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Arkoh Adasca
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3,963 BBY, Arkanian Legacy

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Old Republic era


The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania

Arkoh Adasca, the eighth Lord of the House of Adasca, was the ruler of the planet Arkania and its capital city of Adascopolis during the Mandalorian Wars. He was a member of the Adasca family and said to be the spitting image of his great-grandfather. He ran his family's business, the Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, better known as Adascorp.




Early life

Arkoh was raised as a rich child by his parents on Arkania. He was known to have been very spoiled. He even spent time with his childhood friend, Padawan Lucien Draay. Arkoh never even remembered him admiring his father's parties at all, which can be rather humorous.

As the years past, Arkoh's parents and grandparents died and he took over Adascorp. His niece, Aurora, had been gone for some time, which had something having to do with Lucien, now a Jedi Master. He also employed Eejee Vamm as his henchman. New visitors of Adascopolis were greeted by an enormous hologram of Arkoh, introducing them to Arkania.

Success at last

During the Mandalorian Wars, Arkoh used the corporation's resources to continue his grandfather's search for Gorman Vandrayk, so he would complete the exogorth project Adascorp started 33 years ago.

In 3,963 BBY, Arkoh eventually captured Vandrayk, disguised as "Camper", and his protector Jarael on his flagship, the Arkanian Legacy, offering to help Jarael cure Camper. On the outside, towards Jarael, he put up a mask of kindness and compassion towards her and Camper, giving her a luxurious suite to stay in during her stay on the Arkanian Legacy. However, the true purpose was to keep Jarael as a prisoner to convince Camper to finish the exogorth project. Arkoh lied to Jarael, making it seem as if Camper's illness was severe and life threatening.

However, Camper and Jarael's new companion, the Mandalorian scientist Demagol, disguised as Rohlan Dyre, saw through his ploy and confronted him about this. Arkoh offered him to explore their biology facilities and gave him a suite for himself to keep him quiet. Then he made a promise that when he no longer has any use for Camper, Demagol may have Jarael.

Arkoh had arranged a meeting between Mandalore the Ultimate and Admiral Saul Karath of the Galactic Republic. While on the Legacy, he prepared dinner with Jarael and discussed of what would his preparations in the future would be. Jarael was very special to him, because of who he believed to be "pure" Arkanian.

Spoiled to insane

Soon, the Legacy arrived at Omonoth, where exogorths were breeding and devouring every asteroid in sight. There, Arkoh revealed his plot: the creatures were going to be a part of a plague to help win the war. When Jarael tried to escape after learning this, Arkoh threatened to relieve Camper of his hands if she did not cooperate, which she did.

Lord Adasca

Lucien, after being told about Arkoh being up to something by his old mentor, arrived as a private guest. Arkoh really did not want to waste time with his Jedi friend, so he drugged Lucien to sleep and took his lightsaber. Afterwards, he told Eejee to throw him a cell where his former Padawan, Zayne Carrick, was being kept since Admiral Karath's arrival.

As all the guests arrived on the Legacy, save the leader of the Revanchists, Arkoh explained the exogorths. He announced that Adascorp no longer accepted bargains, but they may accept allies. He soon caught Jarael secretly contacting Camper on her locater bracelet, learning that Adascorp purposefully unleashed the plagues in the offshoot camps and stopped her at once. She punched Arkoh in the face, but he responded back much more brutally. Alek Squinquargesimus, the Jedi Knight who boarded the Legacy hours earlier, warned him not to meet with his lightsaber if didn't leave her be. But it was Arkoh's turn for threats: He ordered Camper to get back to work or else Jarael would become a part of the plague as well.

Mandalore was interested in the exogorths and offered Arkoh as a designer for his army. The wicked billionaire, admiring this, said he could make the Mandalorians his army and even create his own Jedi Order as well.

He continued to barter with the Mandalorian leader leading to making the assumption that Mandalore would provide tribute to him if he retained control of his exogorths. As Mandalore informed him that a weapon did not make him a warrior, a red suited Mandalorian incited a fight with Republic pilot and Lieutenant Carth Onasi which led to the Mandalorian getting close to Mandalore as he was shoved around the numerous amounts of warriors. The warrior drew a lightsaber and destroyed several of Arkoh's HK-24 units. The Mandalorian revealed himself to be Zayne Carrick and Lucien revealed himself among the crowd. The pair made it as if Arkoh set up a trap for Mandalore. The Mandalorians opened fire upon Adascorp's forces as well as the Jedi. Arkoh ordered that Jarael be captured though she had already obtained a shockstaff from one of his guards and fought her way up to his throne.

As Mandalore and his forces left, Arkoh pleaded for them not to leave since he still had the exogorths. He then ordered the Jedi dead though the act was too late as Camper had already seized control of the exogorths and opened up communications with Arkoh. The eighth Lord Adasca ordered him to confront a true Arkanian. Camper complied though he did so by having the exogorths plunge into Arkoh's observatory, tearing the Legacy apart. With Arkoh dead and the Legacy crumbling, the prisoners and "guests" managed to escape and his exogorths were taken into wild space by Camper.


On Coruscant, Saul Karath decided to honor Arkoh for the company that he made to support the Republic as a trustworthy friend.

While on Pantolomin, Jareal had a Force vision of Arkoh, Malak, Demagol, and Rohlan Dyre. The four men prodded Jarael about her mysterious past. A moment later Zayne Carrick appeared in the vision as well, bound in chains and blaming Jarael for betraying him. The women who held Carrick's chains told Jarael that he belonged to her, then vanished. It was revealed later that the woman was Chantique, a slaver who had worked with Jarael when she had been part of a slaving organization called the Crucible.


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