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The name or term Ark refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Ark (disambiguation).
The Ark is an Autobot starship in the Movie continuity family.
Statistically speaking, she's destined to crash into Earth.

The Ark is the Autobot spacecraft that was used by Optimus Prime and the Autobots to search the universe for the All Spark.




Ghosts of Yesterday

The Ark was mainly a transport rather than a warship, though it did possess a few powerful cannons and very strong defensive shields. These were recently enhanced to be even more formidable by Ratchet, who usually acts as the ship's pilot. It was gigantic and generally "spheroid" in design. In the Earth-year 1969 it had a run-in with the lost human ship Ghost 1 and the Decepticon starship Nemesis. Ghosts of Yesterday


IDW comics

The Ark was a ship intended to intercept the All Spark and Megatron after it was launched into space. Starscream saw the vessel's departure and ordered the Decepticons to ready their own attack craft. The Reign of Starscream

Note: Alex Milne commented on deviantART that the ship in question was the Ark and the identities of some of its crew.


  • Optimus Prime
  • Jazz
  • Prowl
  • Cosmos
  • Many unidentified others


  • The Ark was of course named for the original Autobot starship from the Generation One continuity family.
  • The existence of the Ark and Nemesis in the Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday is somewhat counter to early statements made by the film's screenplay writers who developed the idea of cometary protoform travel specifically because they felt Transformers would not need spaceships to get around the Universe. However, Roberto Orci later revealed that spaceships were included in a draft of the script [1], although this would ultimately not be mentioned in the film itself. Following its release Orci, in response to a fan's question, stated that the Autobots "crossed interstellar space in a larger ship and then entered our orbit in pod-like protoform" [2].

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