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Argelius II

Argelius II
Alternate name: Argelius II
Classification: Class M
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Location: Ciatella star system
Dominant Species: Argelians

Argelius II was a Class M Federation planet located in the Tau Ceti quadrant, orbiting the star Rho Magnin (Argelius B) in the Ciatella star system. It is home to the Argelians.


In the early 11th century, intense planetary conflict raged on Argelius, which nearly resulted in the annihilation of all life on the planet. Slowly, the Argelians began to recognize the danger of their actions and began to turn to a life of peace. However, this was a very slow process and the "Great Awakening" of the Argelians did not occur until the late 21st century. (ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)

As the Argelians began to rebuild their world and their society, Argelius began to look like a paradise. By the late 22nd century, Argelius began to attract visitors from all over the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, with its most frequent visitors being from the Federation. In 2230, Argelius joined the Federation and became an important space port. (ST reference: Star Trek Maps)

By the 2250s and 2260s, Argelius was a popular shore leave destination for Starfleet officers, given its varieties of bars and casinos, as well as the excellent weather and friendly culture. (TOS episode: "Wolf in the Fold", TOS novel: The Klingon Gambit, video game: Star Trek: Starfleet Academy - Strategic Command)

In 2267, several murders were committed on Argelius, including the Prefect's wife. Although Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott of the USS Enterprise was implicated in the murders, it was later revealed to be the entity known as Redjac, who had assumed control of Chief Investigator Hengist. (TOS episode: "Wolf in the Fold")

Despite the trouble he encountered in his first visit, Scott continued to enjoy visiting Argelius. Shortly after his revival in the 24th century, Scott compared the quarters given to him when rescued by the USS Enterprise-D to a hotel he stayed in on the planet. (TNG novelization: Relics) Shorty after, Scott had an extended stay on Argelius II, where Lieutenant Commander Burgoyne of the USS Excalibur accused him of trying to hide from the rest of the universe. Burgoyne finally convinced Scott to leave Argelius II, but not before Scott beat him in a Scotch drinking contest. (NF novel: The Two-Front War)

Argelius banned casino gambling sometime in the early 24th century, concluding that it contributed to violence. (SCE short story: "An Easy Fast")

Flora and fauna

Glanthor live in burrows in wooded areas of Argelius II. (SCE short story: "An Easy Fast")

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