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Arlington Library

map marker: Arlington Library
quests: The Wasteland Survival Guide
Stealing Independence
Agatha's Song
Yearning for Learning
cell name: ArlingtonLibrary01 (Lobby)
ArlingtonLibrary02 (Children's Wing)
ArlingtonLibrary03 (Media Archive)
ref id: 00017F5B (Lobby)
00017F5A (Children's Wing)
00017F59 (Media Archive)

Arlington Library is a mostly-intact Public Library building in Fallout 3. It is now occupied by Raiders, boxed in and hunted by Brotherhood of Steel soldiers holding position in the front lobby.



Arlington Library is easily found by following the Potomac river South past the Citadel, then turning West to follow the road just South of the Citadel. It is directly across from Alexandria Arms and about two miles West-Southwest of the Jefferson Memorial.

There is a Talon Company camp nearby, so be careful when approaching the library. Next to Alexandria Arms, there is a building that a lone Raider uses as his home. It's covered with traps. (See Trap House below, in notable locations.) In addition, Enclave Vertibird(s) may appear just outside of the Raider's building and drop off troops.



When you enter the Library you will be forced to speak with Scribe Yearling, a Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel agent who is tasked with archiving all pre-war knowledge into the Brotherhood's central computers. She will give you access to the Library's computer terminal at the front desk, where you will be able to download the card catalog to complete a primary objective in the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. To complete the optional objective, you will have to explore further into the building until you find the Library's mainframe computer buried deep within a raider den.

A couple of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers from Scribe Yearling's detachment, found on the first floor near the back, at the entrance to the first room with raiders, will help you clear out the building. Once you approach them, they will begin a scripted advance through the building, into the other wings, and will eventually finish up in a 'final' room with two turrets, where, just before entering, they will be joined by a third Brotherhood soldier. This advance will clear almost all the raiders in library (with the player's help of course, otherwise they will almost assuredly die before they're even halfway through). Unfortunately, their path does not lead them into the room where the player needs to go to achieve the optional objective of the Wasteland Survival Guide quest. Once they have cleared the room with the two turrets, they stand down and begin walking back to Scribe Yearling's position, so if the player wants help, they will need to lure the remaining raiders out.

  • Note: An alternate, preferable strategy to begin the advance of the Brotherhood soldiers is to first go upstairs to the second floor, and enter the first raider room from there. The first benefit is that you will be on the same level as the raiders, thus negating their high-ground advantage (the partial cover they receive from anyone downstairs in the center of the room). The second benefit is that it should be easier to sneak attack the raiders, as their focus will be on the Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, leaving you on their flank. The third benefit is that, due to your position on their flank, you will not be downstairs in the center of the room where all the raider gunfire will be concentrated, thus avoiding stray bullets aimed at the soldiers.

Points of interest nearby


Arlington Sewer

Sunken River Boat

Near the Library is a partially sunken boat with some loot on board. Head east to the river round the southern side of the Arlington library. You will pass the Talon Company Outpost entrance to your right. Keep east passing the unmarked entrance to Arlington Sewer (which can be seen on your local map) and go to a small beach on the river.

Look into the river. North-east there is a large boat half submerged, there is nothing on this. Almost directly to the south-east you can just see the roof of a small boat, swim to this to find:

  • Hunting rifle (poor condition)
  • 2 Locked Ammo Boxes (Very Easy)
  • First Aid Box

Talon Company Outpost

Trap House

This building can be found just to the West of Arlington Public Library, when viewing the local map it is the small building directly to the west of the Arlington Public Library Lobby entrance. This building contains several traps inside as well as several frag mines scattered around the entrance. Traps Include:

  • I-Beam Swing Trap
  • Bear Traps
  • Shotgun Trap
  • Grenade Bouquet
  • Pitching Machine

There are multiple instances of some of the traps, as well as a Mark IV Turret on the third floor. There is also some decent loot on the third floor, including 4 locked safes of varying difficulty (one of which forms the left side support for the table with the chemistry set), an ammo crate, footlocker, and 2 first-aid boxes in the rooms adjacent to the one with the pitching machine and workbench. There will also be a dead raider up there, sometimes alive, easily snipe-able from the ground outside as he stays in a vulnerable corner of the building and will attack you if he sees you. Also Enclave with Tesla armor will appear and respawn here, after the appearance of the Enclave.

Ferry Landing or Riverboat Dock/Pier

Near the Library is the Riverboat Dock for the DLC Point Lookout Head east to the river round the southern side of the Arlington library. You will pass the Talon Company Outpost entrance to your right. Keep east passing the unmarked entrance to Arlington Sewer (which can be seen on your local map) and go to a small beach on the river.

Look into the river. North-east there is a large boat half submerged. In front of this on the shore there is now a newly constructed Pier for the Riverboat that takes "The Lone Wanderer" to the new Location of Point Lookout where the 4th DLC takes place. The Riverboat "The Duchess Gambit" is docked here. More information here.

Notable loot

  • 3x - On the catwalk overlooking the main library (two in shelves on southern wall; one on table in north)
  • 1x - Beside the Public Terminal in the Media Archives
  • 1x - In the Media Archives area, in the room with two turret guns, northeast corner. Also the Ink Container can be found here.
  • 3x - In the Children's Wing, third floor (access through Media Archives)
  • 1x - Children's Wing, in the break room, on a table next to the Eat'o'tronic 3000
  • 1x - Children's Wing, in the same room you'll find the Sheet Music Book in, on a desk.
  • Ink Container in the 'Restoration Supplies' box in the Media section. It is a quest item and therefore cannot be removed after picking it up, but it will still occupy 1lb until you get the corresponding (sub-quest) from Button Gwinnett. If these 'Restoration Supplies' are taken after the Stealing Independence quest is completed it may result in not being able to load the Arlington Public Library Lobby (Xbox 360 version)
  • Sheet Music Book - There are two rooms sticking out on West side of the local map of the children's section of the library; go to the room farthest north. (From the lobby, go past the Firehose Box, turn right and go past the Nuka Cola Machine. In the first room you see enter.) The Sheet Music is in the right cubicle by a music stand on the floor. In the first cubicle on the left is a trapped terminal. A pre-war book is in the back left cubicle, though if you don't see it there, keep looking around.
  • 6 skill books:
  • Big Book of Science - Upstairs from the lobby to the right, through the hallway, on a desk in an office with two sofas. First door on the right.
  • Guns and Bullets - In the Children's Wing, in the first room you enter coming from the Media Archive. You'll also find 3 of the above mentioned Pre-War books here, along with a shotgun and some ammo.
  • Tumblers Today - In the room where you download the archives, on the desk against the north wall flanked by two sets of microfiche readers.
  • Lying, Congressional Style - Children's Wing, in the break room, next to the coffee-makers.
  • Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor - Second floor of the media archive, in the room with the pool table, on the square table in the corner.
  • Just to the north of the main door there is a Pulowski Preservation Shelter that contains a Guns and Bullets.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - 1 on a table in the SW corner of the Arlington Library Media Archive, where you download the archives; it's hidden in the corner behind a crate and two skulls - and as always, check the vending machines...
  • 1 Stealth Boy on a table in area overlooking the lobby
  • There is a safe (Average, requires 50 Lockpick) in a doorless room which can only be entered by dropping through a hole in the floor in the Children's Wing on the top floor (which is only one room). The safe contains random items. You then must drop though a hole in that room's floor to get out. (There may be a Stealth Boy in place of the Scotch on the 360 or PS3 version.)
  • 1 Fresh Apple, In the ladies restroom located down the hallway from which the 2 Brotherhood knights emerge during their sweep of the building. This is a very out of place Fresh Apple behind the trashcan. (killing these Brotherhood of Steel guys for their loot doesn't affect how the Scribe or her guards interact with you)


  • If you kill Scribe Yearling along with her Brotherhood of Steel protectors the Scribes will become hostile in the Citadel. (But only the Scribes. Everyone else will be non-hostile).
  • If you offend Scribe Yearling, you will not be able to participate in her unmarked quest, in which you must sell her authentic pre-war books. She will ask about your search for books, but you will be unable to give her any.


  • Unable to load (freezing) when moving between various library sections (especially after completing optional part of Moira's "Retrieve complete library archive" quest), eventually begins to crash even when attempting to enter the library lobby from the outside (Xbox 360 - 2008/01/21) (PC version - 2009/01/26)
  • If the 'Restoration Supplies' are taken after the Stealing Independence quest is completed it may result in not being able to load the Arlington Public Library Lobby (Xbox 360 version)
  • Fast Travel from Arlington Library to Rivet City and JM resulted in 360 freezing.
  • Sometimes, when entering the Library, Scribe Yearling will be frozen in place, and unable to interact with. Moving away from her, or bumping into her, or leaving and re-entering usually fixes this. In a rather funny occurrence, when the glitch cleared, the Scribe actually said, "Hmm... Must have been a glitch." [-It was probably not the Scribe that said this, but rather Star Paladin Cross accompanying the player.] (Xbox 360 version)
  • Upstairs where the raider event occurs - can get stuck walking on tilted book shelves. Can't fast travel so you need to reload. (PC version - 2009/02/22)(Xbox 360 Version as well, 2009/03/18)(PS3 Version as well, 2009/10/25)
  • The radroaches on the bottom floor near the store-room and refrigerator can sometimes get stuck in the rubble and cannot move. They will come up on V.A.T.S. and their health can be seen when near them, but they will not attack the player. Worse yet is if they do pop out suddenly (usually when attempting to run at you to attack you), it will scare the hell out of you and allow them to get in a few good bites before you can attack. (PS3 Version and Xbox 360 Version)
  • A couple of Enclave soldiers and (dead, most likely killed by the Enclave) Talon company soldiers always respawn near the entrance of the library. This is not necessarily a bad glitch since all the Enclave soldiers have Tesla Armor and Plasma Rifle to loot.
  • The Game Freezes just in front of the library when fast traveling from the Museum of History. (Xbox 360 Version)
  • The game will never load the interior of the Library, and will crash every time you attempt to enter. (Xbox 360 Version)
  • Many of the books within the library appear to emit blood when punched with a power fist. (Xbox 360 Version)
  • When battling through the Children's Wing together with the two Brotherhood soldiers, they randomly dissapeared when going into a corridor and respawned in the Media Archive entrance. (360)
  • One of the two Brotherhood soldiers was shot, but then respawned at the start of a raider battle where he was killed again.
  • It may happen (for unknown reasons) that in the raider base NE may spawn an alien blaster in one of the first aid boxes near a computer. (Good condition, though.) (Xbox 360.)
  • After one of the two Brotherhood Soldiers died and entering/exiting the Children's Wing, infinite Minigun firing can be heard from the main room. It's point of origin seems to be a few feet in front of the double door leading to the Children's Wing. Maybe it's the haunting ghost of the fallen soldier, although he wore an Assault Rifle. (PS3)
  • The baseballs that are deflected into the corner behind the big tire (what is that doing there?!)by the pitching machine upstairs in the Media Archive display a weight gain of (4) and a value of (10) ... once picked up; however, they revert back to a weight gain of (1) and a value of (2)... (PS3)
  • During the first fight after the lobby where you enter media room or childrens wing the Brotherhood Paladin's Minigun sound will stay constant and will never stop hearing the shooting sound until the Paladin dies (confirmed on PS3)

Behind the scenes

Arlington Library does not even remotely resemble Arlington Public Library of Virginia.


Arlington Library only appears in Fallout 3.

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