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Arkanian Legacy
Production information

The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania[1]

Technical specifications
Hyperdrive rating
Hyperdrive system


  • Light turbolaser cannon batteries (4)[2]
  • Medium turbolaser cannon batteries (12)[2]




Cargo handling systems

10,000 tons[2]


2 years[2]

  • Mobile headquarters[2]
  • Medical research center[2]
  • Hospital[2]
  • Observatory[2]
  • University[2]
  • Concert hall[2]

Old Republic era[3]


3,963 BBY[4]

Latest sighting


Present for battles/events

Battle of Omonoth[4]


The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania[1]

Known owner(s)

Arkoh Adasca[3]

"Everything that is good in Arkanian culture is right here."
Arkoh Adasca

The Arkanian Legacy was a massive vessel designed specifically to hold the Adascorp corporate headquarters, as well as many of its most significant research laboratories.[3]



The Arkanian Legacy could house 104,079 humanoid individuals, and included a medical research center, a hospital, an observatory, an university, a concert hall, an arboretum, a conservatory, and an important art museum.[2]

It's sides were lined with two enormous hangars. On top of the main hull was a large stadion-like meeting area and dining halls. Towards the back of this structure, was the vessel's command tower.[1]


The observatory dome aboard the Arkanian Legacy.

The Arkanian Legacy was built during the Great Sith War by the Argaloh Adasca as a way to create a headquarters that could escape the fluctuating borders of the war. Gorman Vandrayk helped design it.[1]

The vessel was launched at the time Argaloh's grandson, Arkoh, came into his inheritance and served as his mobile base. It became the staging ground for his power grab using exogorths as weapons of mass-destruction, which backfired and led to his death on the Omonoth system.[4]

The exogorths were turned on the Legacy and damaged it extensively, leaving the vessel to drift into contested space and with an unknown amount of people trapped inside.[4] After brief skirmishes, the Ministry of Defense concluded that neither the Republic nor the Mandalorians could recover the ship.[1] However, it was salvaged by the Republic following Malak's victory at the second battle of Omonoth.

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Behind the scenes


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