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Mars, God of Conflict, God of War, God of the Dead, Ruler of the Underworld; Ares Buchanin


Zeus (father); Hera (mother); Poseidon, Hades(uncles); Hestia, Demeter (aunts); Hephaestus (brother); Deimos, Phobos, Lycus (sons); Eris, Harmonia, Lyta (daughters); Apollo, Hermes, Dionysus, Heracles (half-brothers); Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Persephone, Eileithyia, Hebe, Cassandra Sandsmark (half-sisters); Cronus (grandfather), Rhea (grandmother); Gaea (great-grandmother), Uranus (great-grandfather), Circe (ex-wife)


Base Of Operations
Formerly Hades


10' 10" varies

1659 lbs (754 kg)



Marital Status

God of Conflict, God of War, God of the Dead

Ares is one of the Olympians, an extradimensonal race of beings once worshipped as gods in Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire.

Place of Birth




Despite being Zeus's son, Ares never fit in with the other gods of Olympus and created his own realm, the Areopagus. Aphrodite, the patron of the Amazons, swore that her women would save the world with love from the hatred and warfare of Ares. Recently, through his deceit and manipulations, Ares deposed Hades and became ruler of the underworld.

Ares did his best to destroy the Amazons, using Hercules against them, but Diana was born and raised just in time to fight Ares as Steve Trevor's plane, driven by one of Ares' human puppets, crashed into Paradise Island. His plot was to fire the missiles between the United States and Russia at the same time, provoking World War III, but Diana managed to make him see, trapped in her magic lasso, how this chaos would lead to his own disappearance, with Ares having no one to worship him.

Although Ares abandoned his plans that time, he managed to possess an unimportant criminal, Ari Buchanan. Possessing Buchanan's body, he changed his name to Ares Buchanan. He began climbing the business ladder by providing hi-tech weapons for gang wars. As Buchanan, he had a relationship with his lawyer Donna Milton (who was Circe in disguise, although not even she knew it then), conceiving a daughter named Lyta. Lyta has been shown to possess a great amount of magic, which she is still learning to wield. However, Ares didn't care much about Donna, shooting her while she was pregnant. Circe, as Donna, later tried to help Diana out of a trap laid by Ares. She used the last of her forces to shoot a gun, which produced a sort of mini-black hole that absorbed Ares. She, Diana, and the child survived.

As opposed to ancient times, the role of various gods were have altered somewhat according to modern practices and beliefs. Because of this, the actual faith-based power Ares' father Zeus received proved to be very much diminished. On the other hand, other gods such as Athena, Aphrodite, and Ares began to gain more power due to the appearance of the computer age, love never diminishing, and conflict remaining consistent. Thus the three godly siblings eventually took over Olympus as the godly home's new masters.

Realizing that conflict proved to maintain his strength over the output of war, Ares changed his title to the God of Conflict. To celebrate this change he altered his appearance to a more approachable visage. His rule under this name proved to be short-lived, as the god Hades was also overthrown and Ares was all too eager to take up the mantle of God of the Dead.


Family reunited

Realizing that a crossroads for the Gods of Olympus was soon to be reached, Ares confided in his half sister Cassie Sandsmark about a future war. In exchange for additional powers, the only wish he requested in return from his sister was her love. He then traveled to Themyscira and kidnapped his daughter Lyta who was under the protection of the Amazons. Discovering this fact, Circe confronted Ares and was surprised to learn of his new godly title. She agreed to remain as his consort and to raise their daughter Lyta in the Underworld.

During Ares' family bonding with Cassie, he blessed her with a powerful lasso able to expel Zeus' lightning in times of anger for her to use in her persona as Wonder Girl. Ares has since appeared to Cassie repeatedly in order to warn her about "the coming war." The Teen Titans were thrown ten years into the future, where Cassie had inherited the mantle of Wonder Woman after Diana's death. She was also referred to as "Ares' champion."

Ares appeared to Cassie for apparently the final time, where he revealed that the gods were leaving this plane and Zeus was taking the power he had granted Cassie as well. In exchange for acknowledging their relationship as siblings and becoming his champion, he offered her some of his power, saying only that she would be "more powerful than [she's] ever been." The full extent of Cassie's powers has not been revealed and she has retained all of her former powers.

During the events of Amazons Attack it is discovered that Ares left Circe and kidnapped their daughter to raise on his own. As he and Lyta were only spoken of during the storyline, their presence is yet unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Strength: As do all the Olympian gods, Ares possesses tremendous strength, though he is not the physically strongest of them. His strength is incalculable. Ares is strong enough to lift 100 tons with minimal effort.

Superhuman Stamina: Unlimited Stamina.

Energy Projection

Control Weapons: Has complete command over any weapon. His armor is virtually indestructible.

Healing Factor: He can regenerate his physical being into any form he wishes.


Teleportation: Can teleport himself and others

Reality Alteration: Alter reality to whatever he desires.

Command the Dead: He is now also recognized as the Death god of the Greek Pantheon and thus has control over the dead.

Immortality: Being a god, he is also immortal.


Master of Conflict and Strategy

Strength level

Class 100+. Ares is strong enough to lift 100 tons with minimal effort.


Ares feeds on the anger, hatred, weaponry, and violence of man-kind, whether they believe in him or not. This works like a psychic battery. The less of these evil traits that are present, the weaker his power. Even the slightest thought of kindness, weakens him, especially if two beings get along with each other. This could greatly nulify his reality alteration.




  • Armor of Ares: His armor is virtually indestructible.


varied, although no transportation devices of any kind are needed.




  • In Greek, Ares' name means battle strife.
  • The character of Ares has appeared on the television programs, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess where he was portrayed by the late actor, Kevin Smith (not to be confused with comic writer and movie director Kevin Smith).
  • The ancient Romans identified Ares as Mars. The planet Mars is named in recognition of him.

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