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Male and Female Arithmeticians

The Arithmetician, also known as Calculator, is a job class from Final Fantasy Tactics. A high-level magic class, the Arithmetician can cast most magic for free and without a charge time, assuming they already know the spell and they can do the right calculations for it. Calculations are done by choosing a condition, like Level, then choosing a number, like 5. With those conditions, Arithmeticians will cast a selected spell targeting all units (allies and foes) whose level is a multiple of 5. To counter their powerful abilities, Arithmeticians suffer from having fairly low magick attack power among the mage classes and the lowest speed rating in the entire game, and other units may take many turns before the Arithmetician's even comes up. It costs 4000 JP to master this job.

With the right choices of job (Black Mage for its highest magic power), spell (such as white magic Holy or Mystic Arts Petrify / Induration) and equipment (for immunizing the attack), the Arithmeticks can easily wipe out all enemies in 1 turn without harming a single ally. This nature makes the developers of The War of the Lions decided that using Arithmeticks in the Cooperative play will not gain the player any battle rating, which means no trophy after the victory.

Like marble in the hands of a master sculptor, or how the body is subjugated by one with a complete knowledge of pressure points, so too is the relationship between Mist and an Arithmetician. It is presumed that the Arithmetician's abilities are derived from an advanced knowledge of the flow of magic (Mist) already present in the environment. As such, they can simply redirect it naturally without forcibly bending it to one's will through MP or Charge Time, such as a conventional mage.



A learned warrior who uses Arithmeticks to analyze natural phenomena and pinpoint magickal attacks.

Prerequisite Weapons Helmet Armor Equip Shields?
Level 5 White Mage
Level 5 Black Mage
Level 4 Mystic
Level 4 Time Mage
Sticks, Dictionaries Hats Clothes, Robes No

Move Rate Jump Rate Speed Physical Evasion Rate Base Attack Base Magic Base HP Base MP
3 3 3 5 Low Low Low Average



Arithmeticks (Math Skill)

Name Description Range Effect Speed JP Needed
CT Base arithmetick algorithm on the target's CT. N/A N/A N/A 250
Level Base arithmetick algorithm on the target's level. N/A N/A N/A 350
EXP Base arithmetick algorithm on the target's EXP. N/A N/A N/A 200
Height Base arithmetick algorithm on the height of the target's current tile. N/A N/A N/A 250
Prime An algorithm for targeting units whose specified attribute is a prime number. N/A N/A N/A 300
Multiple of 5 An algorithm for targeting units whose specified attribute is a multiple of 5. N/A N/A N/A 200
Multiple of 4 An algorithm for targeting units whose specified attribute is a multiple of 4. N/A N/A N/A 400
Multiple of 3 An algorithm for targeting units whose specified attribute is a multiple of 3. N/A N/A N/A 600

Reaction Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description Trigger JP Needed
Distribute Cup of Life When HP is restored, distribute any excess among one's allies. HP Restored Past Maximum 200
Damage Split Soulbind Split any damage taken with the opponent who inflicted it. HP Loss 300

Support Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description JP Needed
Gained Exp UP EXP Boost Earn more EXP for the same actions. 350

Movement Abilities

PS1 Name PSP Name Description JP Needed
Move-Get Exp Accrue EXP Obtain EXP upon moving. 400
Move-Get JP Accrue JP Obtain JP upon moving. 400


  • Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth is humourously referred by fans to use some variation of the "Math Skill" in his casting of Supernova, his Ultimate attack in both the original game and Dissidia.

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