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Myrial, Raygar, Torphceris

The Argazdans were a green-skinned humanoid species native to the planet Argazda in the Kanz Sector. They were best known for seceding from the Galactic Republic under the leadership of Governor Myrial's. The Myrialites started the Kanz Disorders (3,9703,670 BBY) by annexing the Kanz Sector and establishing a dictatorship known as the Argazdan Redoubt. Notable Argazdans included Myrial, Regent Torphceris and Doctor Raygar.



The Argazdans were descended from an ancient colony of humanoids or near-Humans who had come from the Core Worlds during the early years of the Galactic Republic. Argazdan missionaries also accompanied these settlers; bring their religion—Vianism. Throughout the Old Republic era, Argazdan missionaries converted many other species within the region including the Sipsk'ud and the near-Human Lorrdian species.

During the Mandalorian Wars, the Argazdans came under the influence of a seccessionist movement known as the Myrialites who were led by Governor Myrial. Perceiving the Galactic Republic as "corrupt and faithless", they launched a violent revolt and annexed the Kanz Sector; renaming it the Argazdan Redoubt.[2]. In the ensuing conflict, the Myrialites invaded and annexed several planets within the region including the Lorrdians of Lorrd.[3][4]

In retaliation for the Lorrdians' support for the Amaltannan resistance, Myrial had the Lorrdian species enslaved.The enslaved Lorrdians were forbidden by their masters from communicating with each other.[2] Over 500 million Lorrdians, and nearly five billion other people, were killed during the so-called "Kanz Disorders", until the Republic and the Jedi brought the Kanz Sector back under control.[1][3][4]

The Myrialites established a totalitarian regime that would last for three hundred years.[3][4][2] In the course of the Lorrdian subjugation, the Argazdan found non-lethal weapons to be a prized commodity.[5]. Any attempt made by the Galactic Republic and the Jedi to end the disorders was cut short by the Mandalorian Wars followed by the more devastating Jedi and Sith Civil Wars.[4] The Republic was further preoccupied by a G0-T0 droid revolt in the Gordian Reach in 3,946 BBY.[6].

Towards the end of the Kanz Disorders, the last ruling Argazdan Regent Torphceris sought to maintain his power in the face of opposition from the Republic.[2] In desperation, he betrayed his beliefs by making a pact with a demonic alien "artisan-shaper". The alien had come to the known Galaxy from the Intergalactic Void and displayed much expertise in bioengineering.[2] Torphceris used the alien's expertise to create a bioengineered monster which was buried beneath the legendary Slave Pits of Lorrd. These Slave Pits were constructed at the cost of the lives of thousands of Lorrdian slaves.[2]

Around 3,670 BBY, the Lorrdian Jedi Knight Mari-Elan Nora led a joint Jedi and Republic task force to liberate the Kanz Sector. Despite the Great Galactic War, Nora had enough support in the Galactic Senate for military intervention. Despite dogged resistance from the Argazdans, the Jedi and Republic forces defeated the Argazdan Redoubt.[2] By the time of the Imperial era, most Argazdans regarded their ancestors' actions in the Kanz Disorders as shameful. One notable exception was the pro-Imperial Doctor Raygar who drew outrage from both Argazdan and Lorrdian viewers at the Qatamer Perfomance Square by donning the costume of an Argazdan slave master.[2]



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