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Aristocrats are the higher members of society, such as the nobility and upper class. In human society, Aristocrats are rare, usually possessing hereditary titles. In Sangheili culture, Aristocrats earn their high status through martial prowess.


In Sangheili culture, Aristocrats are those who are skilled enough in the field to utilize an Energy Sword in pristine combat. It is to be given for personal swords of their own. Once an Aristocrat receives his Energy Sword, he is no longer eligible for marriage for ceremonial reasons, but may mate with any female they wish, married or unmarried, in order to pass his "Swordsman" genes down to the next generation and kin. This rank applies to all sword-wielders, from Special Operation Elites to Councilors to even fashionable Elites amid High Charity.[1] The only mentioned Aristocrat was Soha 'Rolamee. However, as in Rolamee's case, even Aristocrats are lower in rank or status than even lesser Prophets, such as the Prophet on board the Truth and Reconciliation.


Originally, the term Aristocrat was used to describe the young men of the ruling class in Athens, Greece, who lead their armies with their swords down. It later passed into usage as an alternate word for the "nobility" of the Middle-Ages and is today recognized as the description of a descendant of one of 7,000 families with hereditary titles in Britain and other European countries that still acknowledge hereditary titles.[2] As a Knight[3] and Lord[4], Fleet Admiral Hood can be considered a human Aristocrat.


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Sangheili Ranks
High Council Councilor
Temporary/Prominent OssoonaArbiter
Fleet Commander Fleet MasterSupreme CommanderImperial Admiral
Zealot Officers Field MasterShipmasterFleet MasterSupreme Commander
Special Operations Spec-OpsSpec-Ops OfficerSpec-Ops Commander of the Covenant
Honor Guard Sangheili Honor GuardsmanHonor Guard UltraLight of Sanghelios
Specialists StealthRangerAscetics
Regular AristocratMinorMajorUltra
Civilian KaidonOracle Master
Heretic Heretic Sangheili MinorHeretic Sangheili MajorHeretic Leader

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