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Release date Unknown edit
Race Elf
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes- Regicide, Mourning's Ends Part I, Within the Light
Location Lletya, East Ardougne
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? None
Quest requirement? Roving Elves
Gender Male
Examine An odd looking person.
Notable features Leader of the "rebel elves".
Arianwyn is a elf and is a devoted follower of Seren. He is the leader of the rebel elves.

Arianwyn first appears in East Ardougne at the end of the Regicide quest. He explains that King Lathas and Lord Iorwerth are trying to bring back some Dark Lord (later revealed to be Zamorak) and aids the player in opposing this threat, for fear of Zamorak's evil destroying all of RuneScape itself and annihilating his own Elves. He encourages players to read the letter that Lord Iorwerth sent to King Lathas.

After players complete the Roving Elves quest, they will have access to Lletya. Arianwyn will be at the east end of Lletya at the blue star icon File:Questicon.PNG and can start players off on the quests Mourning's Ends Part I, Mourning's Ends Part II and Within the Light.

He is a key character in all three quests.

Arianwyn is highly proficient in Ranged, shown through his skillful use of the Seren-powered Crystal bow whilst protecting the player in Within the Light, which requires level 70 Ranged and 50 Agility to use, and is capable of dealing up to 15 points of damage to them. Like many Elves, he is also capable of using magic, to some extent, such as breaking the seal upon an enchanted letter in such a fashion King Lathas cannot detect and teleporting himself and others to certain locations, such as the dungeon near the Temple of Light.


  • Arianwyn appears to be wearing a brown cape of legends, and a matching hood for an accomplishment cape.
  • Arianwyn's name may be a combination of 'aryan', meaning noble or honourable, and 'wynn', an old English rune meaning joy or bliss.
  • If you try talking to Arianwyn outside Ardougne Castle after Regicide, the message "Nothing interesting happens." pops up. This is similar to talking to Merlin after the Knights Wave Training Ground.

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