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Ardougne Sewers
Kingdom Kandarin
Members Area Yes
Main Music Crystal Sword (central sewers)
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Zombie
Quests None
Inhabitants/Race Undead, Human, rat

The Ardougne Sewers are an extensive dungeon system underneath East Ardougne and part of West Ardougne. The whole complex has yet to be explored by players. Currently, players have access to three separate sections of the sewers.

The sewers are not as widely used or known as the Varrock Sewers, but quests require the player to visit some parts of the sewers.

The sections of the sewers are called the "central", "western", and "southern" Ardougne Sewers based on the locations of their main entrances in East Ardougne. The sections appear to be separate from one another, but that is not known for certain. For example, the Western Ardougne Sewer has pipes leading off in many directions, and it is possible that some of the pipes connect to the other sections. It is speculated that future quests will reveal more about this system.


Sewer Entrances

Ardougne Sewer Entrances and Exits
1) Main Entrance, Central Ardougne Sewer
2) Rat Pits Entrance, Central Ardougne Sewer
3) Garden Exit, Western Ardougne Sewer
4) City Square Entrance, Western Ardougne Sewer
5) Northern Entrance, West Ardougne Sewer
6) Main Entrance, Southern Ardougne Sewer

Central Ardougne Sewer

The central section of the Ardougne Sewers. North is at the top of the map.

Other than for the Rat Pits minigame, the central sewer is little visited, as it has little of much value or interest. Features of this sewer are:

1) The main entrance between the sewer and East Ardougne. On the surface, the entrance is an access cover next to the building housing the East Ardougne Estate agent.
2) Giant rats. These could be used for training combat skills, as they are not that remote from a Bank or an Altar in East Ardougne.
3) Iron gate. To pass the gate from west to east, players must pick its lock (level 31 Thieving required). The gate is not locked going the other way.
4) Zombies. Their remoteness and the thieving level required to reach them from the main entrance means these zombies are little used for training.
5) Mine. This mine is little used, as other mines are more conveniently located. The mine contains 10 ore rocks:
5 Iron ore.
5 Coal.
6) Door separating the rest of the sewer from the rat pits. This door is  locked. You must have completed the rat catchers quest to go through.
7) The East Ardougne Rat Pits, for Kittens.
8) Ladder connecting the rat pits to the house of Jimmy Dazzler. This ladder can only be used after completion of the Rat Catchers quest.
9) Southern Ardougne Sewers. See the Southern Ardougne Sewer map for more details.

The Central Ardougne Sewer has a puzzling mystery. From the main entrance, a player has to walk east and south to get to the ladder to Jimmy Dazzler's house. However, on the surface in East Ardougne, the player has to walk west and north to get to the same house! The simplest explanation of this anomaly is that the ladder is a secret teleportation device, and the rat pits are actually not under Jimmy Dazzler's house.



Rat Pit Inhabitants

  • Arena rats
  • Claude and Topsy, kittens
  • Gamblers




  • Crystal Sword
  • Catch Me If You Can (Rat Pits area)

Western Ardougne Sewer

The western section of the Ardougne Sewers. North is at the top of the map.

The Western Ardougne Sewer is crucial to the Plague City quest. The sewer runs underneath parts of both East Ardougne and West Ardougne. In the quest, the sewer can be used to cross between East and West Ardougne. From East Ardougne, the player can use a Spade in the garden behind the house of Edmond and Alrena, to dig a hole to enter the sewer. The pipe at the south end of the sewer exits in the city square of West Ardougne. To go the other way, use the access cover in the city square to enter the sewer and then climb the mud pile in the North-eastern part of the sewer to exit.

West Ardougne has a second entrance to the sewer, north-west of the city square. Unlike the city square entrance, this access cover is not marked with a dungeon icon on the world map. This entrance is one-way: the player can only enter the sewer from here, arriving at the pipe at the south end of the sewer. Using this pipe exits the sewer in the city square of West Ardougne.

After the quest, east-west access is blocked, as players are unable to dig through to the sewer from the East Ardougne garden. West-east access, however, is still available.

The sewer has two points of interest:

1) Pipe leading to the West Ardougne city square.
2) Mud pile leading to the garden behind the house of Edmond and Alrena in East Ardougne.

Somewhat like the Central Ardougne Sewer, this sewer seems to have a mystery. The sewer's two exits are oriented north-south, yet their points of exit on the surface map are east-west. Presumably, the pipe to West Ardougne runs west enough to make the connection, but this is not shown.

This sewer is visually quite different from the other sections of the Ardougne Sewers, with pipes and stone construction, versus the earthen tunnels and streams of the other sections. Other than the pipe to the city square, the pipe openings are grated and cannot be entered by players. It is possible that some of the pipes connect to the other sections. Walls and piles of rock block players from walking to the North-eastern section of the sewer. It is possible that the body of water running off to the east there connects to another section.


  • Rat (level 1)



  • The Tower

Southern Ardougne Sewers

The southern section of the Ardougne Sewers. North is at the top of the map.

The Southern Ardougne Sewer is only partially explored by players. This sewer is the most flooded of the three, which makes it more inaccessible. The main entrance, the only one known at present, is a cave east of the Clock Tower in the southern part of East Ardougne. This entrance may not be usable until the player has at least started the Hazeel Cult quest.

The full extent of this sewer is not known, but only a few parts have been visited. During the Hazeel Cult quest, players find a raft that traverses part of the sewer, from the main entrance chamber to the cult's underground headquarters. Even the entire route the raft takes is not known for sure. It seems most likely that the raft sails up the North-eastern corridor from the entrance chamber and then down the eastern one to the headquarters. But for all anyone knows, the North-eastern corridor dead ends, and the raft may instead sails down the South-western corridor and reach the eastern corridor by a circuitous route.

Features of the sewer are:

1) Main entrance chamber and raft landing. Clivet is here. The chamber has a set of stairs that appears to be carved out of the ground; they are not shown with the stairs symbol on the minimap but do connect to the entrance cave on the surface. Players can use the raft to go to the Hazeel Cult's headquarters.
Immediately North-east of the raft landing chamber is another chamber, which is currently inaccessible. Players can see into it a bit, and it contains several small Rats, one Dungeon rat, and perhaps a Spider.
2) Raft landing at the Hazeel Cult's headquarters. The raft here can be used to return to the main entrance chamber.
3) Hazeel Cult's headquarters. Alomone and other members of the Cult of Hazeel inhabit these rooms. Hazeel's coffin is in the large chamber in the south.
4) A currently inaccessible chamber with a ladder (or stairs). The colouring of the chamber's earth and water on the minimap suggests it is part of the southern sewers. There is no visible opening on the surface world corresponding to the location of chamber's ladder.
5) Part of the Clock Tower Basement, an extensive dungeon featuring in the Clock Tower quest. The entire dungeon is not connected to the sewer system at any point.
6) Another part of the Clock Tower Basement. The ladder in the chamber exits just south of the Ardougne Zoo.
7) The basement of Sir Ceril Carnillean's house in East Ardougne. Claus the chef is there. The basement is used in the Hazeel Cult quest. It is not connected to the Ardougne sewer system.
8) The main entrance chamber of the Central Ardougne Sewer (see above).





  • The Cellar Dwellers


  • The mine in Ardougne sewers, containing 5 coal and 5 iron, is not mentioned in the Official Manual.

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