observe life and the paths that it takes. Additionally, In a postbag letter to the gods, Saradomin was addressed about Armadyl's whereabouts. Saradomin's response was that Armadyl is safe, which seems to imply they are together, or near in the "god realm" that all gods currently reside in.

Armadyl is one of my noble brethren, although we differ on minor points and his interests lie elsewhere. The last time I spoke to him, he was focussing primarily on the followers of Ikov and how best to assist them, but the theft of one of his artifacts has greatly damaged his reputation, although he is in fine physical health.



There are currently few items associated with Armadyl.

Some non-equipable items include:


  • Armadyl contains the Latin root arma, which means: "arms, weapons, armaments"
  • Even though Zaros is considered the opposite of Armadyl, they don't appear to be enemies.
  • The symbol on the bottom of the Armadyl Pendant resembles the Triforce from "The Legend of Zelda" games
  • According to Postbag 42, Lucien mentions that he is writing with a quill that he "tore from Armadyl all those beautiful millennia ago." Thus Armadyl may look like the Aviensie that follow him.
  • Though it is possibly coincidence, Armadyl seems to share an abnormally high number of similarities with the Egyptian goddess Ma'at.
  • Possibly coincidentally, the Armadyl Symbol as seen in the Armadyl Hilt bears a striking resemblance to the symbol of the United States Air Force.

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