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"Ancient devil that lived before God's time. Destroys everything with its Darkness magic."
FFT Description
"A member of a race of daemons that has existed since the age of myth. It employs the destructive Dark Arts."
WotL Description

The Archaeodaemons, also known as Archaic Demons, are servants of the Lucavi from Final Fantasy Tactics. They are quite powerful, and are capable of casting many powerful spells including Unholy Darkness. Archaeodaemons first appear during the fight with Belias, and also appear during the battle with the Undead Zalbaag Beoulve along with their more powerful Ultima Demon counterparts. In addition, an Archaeodaemon named Syneugh appears as part of a side quest.

Archaeodaemon have these innate traits: Cannot enter water, Swiftness, and Counter.


Monster Move Jump Phy. Evasion Rate Move in Water?
Archaeodaemon 4 3 5% No

Dark Arts

PS1 Name PSP Name Description MP Cost Range Effect Speed
Lifebreak Karma Deals the difference between max HP and current HP as damage. N/A 4 1 ?
Dark Holy Unholy Darkness Dark-elemental magick. 40 4 1 15
Gigaflare Non-elemental magick damage. N/A 4 3 Now

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