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Artwork by Tetsuya Nomura.

Argento (アルジェント, Arujento) is a Tsviet from the Online Mode of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-. She plays a minor role in the story.


Her role is not so much of a fighter, but rather that of an instructor or observer, and she is said to embody the phrase, "strength hidden in weakness." Even though her name itself means "silver", she is not given a specific colored epithet, and thus, does not seem to have attained the "Triple S" status in Deepground. She wears a predominately white version of the Deepground Commander uniform with a crown-like visor and an eyepatch over her right eye, and wields what appears to be a black and silver SOLDIER broadsword decorated with various embellishments and an engraved hilt. During her conversation with Shelke the Transparent, Argento expresses distaste with the Restrictors issuing lowly orders to her and Shelke - and is also involved with the plan to overthrow them. She forged Weiss the Immaculate's signature weapons and presented them to him after he was set free; he subsequently did battle with Rosso, Azul, and the Restrictor to test them, killing the latter and securing their freedom. Argento, along with the other members of the Tsviets, is present while the player dies after being dealt a fatal wound by the Restrictor, though it is unknown what her fate was following these events, as she has not appeared in any subsequent Compilation titles.


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[[File:|200px|center|Michele Argento (Earth-616)]]
Real Name
Michele Argento
Current Alias






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History of character is unknown.


Argento's full name was revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Hardcover Vol. 4.


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Release date Unknown edit
Race Spirit tree
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes- The Eyes of Glouphrie
Location Tree Gnome Stronghold
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Male
Examine The scorched remains of a silver spirit tree
Notable features Deceased silver spirit tree

Argento was a silver spirit tree that once lived on the fringes of the Gnome Stronghold. His death was the result of a powerful spell.

Argento is currently the only known silver spirit tree to ever live in RuneScape. Exactly what this signified is unknown, but it may have been a symbol of great power.

Argento was said to be a kind, wise tree, who was always willing to speak with the gnomes that lived in the Gnome Stronghold. He was a particularly good friend of Hazelmere, a former advisor of King Healthorg. They spent many hours talking to each other during the king's reign.

One day, when Hazelmere approached the spirit tree, he noticed that the tree was not himself. He refused to talk, and the kind nature that once surrounded the tree was gone. Hazelmere, wondering what had happened to his old friend, went to a fellow advisor, Oaknock, for advice. Oaknock suspected that something may have happened to Argento, and that an illusionment spell had been placed upon him to cover it up. Oaknock constructed a disillusionment machine and used it on the tree, revealing that the tree had been killed, nearly split in two by a powerful spell.

The two advisors immediately suspected the King's third advisor, Glouphrie. They told King Healthorg about the incident, and they came to the conclusion that only Glouphrie had the magical skill needed to cast such a powerful spell. They took Glouphrie to the body of Argento, and Glouphrie admitted that he had hidden the tree's death. Glouphrie was banished from the stronghold by the king, and what happened to Glouphrie afterward is largely a mystery.

Today, all that remains of Argento is a charred silver stump on the south side of the stronghold, near Brimstail's cave. After While Guthix Sleeps, a statue of Hazelmere is placed near Argento's remains.

In Latin, Argento translates as 'Silver', hence the chemical symbol 'Ag' for Argento, meaning Silver.

Argento's remains.

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