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Area 51 was a US Military base near a town called Dry Springs. It was run by a man named Colonel Stark. The Doctor, Cassie Rice and Jimmy Stalkingwolf where taken there in 1958 after the had found out about the Viperox. At the Base there where labs and War rooms. There was also a vault where alien objects where kept in storage by the military. President Eisenhower did not know about this though. (DW: Dreamland)


Aliens Kept captive

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Area 51, also known as US Air Force Flight Test Center was a top secret military installation operated by the government of the United States of America. It was located on a remote tract of land on the dry salt flat called Groom Lake, in southwestern Nevada. The entire installation was operated under top secret conditions. It was believed to be used for the testing and operation of enemy and alien technology, and also to develop new technologies. Area 51 was the subject of a large number of conspiracy theories because of the secrecy surrounding the installation.

One of the projects undertaken at Area 51 was an attempt led by Jeffrey Carlson to decipher the technology found on Quark's spaceship which had crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 after accidentally traveling back in time. (TOS novel The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1, DS9 episode "Little Green Men").

In 1984 Shannon O'Donnell joined the project when she began working at Area 51. Two years later Project F (as Carlson's operation was known) had a burst of activity after Naval Intelligence gave them several devices recovered from Pavel Chekov - who had traveled back in time from the 23rd century - after he had captured aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise while it was docked at Alameda Naval Base. However, before the Area 51 staff could conduct a detailed examination of the devices Roberta Lincoln was able to penetrate Area 51 and retrieve the devices. In the process Lincoln encountered and tranquilized O'Donnell. (TOS novel The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1).

By the 1990s one of the projects being worked on at Area 51 was the development of the top secret DY-100 sleeper ship. In addition to O'Donnell, others working on the project included Dr. Marcus Nichols and pilot Shaun Geoffrey Christopher. Roberta Lincoln also provided technical assistance, giving O'Donnell access to technological specifications to help complete the ship. Once the unnamed ship was completed, Lincoln and O'Donnell launched the ship. As instructed, O'Donnell later claimed that she was under Ferengi mind control at the time when questioned about the incident. While no charges were brought up against her, O'Donnell did lose her position at Area 51. (TOS novel The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)

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The series logo

Mysteries of the Universe is purportedly a short-lived 1982 television series that aired on the ABC network. In actuality, the brand and its episodes have been created by ABC and the Lost team in 2009 as a promotion for the final season of the show. The first video appeared on on July 23, after a KIA advertisement in Entertainment Weekly magazine that same week promoted the website.

Each part, released periodically over the following weeks, contained new revelations about the DHARMA Initiative. Each part is a segement from the same eponymous episode from the Mysteries of the Universe series. The final segment was released on November 16, 2009. The clips, in an extended form, will appear together as a featurette on the Season 5 DVDs (as confirmed at the end of the Part 2 video).



Advertisement in Entertainment Weekly
Online advertisement for Mysteries of the Universe [1]

Site description

The Dharma Initiative
A project discussed for years in and around conspiracy circles. Once thought to be lost, this explosive documentary series has never been seen before...until now.

Check back for additional installments over the coming weeks.

Entertainment Weekly advertisement

The advertisement in Entertainment Weekly for the Mysteries of the Universe website and its sponsor KIA stated that videos would be released on the following dates [2]:

  • 7/23/09
  • 8/4/09
  • 9/8/09
  • 10/15/09
  • 11/16/09

The release dates were chosen to incorporate the numbers, the only exception being the number 42. On July 25, ABC sent out emails linking to an online version of the advertisement (see image).


Part 1

For the transcript of part one, see Mysteries of the Universe/Transcripts.

The first episode from "Mysteries of the Universe" discusses a range of secret societies that have existed through time. It focuses specifically on the DHARMA Initiative at the end of the video, hinting that it may not be as humanitarian as previous secret groups.

Part 2

For the transcript of part two, see Mysteries of the Universe/Transcripts.

The August video covers the disappearances of Phil and Olivia Goodspeed and the mysterious application process of the DHARMA Initiative. It also covers a Nevada student who bought a DHARMA jumpsuit at a thrift store for a party and was later visited by two strange men who asked him about it. The interview questions revealed in the video match those issued during the Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project.

Part 3

For the transcript of part three, see Mysteries of the Universe/Transcripts.

The third installment of this series concerns the church in Los Angeles used by the DHARMA Initiative for their acquisitions. This episode shows an anonymous interview with another DHARMA candidate, who mentions another scientist named Oldham. The use of mind alteration with the Ludovico technique is also presented. The segment finishes with information about the use of submarines and their clandestine purposes.

Part 4

For the transcript of part four, see Mysteries of the Universe/Transcripts.

The fourth part[1] concerns the background of Alvar Hanso, Gerald DeGroot, the nature of Hanso and DeGroot's relationship, and their connection to the DHARMA Initiative.

Parts 5 & 6

For the transcripts of parts five and six, see Mysteries of the Universe/Transcripts.

The fifth and sixth parts were released as a single video.[2]

Part 5 continues to assemble the puzzle pieces surrounding the DHARMA Initiative, Alvar Hanso and Gerald DeGroot. This episode discusses an aerial palette drop in Tonga, the recruitment requirements at Ann Arbor, and the identity and possible meanings of the DHARMA logos.

Part 6 is a special update, as it would be added to reairing of the episode. Olivia re-emerges but refuses to talk about DHARMA. The show gets threatening calls and discovers the origins of the DHARMA logo. It also covers the new general manager of the Lamp-Post and speculates that a new organization has taken over DHARMA.


Text in the video's static
  • When asked at Comic-Con about whether there would be further revelations about the DHARMA Initiative, the writers said there would not really be too many, but Damon Lindelof added, "except on the DVD with the Mysteries of the Universe thing, I think that there will be some new revelations about the DHARMA Initiative..."
  • When the show's title card is shown, a copyright at the bottom of the screen seemingly reveals the specific year the episode was aired (as opposed to simply sometime during the 1980s). Although the low quality of the video blurs the roman numerals, it is clear that they do not translate into a "198x" date; "MCMLXXX" is clearly not the starting sequence. Current speculation is that they are in fact the numbers, providing an easter egg to the video. One likely translation of the roman numerals is IVVIIIXVXVIXXIIIXLII, which would translate into the numbers: IV=4, VIII=8, XV=15, XVI=16, XXIII=23, and XLII=42.
  • There is a list that has the letters PAI seen briefly. Fans have speculated that the full name is Paik, though it could equally be "PAID".
  • Pausing the July video at around 1:22 shows what appears to be a text message in the static. This occurs at the moment in the narration "or do they have evil intentions..." Unfortunately, the video's low quality once again limits any translation attempt. Some words appear to be , in the second line "Cable Network", and "Congressional" in the third line. This seems odd that the powers that be would place a message in a video and yet fail to provide a higher quality version, though a higher quality version will be released later on the DVD.
  • The KIA sponsored advertisement features hieroglyphs. These can be roughly translated to mean "who is the leader?" (see hieroglyphs).
  • The disclaimer at the end of the July video is a verbatim copy of the disclaimer used on the television show "In Search Of," which ran from 1976-1982. This show dealt with similar mysteries of the universe including ESP, paranormal activity and Amelia Earhart.
  • The ABC logo or network ID at the beginning of Part 1 is from ABC's 1982-1983 season.
  • Aliens and Extraterrestrials are shown at least three times in Part One, including the topics shown in the title intro at the end. Also, Part One shows a picture of a flying saucer amonst the "evidence" shown while the narrator describes evidence found showing the DHARMA Initiative's existence. Part 2 of the video contains the word 'LOST' on an image of a flying saucer. As well as discussing the relation of DHARMA to Area 51, and Nevada. The video also references smoke, as well as Olivia being recruited from Portland, Oregon (where Juliet believed she would be taken when she inadvertently joined the Others).
  • The first video contains the lines, "They walk among us. Yet they are not us." These phrases closely echo the purported translation of Jack's tattoos.
  • The symbols in the second video are a dollar sign, an ankh and the mathematical symbol for infinity.
  • In the episode "Dead Is Dead", Ben mentions Locke understanding the mysteries of the universe.
  • Phil was on the island by at least 1974; but when his neighbor was interviewed in the eighties, he said it had been a year since Phil disappeared. It is possible that in-universe the interview was filmed in the 1970s and reused in Mysteries of the Universe; actual shows of this type did reuse footage from earlier episodes or even from other shows. For instance, entire episodes of Unsolved Mysteries consisted of reused footage, often presented without dates.
  • In part 2, Michigan is mentioned to be the place where the interviewees friend, Phil, was undergoing a series of interviews for obtaining a "security guard" position.
The pills shown in episode 3
  • In part 3, a number of pills are shown. The pills are Moxyvit Forte, an antibiotic produced by the Israeli company "Vitamed". [3]
  • Part 3, which was supposed to be available on September 8, 2009, was available on Hulu on September 7, 2009.
  • The full version of the documentary on the Season 5 DVD runs for 26 minutes and 15 seconds.

The seven questions

  • According to the narrator, the list of seven questions usually asked at job interviews for the DHARMA Iniative is as follows:
    • 1.What three words describe you?
    • 2.What animal do you identify with?
    • 3.Describe your first kiss in three words.
    • 4.Who is your constant?
    • 5.What would you sacrifice to stay alive?
    • 6.What makes you cry?
    • 7.You just stole a sick child's toy, why?
  • The seventh question is also part of the similar test.
  • A paper questionnaire with these same questions was shown in the extended version of the Barracks video.

External links

  • Lost Mysteries website, hosted by ABC

  1. Part 4 opens with an ad for Matt Houston's series premiere, which was Sunday, September 26th, 1982.
  2. The fifth and sixth parts were released on the season five DVD, but leaked to the internet early thanks to a early release in region 4

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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The name or term Area 5X refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Area 5X (disambiguation).
In Dreamwave continuity, Area 51 is completely concealed and has no surface facility (unlike the real world.)
Area 51 is a secret government facility in the Generation One continuity family.

Area 51 is an American government research facility in Nevada, dedicated to reverse-engineering alien technology.

For further information, see: Wikipedia:Area 51


Dreamwave Comics continuity

Area 51 is a concealed base in the Nevada desert accessed via a concealed elevator. Unlike the real world, there is no surface facility. It is staffed by teams of engineers and scientists capable of analyzing, repairing and reverse-engineering alien technology. It is a 'clean' facility, requiring biological decontamination to enter the primary areas, a guard against unwanted alien organisms.

Area 51 was built shortly after the Transformers arrival on Earth to serve as secret headquarters of Nathaniel Faireborn's newly-founded Earth Defense Command. The end result of the E.D.C's reverse-engineering was the short-lived Project: Centurion.

Scourge was taken to EDC Headquarters after his capture, as was Devastator and the remains of Superion.

Area 51 served as the production facility when Project: Centurion was restarted in 2004.

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers

The Jugglers, a group of corrupt U.S. Generals, ordered Hawk to incapacitate their Autobot allies Wheeljack and Bumblebee and transport them to Area 51 for dissection. Hawk used an electromagnetic pulse to disable them, but ended up not taking them to area 51 because the tactical situation changed. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers issue 4

Note: Area 51's sister-facility Area 52 would play a larger role in later adventures in this universe.

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