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Also known as:
Race: Arcturan
Home Planet: Arturus
Home Era: 3885
Appearances: The Curse of Peladon
Actor: Murphy Grumbar and Terry Bale

Arcturus was the Arcturan delegate to Peladon when it applied for membership in the Galactic Federation. He aided Hepesh in attempting to prevent Peladon from joining, secretly planning for his world to exploit the planet's wealth afterwards. He was killed by Ssorg when he attempted to kill the Doctor. (DW: The Curse of Peladon)

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Arcturus (also known as Alpha Boötis or Hokule'a) was a star with a system in Federation space. It was the location of the planet Arcturus IV, homeworld of the Arcturians. (ST reference: Star Charts; RPG reference: The Federation; TOS novel: Enterprise: The First Adventure)

As an unaligned planet in 2265, Arcturus was the home of the Merchant's Guild, a criminal organization akin to the Orion Syndicate. (SCE eBook: Distant Early Warning)



Astronomical data

Arcturus is a class K orange star with a magnitude of -1.


  1. The novelization of "The Conscience of the King" identifies Planet Q as belonging in the Arcturian system.

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Production information


Technical specifications

13,000 meters


14,000 meters


2,500 meters

Maximum acceleration

0 to lightspeed in 2.1 seconds

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

100x lightspeed with Force engines, 2x lightspeed with conventional engines

Engine unit(s)

Force fusion core, 6 conventional heavy duty engines

Hyperdrive rating

Force fusion core, conventional hyperdrive

Power output



Force shielding, conventional double layer heavy shielding


Durasteel/neutronium matrix overlaid with dust from certain Force Planet crystals


1 Super Force Cannon, 75 Force blaster cannons, 105 conventional heavy blaster cannons, 200 conventional medium blaster cannons, 40 proton torpedo launchers, 24 photonic missile launchers





Minimum crew

As low as 1 depending on person's strength in the Force, possibly 0


Neo-Sith Flagship



The Arcturus was the flagship of the Neo-Sith. It was an immense vessel, almost as large as the former Imperial Super Stardestroyers. The Arcturus was the first known artificially created mechanism that exuded its own Force presence. This was accomplished by merging the Orb of Unity with the ship's hyperdrive, a process only understood by the highest Neo-Sith Lords. Thus, the Arcturus was partially powered by the Force, giving it Force-based weaponry, shielding, and propulsion, all of which were still controlled by conventional computers, though it may have been possible to influence the ship with a very strong concentration of the Force.

Aside from being invincible to conventional attack, the main purpose of the Arcturus was to bring all life in the galaxy into harmony, or at least in touch, with the Force. This was achieved by use of the very large weapon built into the top of the ship, which had the ability to fire a colossal beam of pure Force energy which could cover an entire planet in seconds. Any life form, sentient or not, would immediately gain increased knowledge of the Force and stronger/newer abilities, and life that had no connection to the Force now would. Darth Andrell hoped to unite the galaxy by giving everyone abilities in the Force, thus giving everyone a commonality, as well as a higher spiritual understanding.

After Andrell and Daam Kule teleported to the Force Planet as the Arcturus prepared to fire upon Coruscant, a team led by Jedi Master Sirius Cross managed to destroy or at least disable the chamber housing the Orb of Unity, which in turn began to break the entire vessel down. All of the Jedi, their allies, and most of the Neo-Sith managed to escape before the Arcturus imploded on itself in a bright flash of light. Everyone, including Andrell, thought the ship was destroyed, but in fact the Force had transferred it into its realm for protection. Six months later, the Arcturus returned to known space, along with Darth Andrell. She continued to be the Neo-Sith's Flagship, now powered directly by the Force. She had all of her prior abilities, save for the Super Force Cannon, which had been downgraded (but was still powerful) to a large beam weapon.

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