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The Ark & Dove Cathedral

World map: Point Lookout
map marker: The Ark & Dove Cathedral
leaders: Jackson
factions: Point Lookout Tribals
quests: Walking with Spirits
Hearing Voices
Lost Daughter
cell name: DLC04Cathedral01
ref id: xx0040ac

The Ark & Dove Cathedral is a small settlement that's inhabited by Point Lookout tribals.



This massive cathedral was named after the first two settler ships that made landfall at Point Lookout in colonial times. Jackson founded the Point Lookout Tribals and made Ark & Dove Cathedral his headquarters when he found the Mother Punga and got gassed by it when he took the seeds. Tobar the Ferryman found him on the ground knocked out, cut open his head, and took a part of his brain. Jackson then wandered, dazed and confused from the gas and having a piece of brain taken from him, to the church where he then made the church his headquarters for the cult he wanted to base around the Punga Fruit that he thought had "opened his mind".




It's an old church with a brick wall surrounding it with a gate at the entrance. Outside there are some Refined Punga Fruit and Wild Punga Fruit with Jimson, Croatoa, and other Tribals guarding the front. To the northwest is a well that leads to the Sea Cave as well as the Ark & Dove Resting Grounds.


Inside there are special breeding pots to grow Refined Punga Fruit. At the back of the church are Woodrose and Nadine. Other Tribals wander around inside as well.


Notable loot

  • Fertilizer Shovel
  • Refined Punga Fruit -Dozens inside and out. Good for healing and selling (VAL 30 each).
  • 3 Yeast on bench behind 2nd Punga Fruit grower on right. This is enough for the 'A Spoonful of Whiskey quest.'
  • 2 Rad Away, 1 Rad-X, and 1 Stealth Boy on counter next to pedestal as well as Refined and Wild Punga Fruit. 1 Rad Away, 1 bottle of Moonshine, and 1 Stimpack in pedestal itself.
  • Sacks next to all the mattresses contain items you can take. 8 in all. 7 by beds including one in very back, and 1 by counter mentioned above. Items are random, but could contain ammo, chems, and food.

Related quests


  • If the front gate is left open, Feral Ghouls may attack the tribals
  • There appears to be only one intercom despite Jimson talking to you through one before you can enter.
  • Behind the Cathedral, you can find flesh chunks. They are not brains, noted that those are in the engine room, but probably remainings from the surgery.
  • Glitch in the PS3 version (other versions unconfirmed). When you enter the Cathedral and talk to Nadine first thing (and fulfill all of the dialogue options) the Cathedral can become locked. As there is no key, this means that you can get stuck.
  • Occasionally the crazy Tribals will turn hostile and attack. When you attack them the whole Cathedral will turn hostile. Later the Cathedral will calm down and wont be hostile.


Ark & Dove Cathedral appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Behind the scenes

There is a real Ark and Dove Church in Odenton, MD.

Point Lookout (add-on)

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