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Dofus Wiki

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Axel is a shovel. Formerly known as Ares.


Crafted by a Shovel Smith (Lv. 60) from


A blend of 'axe' and 'shovel'.

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The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Ares was an unfinished Plasma Spear project by Poseidon Energy and the Enclave that science oriented players could finish in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.

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Weapons of Van Buren

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Ares Nune
Biographical information

c. 22 BBY,[1] Phu system[2]

Physical description




Skin color


Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era[2]

"General Ares Nune reporting in. Am commencing another sweep of the Phu System and surrounding area. No sign of enemy activity."
―Ares Nune, before being killed during the Battle of Phu

Ares Nune was a male Phuii Jedi Master and a general in the Grand Army of the Republic at the time of the Clone Wars. Around 22 BBY, Nune was given a task force—consisting of at least three Venator-class Star Destroyers—to patrol the Phu system for Separatist activity. While on patrol, he and Clone Commander Kite began to discuss the mission on the bridge of Nune's flagship, the Venator-class Star Destroyer Laudable. However, while they were talking, the task force was attacked by the Malevolence, a Confederate warship equipped with two giant ion pulse cannons. Under the command of the Confederate General Grievous, the Malevolence disabled the shields of the entire Republic fleet with its ion cannons and proceeded to destroy the entire task force. Nune and Kite were killed, along with everyone else in the fleet.



"I just hope whatever it is we're facing is planetside, sir. I'd rather die with dirt, not deckplates, under my boots."
"Hopefully, commander, you needn't be faced with that choice at all."
―Kite and Nune, shortly before being killed by the Malevolence
Kite and Nune talking on the bridge of the Laudable

Ares Nune was a male Phuii Jedi Master and Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.[2] Around 22 BBY,[1] Nune was assigned a Republic fleet consisting of at least three Venator-class Star Destroyers, including his flagship, the Laudable, to patrol the Phu system for Separatist activity.[3]

While on patrol, the task force's initial sensor sweeps reported no enemy activity. However, Nune, from the bridge of the Laudable, ordered another scan of the area to be sure nothing had been missed. While the secondary sweeps were underway, Nune and Clone Commander Kite, who was also stationed aboard the Laudable, began to discuss their mission.[2]

However, a new Confederate weapon was hiding out of sight of the Republic task force in the form of the Malevolence, a Subjugator-class heavy cruiser under the command of the cyborg General Grievous. As Nune and Kite were finishing up their conversation, Grievous ordered the Malevolence to fire its ion pulse cannons at the Republic task force, which disabled the shields of the entire Republic fleet. The Malevolence destroyed the Laudable, along with the rest of the Republic fleet, killing Nune, Kite, and everyone else onboard.[2]

The death of Ares Nune

The loss of Nune's battle group was later reported in a press release by HoloNet News. An audio recording taken during the attack survived the battle, and the transmission was played during the broadcast. Despite the quick destruction of the Laudable, the recording stated that an evacuation of the Laudable via its escape pods had been attempted, but the crew was not quick enough to escape.[4]

Personality and traits

"You have a refreshingly singular outlook, Kite. The enemy had best be prepared."
―Ares Nune

Nune had a sense of humor, joking shortly before the Battle of Phu on Kite's overly singular-minded outlook on life. Nune was also precautious, ordering another sensor sweep of the Phu system, even though the first sweep reported no enemy sightings.[2]

Behind the scenes

General Ares Nune was briefly mentioned in The Clone Wars web comic Prelude, which led into "Ambush,"[2] the first episode in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series.[5] Nune made his first appearance in the web comic Shakedown, which led into "Rising Malevolence,"[2] the second episode in The Clone Wars television series.[6]

The loss of Nune's task force was reported in the in-universe HoloNet News — A Galaxy Divided, the first installment of the online Holonet News podcast series that took place before the events of "Rising Malevolence."[7]


Note and references

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Star Wars Fanon

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Emperor Ares
Biographical information





44BHY (2/5) (Aged 64)

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Black Hand Empire

Known apprentices
  • Rick Razio
  • Kilmer Howard
  • Kal Revana
  • Sai Knight

Emperor Ares (Born Dillon Knight) was born on Ord Mantell. He was the founding Emperor of The Black Hand Empire, and considered to be one of the greatest warriors, leaders, and entrepreneurs of his time.



Pre-Emperor History

Black Hand Emperor

The founder and true emperor of the Black Hand Empire, Ares was born an orphan which is likelihood to his sympathy for Kilmer Howard whom he later adopts as his apprentice. He was originally trained as a Jedi Knight by his good friend Shfo-Powken however shortly after Shfo converted to the dark side taking Dillon with him.

Dillon Knight became a good entrepreneur with the founder of Knight and Powken’s Galactic Market which sold a variety of wares. The majority of the founding from KPGM, and its supplies were used as the foundation of BHE.

Shortly after the foundation of his Empire he conducted a Jedi Purge; he was a little reluctant at first because he knew full well of the turmoil such an event could cause. Although he sat out most of the battles he still was an amazing strategist and set forth most of the plans carried out during the purge. The only battle was present at, and fought with the battle on Coruscant in which Ares fought members of the Jedi Council. Unfortunately during his crusades betrayal rose amongst his Empire and caused it to falter. Ares was cast out, and Shfo wasn’t present. Rick Razio claimed the throne however many dispute this claim. It was about a year before Ares finally reappeared, but it was shortly after Grand Admiral Splinter declared a purification of the Empire killing all those who were un-loyal to the true Emperor. Ares refunded the Empire in 5BHY, and from then on it grew into an amazing power.

In 18BHY another war broke out this time it was between the Black Hand Empire and the Blackscale Supremacy two groups that had been feuding since the Empire’s formation. Ares was very active in this battle and participated in many of the battles. The Battle ended in 24BHY after the two finally reached a non-aggressive pact.

In 20BHY, Ares meet a young Sith Knight who called herself Reign. It is disputed however is thought that she was a descendant of the ones prominent dark lord Revan from the old republic era. It wasn’t common for two Sith to marry, or even hold a relationship, but it became apparent that they were brought together for some unknown reason. Together they had three children Sai Knight (b.20BHY), Kayla Knight (b.24BHY), and Brem Knight (b.29BHY). All three children would later become followers of the force, and Sai eventually became Emperor. Reign later died in 31BHY her death was a mystery and some claim Ares killed her because he only wanted her so he could produce a worthy heir.

Ares continued to rule quietly until about 35BHY when a massive Galactic Civil War broke out, and everyone was involved. The New Republic wanted to take full grasp upon the whole galaxy like it had done before the formation of the Galactic Empire. All of the independent governments didn’t like this idea therefore they began to fight. The Republic sought to remove BHE first because it was deemed as their biggest threat. They sought help from the Jedi Order, which had managed to recover from the Purge and regain most of its strength. The war would become one of the longest ones known it last for nearly 30 Years, the war even continued after Ares’ death in 44BHY. The war officially ended in 64BHY.

Ares was fighting on the reclaimed Sith home world of Korriban. He was going there to discuss terms with the Sith Order to help him rid the Galaxy of the Reformed Republic. Just when he thought all was going well the Sith Lord Skor, and three other Sith Master attacked Ares. They felt he was too much of a threat and a disgrace to the Sith Order. Ares killed the three masters and mortally wounded Skor, however when his son Sai came to find him there was no body to be found. All that was left behind was his cloak and lightsaber… many say Ares died these day, however a few Skeptics say he lived and was engulfed by the dark powers of the Sith, and would one day resurface. However no one knew for certain. He is remembered throughout as the greatest Emperor of the Black Hand Empire.



Royal Issue


Lady Reign

  • Married 20BHY
  • Empress Of BHE


Sai Knight
  • Born 20BHY
  • Served as the Royal Prince, and Head Of Parliament
  • Later Emperor Of BHE
Kayla Knight
  • Born 24BHY
  • Baroness of Pardron
Brem Knight
  • Born 29BHY
  • Was A Commodore in the Grand Navy
  • Duke of Mantell
[[Image: |50px]] preceded by:
Emperor Of BHE
succeeded by:
Emperor Sai

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